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  1. Simple. Always. You need to be on fish to catch them. - If you can see them, you know you're on them. - If you can't see them, you might be on them - but normally are not. Forget about the "what ifs". We can only fish for what we can see. The most effective anglers do not rely on luck buddy. You need to make it happen.👍
  2. I've fished a number of waters on which I swear fish travel and feed in year groups.
  3. I tend to use hinges and ronnies which might explain our different experiences buddy. Never had an issue👍
  4. I find the more weighty the rig is (hookbait+hook+swivel(s)+putty) the less tangle prone it is!
  5. Proper Job Pop Ups are still going strong.
  6. Yes - although I would test it in a glass to see how long it will keep your particular pattern of hook up for. The 13 mm needs a fair bit of putty to hold it down, I even had to trim the pop ups down. The 11 mm will keep a hinge with a size 5 Chodda up for 48 hrs easily, and that's with putty too. They're be far the most buoyant pop ups on the market buddy.
  7. Once winter hits you need to cut out any oils. Other liquids are absolutely fine mate.
  8. Have you ever tired to get decent self takes at night with a mobile buddy? It's not possible. The sensors are so small that the processor is forced to increases ISO so much so that you end up with a horrible, grainy, washed out image. That is if you manage to get the phone to recognise/focus on the subject in the first place. If you're not that bothered about genuine image quality then a phone can do a decent job in the day time, but technology has not moved far enough for them to perform at night - yet.
  9. Remember you can get an intervalomater for a tenner that removes all need for messing about with the remote buddy.
  10. Spot on. When (or IF) the weed dies down they'll have a period when they go mental on that naturals that are revealed (bloodworm etc). Sometimes only naturals can compete with this - maggots, worms etc. Once they've passed this period boilies can indeed be the one, but not always. In that case do exactly what caught your fish but increase the baiting levels significantly.
  11. I'm just making the most of limited time mate: Twice a week in the evening when the mrs puts the little'n to bed I'm driving like a madman to the lake, baiting up like a lunatic, and scooting back home before she's finished. I'm fishing Friday mornings. I only work half days on Fridays anyway so I can get the day off for a half day holiday. Getting there at first light, few hours fishing, job done🐋
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