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  1. yonny

    June catch reports

    Nightmare of a weekend for me. Went to bluebell for a social with mates and we somehow managed to get 3 swims on fish on kingfisher lake (big fish water). Was looking very good indeed until they started spawning lol. Packed up and moved to the only 3 swims we could find which were on bluebell lake over 18 ft of water..... Did manage to catch a tench from the edge and lost a carp on an adjustable zig but by 2am the rods had to come in because they started spawning there too! Moved over to mallard lake and managed to find 3 swims together. They spawned weeks ago on mallard so we basically had a night to make something happen without risk of spawning fish. I found a great little spot right in the middle of a huge weed-bed so filled it in and whacked all 3 rods on it. Managed to get 5 carp to salvage the weekend. All little doubles but hey I wasn't complaining after the luck we'd had this weekend. Guess how many other guys we saw pulling off spawning fish..... none. We actually watched guys under-arming floaters on the heads of spawning fish in the marginal lillies. Unforgivable.
  2. yonny

    Darrel peck, My misspent youth.

    45 - 65 quid is the going rate so if you see that again snap it up mate!
  3. yonny

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    Exactly that buddy. Too many lines in one area. I see this a lot, particularly in France where they're always pressured. I watched a couple of mates do this to very good effect (on a French trip funnily enough). Pretty much as you say; both baiting towards a central area, both fishing to their near side of that area. What would happen is one of them would pick up a fish or 3 then they'd back off. Shortly after the other would have a couple on the bank..... and so on and so forth. They bounced those fish off one another for a week, kept the bait going in, and they ended up with a very good tally of fish as you can imagine (including some proper units).
  4. yonny

    Darrel peck, My misspent youth.

    It's no longer in print so you'll not find it new/at RRP. I managed to get hold of a copy for £51 off the bay. Those prices will continue to rise so keep your eyes on ebay and have the money spare ready for when one pops up for auction.
  5. yonny

    Bait floss.

    I've never struggled with either I don't think buddy.
  6. yonny

    frozen or shelf life ?

    Depends what you class as a dip/glug imo. An amino rich hysdroslate is a far cry from a pot of glycerin mixed with synthetic flavour.
  7. yonny

    Fishing a double peg as a team

    Your decision should be made based on what the carp are up to buddy. If they're stacked up in a given area personally I think it's way more effective fishing as a team to set up either side of them or opposite one another. You can bounce the fish off one another. Personally I think 6 rods on top of them will likely push them out.
  8. yonny

    Would you rather........

    There is defo a degree of respect mate, that is a good point, I'd never do that on the syndi.
  9. Picked mine up for £2.50 with free shipping off the bay.
  10. yonny

    Gardner tackle suspender float.

    You're not wrong there.
  11. yonny

    frozen or shelf life ?

    Think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one Nick.
  12. yonny

    Bait floss.

    I apply wax to my sharpened hooks to inhibit rust so i can't imagine wax on the floss would have any impact.
  13. yonny

    Gardner tackle suspender float.

    They look awful to cast don't they?