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  1. hi guys, i cant find a recipie for great old corn boilies, i find carp here in hamilton favorite food is corn and ive made a couple of recipies that are supposed to be corn boilies but there is only corn flour in it, they dont touch it . it doesnt even smell like corn and i think that is the purpose of having corn boilies, lol. ive tried to make strong corn boilies with corn maze and real corn it it but they just crumble!! ive searched for an amazing corn recipie but come up with nothing if any of you guys have a great corn smelling and tasting recipe i would really appreciate your experi
  2. hey every one, new to making boilies, and jsut wondering if carp would be inteerested in coffee? its such a strong smell and taste and the pearch really like it. does andy one have any insight on this it would be greatly appreciated!! thanx cam brookhouse
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