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  1. Hello All, Going to Lac Darcy at the end of the month, wondering if anyone has fished it and give me your opinion of whats its like, bait, swims, food package any good, etc as not much around on the web. Im not after war and peace, just a few pointers and heads up to save us a costly mistake..i.e bring a load boilies when its a solely a particle water for example. Many thanks in advance !
  2. Hi David, it's in Normandy, about 1.5 hours from calais
  3. My group of friends have booked the whole of vallee lake 2 exclusively but unfortunately had a couple of people drop out. so have up to 3 space (will split) available for a week starting on 24th May. cost is £290 per person for lake only. Please look on their website http://www.valleelake.com/valleelake2/%C2'> more info on the lake, If you are genuinely interested please private message me for more details. Many thanks
  4. Hi All, I would please like some honest and constructive feedback from anyone who has fished Vallee Lake 2 in 2013 only. I say 2013 as I've been reassured by the owner that he has ironed out 'underlying issues' of passed including eradicating his weed problem with weed suppressers which has transformed the lake for the better. Not really interested in the ' I did a week there last year and I blanked so its rubbish' comments. Despite some of the negative feedback from critics we think this lake has promise, we will be fishing the lake next year and would also like some informa
  5. yeah I could, going back in August and October !! cant wait...
  6. What a lake !! had a great week. Already booked to go next year. We all had fish. about 50 between us. I had 13, My biggest was this cracking 46.8lb mirror. new PB for me wooo whoooo !!! I'll try and post a picture if i can work out how to do it. [/img]
  7. not been there since 2005 but its a cracking lake. i fished it using 3 peices of toffee flavoured giant maize over a bed of hemp and maize and had great results. cant remember how fish i caught but one night i had three 40's !! Get on the edges of where gravel meets weed and you cant go wrong. Ive been ther twice and have found that swims 1,2,5,6 and 14 have a been most productive. I was on swim 1 and 2 with my mate and we had loads. only downside when i was there last was the weed, every fish we had tore staight in really thick weed and we had to land all our fish from a boat. I hav
  8. cheers for responce and advise chaps, I should have read the thread before asking questions. got excited as usual. You cant beleive how pleased I am I havent got to cook any particles !!
  9. looks blinding !! I'm going in August and cant wait. whats the score with bait out there, boilies or particle ? I dont really want to spend hours cooking up particles if boilies is the way to go and dont want to end spending lots of money on boilies if particles is the way forward I would rather bring one or the other but not really both. has the water got any problems with poison chats or crays ? Any tips i would be grateful, I would hate to make the terrible mistake as i did last year when i went to a water with only fishmeal boilies. caught about 100 crayfish and poi
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