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  1. Bit too far away for me that to be honest mate, shame though it does look a nice lake
  2. Just rememberd one a mate of mine used to fish, gonna go down there later on and have a look
  3. Im looking for a new water to fish this year, just wondering if anyone knows of any syndicates near Liverpool ?.
  4. I still use pop ups in the winter just not as much as i do in warmer weather not really sure why, i just tend to change things up abit and try the likes of corn and maggots even pepperami like Nick said but i seem to have the same problem as him also. (Hungry carper ) Thanks for the link aswell nick im gonna have a read through in a min see what people think
  5. yer think everyone has the idea, i keep my rigs the same my only real change is my bait, the flavour and the ammount im gonna start baiting up my local water this weekend and keep it going in to try and grab a few through the colder months
  6. To be honest with you mate i mean more tactics than just rigs
  7. Just wondering as the cold weather is starting to come in whats everyones favourite rigs and baits for the winter season??
  8. When spicy shrimp n'prawn boilies came out they were the best bait to use on lymm used to batter it with them but they died off like every bait does, i suppose if no1 has used them for a while and someone throws one out itll be gone in no time
  9. No but that other bloke your missus see's while you're out fishing does Nah devon your missus sees my 8 inches when your out fishing
  10. I go to lakemore alot mate have aload of cats and some nice big carp, but think about what you said, congleton for 24 hours is 20 quid 6 sessions and ill have spent the same amount of money and am planning on doing alot more than 6 sessions haha dont get me wrong i wouldnt mind having a go there but i think it would make more sence to get back on lymm
  11. Same as what i think bish except id go shorter than 8 inches i hardly ever go over 6
  12. Youve got a few options mate all depends on hat you prefer to use, A few people aswell as me will tell you to use a stiff pop-up rig either chod, hinge or combi. But other good ideas are normal hair rigs tied with a good fluorocarbon and simple bottom baits
  13. Alright everyone im getting back on lymm anglers this winter anyone fished the venues lately? how are they doing? Bad news is ive got to pay a full years membership to fish the winter and then renew it after christmas for the next year suppose it has to be done though to catch some nice fish.
  14. i think its all just down to preference isnt it, I started with Korda i do use other stuff but i always seem to go back to Korda its just what i like
  15. mate ive used Korda for all my carping and i dont think thers anything better to be honest as much as people dislike it, the tackle they do is class, never had anything fail on me.
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