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    Fishing, shootingand getin wasted lol
  1. Cheers i will have a look at a few others and see, im worried about the build quality too as i am quite heavy handed.
  2. Its mainly for speed of baiting up and i would say 100 yards max on the water i am fishing at the minute.
  3. Hiya guys Im swaying towards getting a carbon throwing stick, i like the idea of the fox r20 and the ridgemonkey ones as they have a loading port, would you recomend any of these? Ryan
  4. Iv got some sticky pure krill liquid, would this mix together or seporate?
  5. I was looking along the lines of a fishy/meaty taste with a few other goodies thrown in?
  6. Hiya chaps, this season im looking to use minimal bait and use an oily stick mix instead but i want to flavour my own oil, how do i go about doing this? And what oil would be a good base? Cheers Ryan
  7. Iv got some walnut oil, not used it for a good while, does hemp oil (good oil) conjeal? I was under the impression it doesnt?! Are there any other oils that dont conjeal, that i could get from a supermarket, i dont fancy paying for all these winterised salmon oil and all that.
  8. Sorry about the late reply guys, i was thinking along the lines of brazil nuts and hazelnuts, used with coconut and almond stick mix ive made up with hemp oil. Ryan
  9. How do chaps, What are your thaughts on this? I know that carp cannot digest nuts, but would this cause them a problem when the temperature drops and everything slows down? Ive never actually used any kind of nut before but im thinking i could be missing out on something, i know to use them sparingly and to shave them down a little for extra pulling power. Any advice much appreciated. Ryan
  10. Would using ground black pepper work as much as the oil?
  11. Thanks for the replys, the flavouring i used last year was squid n octopus and scopex, i think i used them at 2.5ml each but not too sure, iv slept since. I have took onboard what you have said so im thinking of taking away the soya and replacing it with acid casein and rennet casein 1oz of each, but im planning on keeping the semolina and possably add some betaine but im not sure at what levels?? As im not going to add any flavouring, do you think a little essential oil would help? And any recomendations? Sorry for all the questions, its only my second time at making my own and dont want to balls it all up like i did last time. Cheers Ryan
  12. Hiya monkeys, i have been putting a base mix together (on paper) and wanting a little advice really, i did try it last year but didnt have anything at all on them, i think i put too much flavouring in. So im going to try again but without the liquid flavourings and use GLM instead. CLO- 1oz Pre digested fishmeal- 2oz Lt-94- 4oz Squid meal- 3oz Vitamealo- 2oz Soya flour- 2oz Semolina- 2oz GLM-4g Any advice on anything to add or take away would be a big help Cheers ryan
  13. Its prob gna be about a month away, iv just been on a 48hour so the missus needs treating first lol, ul have to let us know how u get on.
  14. Im just after a bit of info really on the place as i am after catching a 30pounder, is it a really challenging water? And does it get busy as its a long way for me to go to not get a peg. Any info would be great. Ryan
  15. Thanks for all the info guys i shall put into practice soon i hope.
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