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  1. yonny

    Northern Angling Show

    Fair play, chap as chips.
  2. yonny

    Northern Angling Show

    You might get lucky. I'd probs take more than 200 for all that dude.
  3. yonny

    Northern Angling Show

    What are you after?
  4. yonny

    View from your bivvy door.

    Gulp! I think it was @smufter that used this and was not impressed!
  5. yonny

    February Catch Reports

    Result mate. Conditions were perfect on Friday but I couldn't get out. My mate had a 31+ common too.
  6. yonny

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    The Embryo lakes are run very well indeed, don't be fooled. Better than a lot of of private syndis I've come across. You could do a lot worse mate.
  7. yonny

    Waterproof salopettesw

    @Tree123...... you're Shaunyboy150???
  8. Just be careful that's all they do in these 50 mph easterlies we're having today/tomoz mate.
  9. Good advice bluelabel. I tend to carry spare leads in the car, also spare bait (bait tends to be the heaviest thing I take fishing, certainly in summer and autumn anyway).
  10. Good luck elmoputney.
  11. I had the same but the Compac died - the zip went after 1 season. Disappointed.
  12. yonny

    Specialized hookbaits

    I pierce them buddy. I've been using them for 3 or 4 years and never had an issue. As long as you use a fine baiting needle and take your time you'll be ok. You now have the crushed cork hookbaits available. I actually prefer them because they're as buoyant as a cork ball, they can be trimmed, you don't have to worry about birdlife, there's more basemix to hold the liquid cure..... really good baits.
  13. yonny

    Specialized hookbaits

    No mate that's not necessary at all unless you have birdlife pecking away at them (which will ruin any corkball pop up). As long as they're left alone they'll easily last more than 48 hrs. Spot on, the S1's work on a different concept. You really want that coating active/fizzing up so imo you're better off not wrapping them. They say if you wrap in tights the coating will last for 48 hrs but personally I'd just recast every 12 hours to keep that hookbait as active as possible. For 48 hrs + I'd just use the S2's.
  14. yonny

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Standard winter mindset innit mate. It's hard work at times. If there is one weekend we need to be fishing this winter, this next one is it. This big south westerly that's just popped up is with us until Sun/Mon and it's bringing with it double figure temps on Fri/Sat. The north east corner of most lakes will already be a degree or two warmer than the rest of the water as it's been off the back of the cold north easterlys. Now you'll have this new wind turning that corner over big time. There'll be a few carp caught across the country this weekend I'm sure. Typical I can't be on the bank.
  15. They've just released a new version dude.