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  1. Unhooking mat/cradle for mobility

    Same here, a nice big mat folded in two and carried on straps makes a lovely receptacle for stalking gear/tackle.
  2. On the hard stuff!

    Varies for me. I often think I've missed the boat on rock hard gravel spots, I reckon the spot's already been harvested by the time it's proper clean. I prefer weedy or silty areas which tend to hold natural food, although if I find something rock hard in the middle of a particularly weedy/silty area I'll normally have one rod bang in the middle of it.
  3. What are your pop up recipes?

    I just used taste as a guide as to how much flavour to add.
  4. What are your pop up recipes?

    I used to make glycerin glugs but found they weren't that effective. I now use hydrolysed fish/liver etc....
  5. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    100% Hutch. You just have to go down to any tackle shop regularly to know some of the shelfies have been sitting on that shelf there for months or years in some cases.
  6. April catch reports.............

    Well done lads.
  7. Rod Shots

    Smashing it @emmcee!
  8. Rod Shots

    Lovely mate, lovely.
  9. Try adding egg albumin to your paste mix (5-10%) and soaking the corks briefly in egg white before rolling. Should make them more resilient buddy.
  10. Help with chum

    Sweetcorn is a good'n..... one of the best in fact. There aint many carp swimming that cannot be caught on corn.
  11. Tufty Torch.......

    And what people tend to forget is that carp can see too lol...... Lasers scare carp half to death, I've tested it from up in the trees. Yes, the tufites will do one but so too will the carp if the beam penetrates the surface (lasers are 10 times more prominent underwater as it's denser than air). I stopped using lasers after that so I'm particularly interested in this tufty torch jobbie. Looking forward to your report Spr!!!!
  12. Pop-up advice....

    Lol..... You know what @smufter, small lakes with big fish tends to mean riggy carp in my experience. Your situation might be one of the few in which I'd be tempted to have a look at bottom baits/wafters (or, more likely, alternative baits i.e. naturals).
  13. I have never found a pop up mix that works well enough. They all lose buoyancy too quickly. Therefore when I make my own I roll cork balls.
  14. Bait floss.

    Normal unscented dental floss for me.
  15. Pop-up advice....

    This can only apply if you're getting regular bites Smufter i.e. if you're not getting frequent takes on a 2" pop up changing to a 3" won't do you any favours at all. With bites so hard to come by on White Cottage I'd be looking to increase the chance of any fish, not just the bigguns. Maybe reduce the size of your hookbait?