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  1. hi all our first session of the year and a good one at that.my two boys and myself went to one of our local waters for the bank holiday weekend,i havent been fishing for about 11 months cos of work comitments so it was a real joy to be there.had 31 fish between us ranging from 8lb to 24.2lb of which my son caught and has now beaten my pb of 21.8lb lol.all fish fell to mainline new grange an excellent bait or it was that weekend.my brother in law and his nipper joined us for the weekend and so did my mate and his mate so it turned out to be quit the social and joy had by all with a total of 50
  2. hi mate you may want to have a look at farnham angling society.20 diffrent waters for £70 a year plus £25 joining fee.good value for your money,all depends where in hampshire you are.carp to 40lb and cats to 68lb.some waters are hard going but the bigger fish are there to be had saying that some of the lakes are very good fishing.
  3. hi mate and welcome to the forum.fished badshot lea a few times and done well with fake corn fished over maize and hemp and also on home mades but cant tell you whats in them lol .had my pb out of there this year a nice 21.7 common which was on home mades.try the old pin and fish to the green pole sticking out of the water if not maybe the dirt bank and fish to the ropes.hope this helps.let me know how you get on. torty
  4. must be the same all over.i was at my local lake 2 weeks ago i had 4 mirrors in 48 hours 2 15lb 1 12lb and 1 9lb there was only a couple of us catching that weekend the rest of the lake was dead.i spoke to the bailiff when he came round and he said that it had been the worst year for a long time.the weather these days is all messed up, only 2 weeks till november and the leaves are just turning brown and still plenty on the trees.lets hope they come on the feed soon. wont be long till they feed up for winter.(i hope)
  5. not tried a food blender.i have tried a smoothie maker but broke that wife not to happy will give it a go was also thinking of a coffee grinder what do you think? thanks
  6. hi,can anyone tell me the best way to crush/grind tiger nuts and hemp alot of hemp after the boiling stage as a pestle and moreta will take to long many thanks torty
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