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  1. I used to fish with my brother who's a year older than me we used to get the bus every Saturday 2 and a half hours on the bus to a big reservoir and brought 2 kilo a gound bait between us each time, still remember the hike we did after getting off the bus bout 40 minutes through a thick forest we needed machetes nearly bud as big bros do he let me lead the way we used to catch loads of roach rudd perch the odd trout we loved it and we knew nobody would ever fish that spot we hiked to... the effort alone would probably kill me now at 34 when I was 17 me and the Bro decided we would try
  2. Couple years back few where caught walking between lough gates on the canals wit a net like a trawler one either side taking everything on the stretch that's why lads here keep spots quiet keep em away
  3. That's what we call em here munchers 😂😂😂 they would munch anything rudd roach tench pike carp anything for the table this isn't aimed at all foreign fishermen jus the ones that do actually eat anything they catch
  4. Here's the rocks that saved my bivvy blowing away the pegs where 3 inches out of the ground panicked and found the blocks other than that bivvy was a goner
  5. I love fishing I'm just back from a two day blank 55 km hour winds battering the bivvy had cement blocks on 3 pegs stop it blowing away , ah mate I love been out in the wilderness catching is a bonus can't beat a 20 day blank to hearing that alarm on toning , I appreciate every fish and the hunt of finding them its not all about size the lake has some lovely mirrors and plated commons,,,, my nephew beat my pb on the same lake last year on his 3rd night carp fishing im carping bout 10 years for my pb here in ireland and he's 11 I've never heard the end of it he caught a 16,8 delighted
  6. Cheers for the reply was looking at it but didn't want to change it up would using that with cell be ok ?? and swap hook baits around see what works the lake mostly gets boilies say 80% of anglers jus use em lake has my head done in but I'm not giving up I'm jus trying to up my game it's never done a 20 doesn't mean there's not one in there
  7. Hey just looking for some advice not sure if it's in the right section , I've been jus fishing my club water the past 3 years the first year I dine about 20 nights had 3 fish which all came in the one night ,I fished mainly pva bags spodding cell and pellets bout a kilo a session as this is how I fished elsewhere , The second year I had 8 fish from 40 nights that year I swapped using pellets and jus used boilies crumb and pva bags ,the stock in the lake is bout 100 carp and I've caught fish in random spots around the lake nothing ever gets me more than one fish a day bar the one night
  8. I'm carp fishing bout 6 years in Ireland not to many lakes here with carp my pb is 16lb only a few lakes here with twentys one very public lake has french fish biggest I think is 42.5 , people here keep the lakes to themselves that hold carp very hush hush mostly to keep the munchers off em (polish/Romanians Lithuanians) there's two runs water's here ones free and ones a day ticket most be jammed most weekends I love fishing can't beat chilling out trying to catch that pb fished about 70 night's last year had twenty fish mostly doubles cant beat that feeling of catching a new pb and feeling
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