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  1. Here's an interesting thing when weighing fish too. How many of you use weigh bars ??
  2. If its any use to you i have previously put pellets and boillies ( Seperate times ) in buckets to soak up the hemp oils and water to only find that the boillies and pellets took too much moisture out of the hemp and most of it ended up floating on the top instead of sinking to the bottom. Try to keep iot moist is my suggestion. Gaz
  3. Hi mate all the info is on here it says it went day ticket in 2013 i cant believe its that far back how time flies Gaz
  4. Hi pal erics willows is no longer syndicate its now day ticket. There is a one off registration fee then pay as you fish. Its £30 per 24 hours over the weekend and £25 through the week. Gaz
  5. Thanks pal i have been using shimano diaflash (bugs) 2.75lb tc for the last 16 years and really liked them until i managed to break one a couple of weeks back i have noticed the ctx dont come in 3lb tc but im going to have a ride out to chapmans to have a look at some when i have a spare half day. The only pusuits ive picked up were 3.25 tc and i think thats over doing it for most of the waters ill be fishing, im hoping the ctx may be a little more forgiving. Gaz
  6. Hi guys im thinking of purchasing a couple of new rods either the free spirit ctx or nash pursuits in 3lb test curve. I wont be fishing over the 100 meter mark so im not sure if i need the 50mm ring set, i can get the ctx with 40mm ring set. I have looked at the pursuits but not in 3lb test and there isnt a stockists near me for the ctx so i haven't seen these yet. Does anybody use either of the above and what are your views on them. Thanks in advance. Gaz
  7. Hello everyone,I would like as much info on ripon racecourse lake as possible. Fish stocks, Fish sizes, Syndicate or day ticket,prices. Is it classed as an hard water or fairly easy any info at all will be appreciated thanks. Gaz