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  1. Bear in mind that 2 kg of base mix will make a hell of a lot more than 2 kg of boilies buddy.
  2. yonny

    The weather and fishing.

    I would agree with that Nick. In my experience, the bigger the water, the more the wind will influence the carp (in fact on proper big pits (50 acres +) they almost always show up on winds). And I agree a plethora of lines in the water on the end of the wind can soon have them mooching about off the back of it! It has to be swim availability/getting on fish Nick - there is something seriously wrong if you catch less in the warmer months otherwise. I too have experienced great sessions throughout winter but they are exceptions where they can be the norm during the warmer months when the fish are fully active. Likewise - my sessions are in the diary way before conditions are known. We take what we can get.
  3. yonny

    The weather and fishing.

    I think there's three separate threads right there buddy but to summarise each water will respond differently to varying conditions. If we're talking very, very generally: - The end of the wind is good, particularly a new wind, possibly due to oxygenation of water at the windward bank. - Low pressure is good - because it brings with it cool conditions and nice winds (see above), feeding conditions if you will. - Rain is ok, as it comes with low pressure weather systems (see above lol). I have noticed waters kicking right off after periods of rain, but that's just a personal observation. However, for every water that responds as you'd expect there is a water that breaks the rules. I have seen waters change in the way they respond to conditions from year to year too. There are no hard and fast rules imo. Carp are carp and they'll do what they want to at a given time.
  4. yonny

    The weather and fishing.

    I agree mate, November is still prime carp time nowadays. It's normally well into December before I finally admit to myself that it's over for another year.
  5. yonny

    August catch reports.....

    Well my close mate showed up on Friday and I directed him to the spot that I so nearly made the most of on my work overnighter....... and he ended up with a 27, a 28, a 30 and a 35 with 2 losses over the course of the weekend! Good angling and juts goes to show how close I was!
  6. Everything I've bought from NGT has been disgracefully poor quality. I used their snag ears and the thread stripped/ear cam flying off on the first take when I was fishing locked up to a snag tree. I was lucky to keep the rod, let alone land the fish. Tried their leads and one came off the swivel on the first cast. I won't go near their stuff now.
  7. yonny

    Bayswater Essex

    RESULT! Have fun lads.
  8. yonny

    The weather and fishing.

    Autumn and winter are worlds apart imo. For autumn my baiting levels go through the roof. For winter they drop to almost nothing. Regards tactics stick to what you know/what you're confident in. Likewise. Every target fish I've ever caught bar 2 have been in Autumn. My fave time of year by far. Big fish time.
  9. yonny

    deeper pro plus

    I like that too lol. Just don't expect to take the lift and get any credit from me !!!🤣
  10. yonny

    August catch reports.....

    Well I have zip to report after my work overnighter. I did manage to find fish and get on them. I was awoken by liners at 05:30 and had to watch them fizzing and boshing all over my spot with several liners just before I had to reel in for work. Agonisingly close. Another hour and it would have been away, I have no doubt. Now acting like an 8 year old in the huff. "S'not fair"!
  11. yonny

    deeper pro plus

    Imo they are cheating but I have a couple mates with one and I've also seen an entire lake mapped out with one. What do you want to know? Mapping is one thing but fish finding fish really is taking the wee wee. Carp fishing is suppose to be hard - that's why it's so rewarding when we catch. I think replacing watercraft with sonar is blasphemy of the highest order lol. But hey - that's just me. I couldn't live with myself if I caught a special'n that I found with a fish finder that proper anglers had been chasing for months or years.
  12. yonny

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    Imo mouth damage through weed fishing is caused by inexperienced anglers trying to drag them through it, particularly with braid. I have never seen a fish tethered in weed. Imo they just use it to their advantage. Hence when you lose a fish (in the weed) it's always easy to retrieve the rig. In my book as long as the rod is locked up in weed, the fish is still on, otherwise it just pulls through. It can be a very long and arduous task extracting them without a boat and without damaging the mouth. That's just my observations of course. Most jetties were built for either boats or for match anglers as a peg and in many cases they were built before carp angling was mainstream. I'm sure most waters that are built as carp lakes nowadays would consider building them big enough for shelters.
  13. yonny

    August catch reports.....

    Well done Gaz.
  14. yonny

    Can I ask a favour?

    Out of interest @Gazlaaar, did you hook them on the same type of rig?
  15. yonny

    Can I ask a favour?

    Twins for sure but not identical twins lol.