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  1. I think with this increase in temps the shallow water may be good all through the night. I'd just bait both shallow and deep and fish whichever spot shows signs of activity/feeding. Try and feed a shallow spot to the right and a deeper spot the left or vice versa maybe, to account for line lay.
  2. I agree. Least he could have done is given you a call!!!
  3. No syndi worth being on will have tickets left at this time of year mate. Most of them will take 2 or 3 years to get on if you joined the waiting list now. Taking a year off work without a water lined up is a massive mistake bud. There are LOADS of great waters all along the Nene Valley but unfortunately you'll not simply walk on to any of them. You need to join the waiting lists and in many cases start with a winter ticket before obtaining the full ticket. Your best bet for big fish in the short time is probably Bluebell which seems to have no limit on the number of season tickets.
  4. It's lake dependant buddy, weed growth and location of weed-beds can change big time from year to year. That said, on a res you shouldn't see much variation. Crucian is right, reservoirs do tend to be silty as they're normally quite old and well established.
  5. That makes it sound a bit like a license to stitch each other up but it's actually the opposite - I'll explain: If you're baiting a spot and the carp get on it big time, someone will eventually clock them. An angler that isn't your mate might have no idea it's been baited, he'll jump in there and have it off and he's done absolutely nothing wrong. The swim is therefore only off limits to your mates, those that you are closest to. You're kinda inadvertently stitching them up.
  6. That's difficult mate. Whenever I'm fishing a water with mates we have an agreement that any/every spot/swim is fair game. End of the day you can only fish for what you can see and if the fish are clearly having it off somewhere I'll fish for them regardless of who's been baiting where. Likewise my friends. It's the only fair way imo - it's not right that you feel you shouldn't fish certain swims because others have been baiting them. You end up with each angler having their own baited spot and it becomes a bait-and-wait situation, that's not what angling is about for me. I truly feel for you buddy but at the same time if your mate finds them lumping out in a given swim he's hardly going to go down the other end of the lake. Is it really fair to ask him to?
  7. Lucky dog. Years ago I was fishing with a mate and I was lining up a cast (a solid bag). I went to hit it and basically the rod wouldn't move. Turned round and my mates rottweiler was chewing away on the bag. Similar story, he got away with it thanks god!
  8. Well done mate. It's notoriously difficult on there.
  9. This is a good example above; all 3 stoves are the same with different brands and different prices. The Trakker version would be 50 quid lol.
  10. Lixada don't make anything @elmoputney buddy - they re-brand Chinese wholesale products. It'll last you a year or two I'd have thought. When it dies go for the Bulin mate.
  11. 😮How did you get on dude? Not an easy water.
  12. .... and the FireMaple stove too...... I don't buy anything from any firm that doesn't manufacture themselves. Trakker don't make stoves, or waders, or rods etc...... they buy other brands, whack their logo on, and charge double. It's always worth doing the research to see who makes what. Buy from a firm that manufacture their own gear i.e for stoves go with Bulin, for waders go with Ocean/Vass etc, for rods go for Century/Harrison etc.... it's the only way to guarantee you end up with good gear.
  13. The little man is fine buddy, thanks for asking. Sleep is hard to come by but it's worth it!
  14. Cracking stove that is. For 15 quid it's a no brainer. Even at full price (23 quid off amazon) it's a must-have for any carper imo.
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