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  1. I think there are a few option that can be used single either side buddy.
  2. Is there a reason you need a custom job or is it just tart factor? I'd have thought the cheapest custom stuff will cost more than the most expensive off-the-shelf stuff buddy.
  3. Keith at Defiant MPS👍 https://www.defiantmps.com/
  4. Lol.... that confused me even more for a second 🤣
  5. Yes mate. I started taking my own powders to my maggot supplier to use instead of the maize/dust they offer. I tried liver powder, GLM, and various grounbaits. I found that nothing was more effective than un-touched maggots. In fact I actually started asking for my maggots un-cleaned, straight from the trays (my supplier is a maggot farm). The dirtier and stinkier the better imo. The article says "as soon as they start sweating, they start getting Ammonia all over them. The fish just veer off them because that Ammonia is a really bad chemical, they really don’t like it". That is a load of tosh imo. Maggots secrete various substances/chemicals including ammonia as part of their natural processes, this imo is part of what makes them so attractive to carp. No processed food/bait can match these natural processes in terms of attraction imo. All those substances/chemicals (which I'm pretty sure are stuffed full of AA's), together with the tiny electrical signals given off by live maggots, are what make them so unbeatable in terms of bait. I do not believe maggots can be made more attractive by adding anything.
  6. That's confused me lol. What offer are we talking about? I did hope i could offer some info regards an under-the-radar water but we discussed it and I cannot 😔
  7. Agree. Tackle isn't cheap and the least thing you want is to get the wrong thing.
  8. I know that feeling mate. We've all been there at some point.
  9. yonny

    Winter Drinks

    That's supposed to be for your hookbaits Vik🤣
  10. yonny

    Winter Drinks

    I'm a bit weird when it comes to whiskey in that I HATE speyside's but ABSOLUTELY LOVE Islay's.
  11. They are brilliant hooks mate. Very expensive, but you get what you pay for.
  12. You mean the No-Trace Beads? The Helisafe is the jobby that drops the lead.
  13. Totally agree. On a similar theme I chuckle at the "micro-barb" only rules. There is no standard for barb size hence there is no such thing as a micro-barb. Basically you could take the biggest barbed hook going and as long as they say micro-barb on the packet they're ok lol.
  14. Those new ESP Trig-Hammers look the one for long shank ronnies mate.
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