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  1. Hi Fellow carp anglers, here is my new p.b from march this year.

    32lb 10oz




  2. wottowarwick

    The Key.

    Where have you heard that nash have stopped making all there other boilies? That must be aload of s*** as a bait business as big as nash would not survive on justa few new baits surely. Wotto.
  3. wottowarwick

    Its been a while.

    Hi to all,ive not been on here for a while but ive been doing loads of fishing. I hope you all have a excellent year on the bank. Ill be posting my catch reports on here this year. Tight lines folks, Wotto.
  4. wottowarwick

    good book???

    Ian chillcotts light my fire is a very good read as is dane lanes flick of the tail and also jim shelleys carping uncut.
  5. wottowarwick

    A mint carp

    I forgot to mention the weight 24LB 9OZ Wotto.
  6. wottowarwick

    A mint carp

    Hi all not been on here for a while but here is a nice carp i caught recently.
  7. wottowarwick

    Personal Best ! Double figures !!!!!!!

    nice fish mate,well done who knows what you will catch next. wotto.
  8. wottowarwick

    My first carp of 2009

    Nice mirror that mate well done. wotto.
  9. wottowarwick

    pb from last year

    Nice fish well done. Looks like a nice lake aswell. Welcome back to the wonderful world of carp fishing.... wotto.
  10. wottowarwick

    1st wk end 1st fish 2009

    well done on your first fish of 2009. Ive blanked so far on 3 outings,so still hoping for mine. wotto.
  11. wottowarwick

    First weekend out !!!

    well done fella. wotto.
  12. wottowarwick

    browning cudmore fisheries

    the pegs are o.k for sticks mate it will be quite muddy this time of year though. Good luck let me know how you go on. wotto.
  13. Iwas just looking at this thread,i have fished this water on and off for about 4 years. When i first started going it was a good runs water me and my mate were catching carp all the time,between 3lb and the biggest i had was a 21lb 5oz common a very nice fish indeed (THAT IS STILL MY P.B COMMON) The last few times we have been there though we have got the impression that there is not as many fish in there now,john the owner has dug quite afew different pools since we first started going there. And to be totally honest i think he has moved stock around (I HOPE IM WRONG THOUGH AS I ENJOY FISHING HERE) Biggest carp ive seen come out was 24lb but i have information that the same guy caught a 28lber when we left his name was stuart from stockport. If you stuart get to read this post please p.m me as it would be nice to meet up on the bank with you sometime in the near future mate. You know who we are chris and craig from stoke. Just incase anyone is intrested a photo of the common i caught is on the wall in the cabin in the field there is also a photo of my mate with a 17lber. Wotto.
  14. wottowarwick

    browning cudmore fisheries

    Hi mate last time i fished avoca was a couple of years ago. I did a 3 day session with a mate of mine and i caught a shed load of fish up to 17lb i also lost a 20 at the net (gutted). On the second day i was there other anglers were coming around asking what i was using? (I JUST TOLD THEM BOILIES BUT I DIDNT SAY WHICH COMPANY IT WAS FROM OR THE FLAVOUR) My mate also caught quite a few fish aswell but even he could not believe how many i was catching. Because i have not fished that lake for a while i will tell you what my winning bait was. P.M ME FOR DETAILS. wotto.
  15. wottowarwick

    Success in January

    a big well done from me mate,keep up the good work. wotto. Im out tomorrow after work hope i catch one.