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  1. Jay R

    willesley lake

    Strictly private, no walking round, no public access. Anyone found on there who is not a member will forfeit any chance of future membership.
  2. Jay R

    The farm syndicate west mids

    Ah ok then, Spend some time learning about the fish/water Locate feeding fish or areas where they feed Present an acceptable bait on an effective rig That should do it
  3. Jay R

    The farm syndicate west mids

    Yes I have and go and learn for yourself, far more satisfying that way
  4. Was at the NEC lake a couple of weeks ago, warm day, it's was heaving with carp on the surface...
  5. Jay R

    Borrow Pit, Tamworth

    Have the carp come back to life in Shutty after they died when the fish were moved from 'across the road'?
  6. Jay R


    what about it?
  7. Jay R


    Sorry Bill, not sure what you mean there. There a very distinctive nutty smell to the bait Yes but its not an added flavour, its the pre digested ingriedients in the basemix
  8. Jay R


    don't worry about it, cell isnt supposed to have a 'flavour'
  9. fished it about 10 years ago a couple of times, i'll never go back
  10. Jay R

    Stourbridge pools

    concrete puddles
  11. Jay R


    My advice was based on knowing and talking with the person who put the bait together in the first place, but, whatever floats ya boat
  12. Jay R


    Cell are not made to be air dried, they should be used as soon as frozen and over the next 48 hours for best results, the are enzymes and bacteria within the bait that won't be affective if air dried
  13. Jay R

    Coventry canal

    I'm in Tamworth, I fished the Cov canal alot, its full of carp. I found them 25 years ago, they were singles then, no doubt bigger now
  14. Jay R

    pool hall???

    go walk it and find out for yourself.... why do people ignore watercraft and learning things for themselves?????
  15. Jay R

    What is your favourite water?

    Details please! I think I would quite possibly by hung drawn and quartered, seriously though it is one of the quietest waters ive fished in 30 yrs of carp fishing