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  1. Leadcore short lengths

    Hardly any of their products are on their website buddy, not sure it's even updated any more..... I think they just use FB now, worth having a look on there. As far as I'm aware it's still made, it's still available in tackle shops.
  2. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Off topic I know but do you (or anyone else for that matter) know if the difference between the liquid hydroslates and the powders is solely water content? There's a few none fishy amino ingredients around. The liver would go well with a nut bait IMO or he could look at a yeast extract, or CSL etc
  3. Leadcore short lengths

    Standard line can tangle or tether though...... we are all risking the safety of the fish to a certain extent simply by fishing. IMO if a carp gets tethered on 15 lb line it aint snapping it, it'll rip it's own face off before the line goes. The safest rig is the one that lands the fish IMO. If that takes 20 lb line and a leadcore leader then where does that leave us? Tricky one. I tend to agree..... but Rig Marole Linqtek does none of that! I'm using tubing at the mo but that's due to rules. I'll be honest, given the choice I'd be on the Linqtek.
  4. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    I think you're probably right. That said, it can be that over-emphasis that leads to confidence and I truly believe confidence will have a huge impact on your angling. Likewise
  5. It would almost be worth getting ripped off for comedy value alone if you ordered some from a tackle shop and it arrived packaged in the same thing lol.....
  6. September Catch Reports

    Mate, the fish in that place are ridiculously good looking.... Well done!
  7. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Yes, I do agree with that Nick, but you really have to commit to get that working. That's my problem too mate, 2 nights in every 14 just isn't enough to get my bait established properly, although I do make sure there's plenty put in before I go home. Yes they will. They will roll specials for you too, they make it very easy. My mate was using the MC Nut for a season with added scopex, he smashed the place on it. ABS recommend their own tweaks or you can tell them your own and they'll make it up for you. Great firm.
  8. Agree. The pitter patter of rain drops on the brolly is almost therapeutic.
  9. I can't stand packing up in the rain. So depressing. Dont mind setting up in it. Get the bed chair under the brolly and it's plain sailing from there!
  10. terminal tackle help

    Yes defo mate!
  11. They're pretty warm eh, not the kind of thing you'd want to fish in outside of the winter month!
  12. A sad day..............................

    Likewise, don't really regret getting rid of anything. I'm very particular about the gear I buy, I do my research and only purchase what I consider to the very best kit for the type of angling I do. I only replace that when something new hits the market that is better, for what I use it for, than the kit I already have. So no, can't think of anything I regret getting rid of.
  13. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    You'll not find an 'edge' with any off-the-shelf baits buddy, but with the ABS you defo have a bait that catches carp! Good luck mate.
  14. For years I've either rolled my own or done my own special prep with off-the-shelf hookbaits. This year however I'm casting out these hookbaits I found straight from the pot. They're cork ball pop ups to match my freebies, rolled better than I could myself tbh, really good on their own, I'm not even glugging them. It feels weird casting them out straight from the pot, not done it in years! But the success I'm having with them at the mo means I just don't want to change them in any way!
  15. I'm not sure bud.... they are defo starch based but it doesn't mention maize. Might be worth asking for a sample, you'll know straight away if it's the right one by taste. The good stuff is pretty much tasteless, the bad stuff has a bitter burning taste as it melts.