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  1. Poor start for me too. Aint had a fish from the syndi since October. That said, I've only done one proper sesh and a work overnighter since the start of April when the odd fish has started coming out. Had a couple out of the local day ticket water and a few on a French trip I just returned from. Brownie points are all but gone so I'll have to make do with the odd work overnighter on the syndi for the time being. Fingers crossed I'll bag one before too long.
  2. I lost my first two 30 lb commons at the net. Years later, about 3 years ago, I lost what I believe to have been my first 40 lb common at the net. It hadn't been landed in 2 years, suspected dead. I hooked it at about 60 yards and played it for maybe 15 mins before it was wallowing on the top to my right. It was massive with big greyish brown scales, quite unmistakable. Just as I brought it close and stretched out the net it flipped onto it's other side and 'ping', gone. Hasn't been landed since. I was horrified, spent 3 years trying to catch that fish. I remember thinking I was going to be sick. I was literally close to tears, just sat there for a while staring into space. Took me weeks to get over that loss and get my proper fishing head back on. For some reason I can catch big mirrors for fun but commons always seem to cause me problems. Sue it's in my head but it rings true never the less.
  3. They still do it like that as far as I'm aware Nick so it stands to reason a barbless hook would be stronger in that area. That said, when a fish is hooked correctly the load is applied around the bend of the hook rather than the hook point, so it shouldn't make a difference. I suspect for the hookpoint to snap off the fish would have to be hooked very poorly i.e. just nicked on the point.
  4. Jeez, I've missed a good'n here eh lads? Are expensive boilies a con? Yes. But most expensive boilies (£10+) can be bought for nigh on half that if you know where to look and buy enough. All this talk of effectiveness (which has little to do with price IMO, there's loads of top quality baits at 5 to 7 quid a pop) and no-one's mentioned practicality. Yes bait can be done for much, much cheaper than boilie but it's a bit of a ball ache lets face it. If I had to choose between soaking. prepping (i.e. adding to), boiling, bagging, spodding etc etc., and grabbing a bag of baits out the freezer and sticking them out I know which I'd prefer. Yes liver is a fantastic bait but I don't fancy dealing with several kilos of the stuff over the course of a 3 day session. No-ones mentioned versatility either. A boilie can be chopped or crumbed to suit almost any baiting situation. Nuts or corn cannot be formed into hard round balls and popped accurately on a spot at more than 10 yards from the margin with a catty or stick. You'd need to get the old carp scarer out. It's probs not a fair argument comparing particle with boilie price-wise; you'd have to compare pre-prepared particle (also a rip off) with ready-mades, or home made baits with home prepped particle (which are much cheaper than off-the-shelf). I don't consider 6 quid for a kilo of quality bait to be a rip off. It's expensive, but not a rip off. I use a lot of particle too, but in all honestly I consider the time it takes me to prepare it to be worth more than the few quid extra the boilie costs.
  5. Lol, you know that!!!! I go thorough that every sesh😂
  6. I actually watch quite a lot of them, it's as close as I can get to going fishing (other than tying rigs on the sofa) without actually doing it. I often have to go 2 or 3 weeks between sessions and these provide that little fishing hit I require lol. Some are OK, a lot are a little annoying (but I watch them anyway). I would never slate any of these guys, they're out there doing it and attempting to provide entertainment for others. What's to slate? The CC Moore anglers do some good'ns, as do the Sticky Baits and JAG guys. There are a few who I don't consider to be great anglers but it's nice to see those real world blanking situations now and again, plus you can see when they do get some action they really appreciate it, same as anyone. They've all done something that's watchable at some point.
  7. That's an important and very accurate point. 4 fish in 3 acres is effectively the same stock level as 100 fish in 75 acres. You would find them in the 75 acre pit no problem - Carp, for the most part, are shoal fish so if you see one, generally you've found a load of them. A single show can often see you popping over to the area and seeing a few in succession. Job done. In the 3 acres pit, jeez, you could wait hours and hours, days even, waiting for a carp to show, so unless you have some decent trees to climb, you're in for the long haul.
  8. That really tears my brain apart that does. They hate spods on the water I've been fishing but the bait I've found to be most effective has to be delivered via spod. It pushes them out. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't, other times I've managed to push them back through spodding elsewhere (but it's normally to busy to do that). It's a real game of cat and mouse and enough to do my head in. I'm not afraid of fishing with singles but I cannot hope for any big hits with singles.
  9. If (read: when) it all comes together on a place like that, which can take a long, long time, any capture will give you a memory of a lifetime. Best of luck to you bud. A great tactic on waters that do not lend themselves to fish spotting.
  10. Bear in mind it's a mirror image and your reel has to load clockwise therefore the line should come off the spool anti clockwise. Yup!
  11. Sorry, I meant "make sure it's going onto the reel in the direction it comes off the SPOOL (of line)"!!!!!
  12. Spot on - the more you find them, the more you learn about where they like to be in certain conditions, which makes it miles easier to find them on future sessions. There's waters I've fished in the past that I got to know so well I could tell you where most of the stock will be right now lol.....
  13. Worth soaking it overnight IMO. Line needs to be loaded in accordance with the way that it was spooled. Line is spooled in two ways depending on the manufacturer (or in some cases the same manufacturer can use two methods). They can be spooled directly/radially (from the front) or by oscillation (from the side). Basically that means you need to either load your reel with the spool of line sitting upright OR with the spool on it's side. Your best bet is to choose a method, reel a few turns on, then take a couple back off (not off the clutch, it'll add twist), form a loop and see if it is twisted. If it is, try the other method and see if it's less twisted. Go with the method that leads to less twist. Also make sure it's going onto the reel in the direction it comes off the reel, otherwise you'll impart 360 degrees of twist into the line for every turn of the reel.
  14. No such thing as too heavy for marker work IMO bud. I'd go with the broomstick.
  15. I've not seen the phenomenon with any other line and I've used loads of 'em.