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  1. 10 minutes ago, Old school said:

    Been looking at these myself Gaz, I just bought one as it was on offer for £20, does seem very good quality though. 

    One thing I noticed my one is an older version it pushes in and turns at the alarm end, think the newer one screws in 

    Yes the new ones screw in I havnet had chance to use them yet but i had been looking at thyem for a while now. They had a bit of an offer on them so i jumped in 😂




  2. Something in the back of my mind tellsme that there used to be washers provided with new reels. Depending how many washers were used would determing wether the line laid towrds the front of the sp[ool, rear of the spool or even across the spool.

    The washers may already be placed on the spindle under the spool.

    If you bought the reels new did you get any info/instructions to look at.



  3. 2 hours ago, commonly said:

    I'm no expert, from personal experience it can be hard to relate, explain or burden, loved ones with your inner feelings.


    I agree commonly i find it quite hard talking about my feelings to very close loved ones, but i find it much easier talking to somebody that doesnt know me.

    Please guys dont take it personnaly if people dont talk directly to you i know myself how hard it is sometimes

    I think as long as you can talk to somebody wether loved ones or strangers will certainly help.



  4. if you have room just clip up the rod at the desired distance then put a temporary lead on the spod rod, take both rods and plug the leads in the ground (stand on them ) open the bale arms and walk backwards until you hit the clip then clip up the spod rod, allow a little less length on the spod rod depending on depth of water wind both rods back up and replace the lead with the spod and they are both then at the correct distance.

    You obviously need enough clear room to use this method.



  5. I fealt the same a couple of years back mainly due to stresses at home. As i found i didnt have much time to relax and fish properly i bought a stalking rod and started doing just a few hour early morning or late evening. I found i really enjoyed it and im still finding my feet with the method as ive always sat behind rods overnight. I have also found im working harder at watercraft and finding fish and my catch rate has gone up, and now i find im turning overnighters down when i have to do them, and if i do one i find im getting inpatient sat waiting 😨. Maybe give it a go i found it worked great for me.


  6. Ive not used any rig tubing now for the last 10+ years and dont have even have any in my tackle box, prefering to use leadcore or more recentley lead free leaders. I am fishing a water next month that doesnt allow leaders of any kind. 

    Im looking for a supple heavy sinking tube preferably with various colours not just one solid colour. 

    Any recomendations guys.

    Thanks Gary

  7. Wow that is a very hard question to answer. I see it is completely down to the individual on what they want to catch from each venue. I do suppose there is the chance of getting completely fixated by one or 2 fish and becoming obsessed with catching them, but i dint see that as trying too hard its obsessive.

    I think life is too short to really get hung up by 1 or 2 fish but thats just my feeling there are many an angler that has lived on a water for that 1 bite a year. 



  8. 15 minutes ago, TheKingTench said:

    Not on a running rig? The lead wont move, and just acts as a sort of pivot point? 

    You would need a heavy lead for it not to move at all, a lighter lead would be picked up and slide back up the line a little on the take giving what would sound like a single toner on the alarm. I nearly always fish running rigs with various size leads and it does give better bite indication in my opinion. You still need a bobbin swinger etc to keep the line that bit taught over the alarm for it to register better.

  9. I had a day session at a well stocked local farm pond and had a couple of fish on the 23rd Dec . The first was about 12-13lb taken on a 2 foot zig in approx 4 foot of water, no pic and the second was 17lb 8oz taken on an 18 inch zig in the same area.


    17lb 8oz.JPG

  10. If its any use to you i have previously put pellets and boillies ( Seperate times ) in buckets to soak up the hemp oils and water to only find that the boillies and pellets took too much moisture out of the hemp and most of it ended up floating on the top instead of sinking to the bottom.

    Try to keep iot moist is my suggestion.



  11. Thanks pal i have been using shimano diaflash (bugs) 2.75lb tc for the last 16 years and really liked them until i managed to break one a couple of weeks back :(:( i have noticed the ctx dont come in 3lb tc but im going to have a ride out to chapmans to have a look at some when i have a spare half day. The only pusuits ive picked up were 3.25 tc and i think thats over doing it for most of the waters ill be fishing, im hoping the ctx may be a little more forgiving.




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