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  1. Happened to me 2 weeks ago. Gutted mate.
  2. You've been fishing long enough to know that using the words shall and will is not the one in carp angling lol
  3. All the way mate. Although if I do see them feeding on thursday I might put a little bait out to fish over with one rod on the friday πŸ‘
  4. I've just booked Thursday off so not only can I blank, I can do it whilst losing money 😊
  5. Keep an eye on this Thursday lads. Temps into double figures, pressure around 995, decent breeze. Air temps will be higher than water temps so it's odds on they'll be on the end of the wind. Might be a window of opportunity. Good luck if you can get out.
  6. I have a pal that rates it big time and he certainly catches them.
  7. There is truth in this elmo. You had a spicy one and a creamy one. You now have two pineapple baits lol. I always try to match the Goo to the hookbait (e.g. pineapple on pineapple, tuna on fishy peach, almond on a creamy/nutty one etc) so you still have a clear and sensible change if one isn't working.
  8. Don't go too mental with the stuff Elmo. The trick is to apply little and often - so put a little bit on and let the baits absorb it. Then apply more and repeat. Basically they should be an ongoing process rather than a one-off drowning and leave them, if you get my drift.
  9. @Pete Springate's Guns I can totally relate to that. I fished a lake down south and was getting bites from an area that once I'd seen it from the boat i wouldn't dream of casting there. Drops felt ok but the Canadian was 2 ft deep. I was using 8 inch hook links. God knows how that works. Sometimes you're better off not knowing lol.
  10. ThisπŸ‘† The way I see it rock hard clean spots have already been harvested, there's no grub there other than what you put out. In the softer areas around the clean stuff, or spots that are just beginning to be harvested, there's natural food so they'll be more inclined to feed there. Supplement that with bait and whallop, party time. Of course, thousand and thousands of carp have been caught off clean gravel and some of the best anglers I know of still target rock hard clean stuff, but for me I find dirtier areas are more productive.
  11. For sure mate. What I'm saying is the reel has hardly any influence (as long as it's a big pit reel). It's the rod that gets the distance.
  12. The difference between the best and worst casting reels (assuming they're both big pits) is a few yards. It's all about the rod and the technique really.
  13. Al/Ti require machining which when compared to moulding is a completely different ball game when it comes to mass production. A cheap Al/Ti reel is just never going to happen mate. Magnesium can be cast which is why they use it for the top dollar shimmys. They are mate. If you look at the flagship models the Shimmy Tech Mags have a Ci4+ rotor and the Daiwa Basiar rotor is made from Zaion (both Ci4+ and Zaion are carbon composites). On the next models down (Ultegra Ci4 and Basia 45 SCW) they have Ci4/Zaion bodies too. I'm not a fan of these composites. They're sold as weight s
  14. I'll happily use a stiff D if the substrate requires it. It'd have to be pretty clean though and I tend not to fish the cleanest spots.
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