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  1. anything happening down at bosmere lately????
  2. Get in there tank mate! Magic... Absolute magic!
  3. dont think the jack plugs will be the same size mate?
  4. yep agreed, although in freezing conditions i prefer to cut the throwover down to about a 10" square just to cover my face. and trick my "god like" body into thinking its warm! fish safe...
  5. yep i got one off of ebay! packed up on me the 3rd time i used it, bet the bloke before got tonnes of use out of it though!!! gutted anyway just need to get it fixed and il be using it again. fish safe....
  6. the cabins are amazing, and so is the bar! loads of lakes to choose from, and the fishing was brilliant!!! only thing i found slightly wierd was that even though you were staying at the resort, you still had to buy a day ticket???? i would defo go back though!! bill
  7. hi mate this is my starbaits barrow, it can be either 2 wheels or 1, and the front can extend so the wheels are more centralised. bill
  8. i had a walk round mate and saw some terrific looking pike in the margins!!!!
  9. oak lodge in rayleigh essex, its a day ticket water mate but you will have your big cat!!!
  10. So true mate! Ofcourse the big names are gonna use shop bought jars of the ready made stuff, and tins of ready to go instant carp success! THEY GET PAID TO PROMOTE THE BAIT! Let's face it its basically monkey see monkey do, and 11 years ago I was the victim of it when I started getting into carping, I watched KORDA s o t a underwater carp fishiing, and it changed my life! DF showed you how to catch big carps, so I honestly went out and bought a few kilo of mainline fusion, pva funnel web, readymade jar of parti mix, 2 tins of hemp, (1 to keep in my motor if I needed it just like danny did) korda leadclips korda leads 3 spools of x-line etc etc etc! Did I catch carp? Ofcourse I did, but so did my mate who had never seen a carp dvd or mag in his life! At the end of the day they are not telling you what you NEED! They are telling you HOW THEY catch carp! And which products THEY USE to improve their catch rate! Its up to you as an angler to either take it onboard and do the exact same! Or filter out all the product placement and adapt your own ideas! Nearly everyone is in the same boat these days (money wise) and sometimes I physically can't get to the lake cos I can't afford the fuel to get me there! But whilst I'm not at the lake, I'll still be watching danny and the boys and use some of their tactics but adapt them to my style and budget of fishing! Fish safe... Bill
  11. i wouldnt say im famous though ha ha ha !!!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/mcmilzyuk?feature=mhee just a few blogs of my sessions for people to watch!!! fish safe! bill
  12. the december overnighter!! let me know what you think fish safe... bill
  13. phippers, mate prob just gonna stick with my long casts mate, they have done me proud! but so have my wychwood epic reels that i use for my spod and my marker work. not sure when im out next?, im skint and it is stupidly cold aswell ha ha! and zammo.......... you know me too well!!!! ha ha
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