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  1. Going Bluebell tomorrow for a night will try to get info on what's been eaten so far this winter, mid-December I heard 2 x 30's from Kingy.  Has to be a LOT more by now.  Trev might not tell me any more, I already know too much lol

    1. yonny


      The number of bigguns in there the otters don't seem to touch the sides!!

  2. yonny


    Very unlikely imo. They rarely last a couple of nights on the bank. Foxes and rats will have those bones cleaned up in no time.
  3. Floss for me. I pierce and blob standard pop ups. I even pierce cork balls (v carefully) but I'll tie a boilie stop on for these.
  4. Bang in the middle @ 4ft with one on a a bright pop up and the others on zigs @ 2 and 3 ft. Near the sunken jettys. Eyes peeled as they'll almost certainly be shoaled up somewhere. If you spot one get all the rods in that area. Good luck buddy.
  5. In terms of hooking potential I probably agree but due to the potential for tangles I can't bring myself to use supply braid. Ultimately we'll be most successful in what we're confident using so just choose any rig you like and make sure you use it well😃
  6. If you find them in a swim you're not familiar with you have no choice. The ultimate aim is to get to know the spots so you dont have to in future innit.
  7. I have no "normal" mix as such. It would depend on the given water, the application (pre-bait vs. loose feed), the time of year, the spot itself (substrate), the stock (i.e. other species)..... loads of variables. One thing I will say: Different is good.
  8. Pop ups are probs best used over boilie. The last thing you want is a pop up hovering over bits n pieces sitting on the deck. But ultimately the spot itself should dictate when to use a pop up. They're intended to be used when you want the hook/hookbait suspended over a weedy or choddy bottom. BUT..... I use them for 99.9% of my fishing regardless of the spot or baiting situation. I get proper paranoid about presentation and would rather have a bait that's a little too obvious/blatant than risk the hook point being compromised by a tiny bit of debris/detritus. If you get them feeding I don't think it matters that much under normal circumstances.
  9. And what a session it was!!!!
  10. He doesn't like members being on there long term. He prefers a nice turnaround of members. You'll get the odd one that manages to stick around for a while (e.g. I think you've been on there a long time) but he usually likes members gone after a few years. He gets even worse if you're doing particularly well. He completely changed with me during my time on the big lake. Started off nice as pie then got funnier and funnier with me as time went on. Same as he has with you and a number of other ex members I know.
  11. Agree, that's not unusual for this time of year. It is very much getting to that time when you're better off with zigs out for a 24 hr period.
  12. It's just heat shrinking tube used in the electronics industry mate (they use it to insulate wires). Google it buddy, it's nothing special. It's not shrink tube then buddy.
  13. You'd be banned if you were caught using that in the uk mate. The set-up needs to be able to drop the lead in the event the mainline parts. Otherwise it can lead to a tethered fish. Commonly referred to as a death rig. Get some proper lead clips buddy.
  14. My first experience of tigers was of my Dad soaking and eating them as a snack when I was a nipper. He wasn't an angler, in fact it was years later I discovered they made such a good bait. I wouldn't dream of using them if they weren't good enough to eat myself tbh lol.
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