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  1. I'm not sure why anyone would do this but each to their own. That is 100% luck imo.
  2. I've often wondered why no one has offered a traditional curve shank with a beaked point. The closest we've had to that is the krank which is hardly a traditional curve shank. This Klor jobby is the first I'm aware of. What do you intend to use it for Elmo? I think the curve/eye is too aggressive for the rigs I use but can certainly see a benefit for bottom bait/wafter rigs.
  3. I have no idea what you're asking here but I assume you're referring to Cransley Res? Good tench water. Very, very few carp.
  4. That's clever thinking mate. I like it.
  5. Agreed mate - convenience and versatility. How else are you going to fish at distance? And don't you dare say bait boat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. I agree with many of your points but disagree about the luck aspect. A good angler will make sure he can find and fish for feeding fish. He'll not just hope that he's landing on a shoal of them. It doesn't matter how good your bait is if you're not on the fish. Regards tackle I agree that much of it is irrelevant unless you need it for a specific application (distance fishing for example). However, there are some thing that just shouldn't be skimped on and they are lines and hooks - the bits that catch the carp. Also not worth skimping on bait imo. I'm not sure about the States but here in the UK we have incredibly rich pits of various descriptions, most of which are heavily pressured. Therefore you tend to be competing with huge larders of natural food as well as numerous other anglers. There are plenty of cheap baits that will compete (corn and pellet for example) but if you need the advantages offered by boiled baits it's worth spending some money - cheapo boilies will not compete on anything other than overstocked commercials. Carp fishing is meant to be whatever the individual wants it to be. Some will happily set up in a nice spot and see what comes along. Others will go out there and make it happen. There is no right or wrong. Do what you enjoy πŸ‘ Excellent first post btw mate.
  7. Assuming we're talking about the Island lake, changing to bottom baits made a massive difference on there for meπŸ‘. Also hemp made a big difference. That's not the case mate. As you've said, carp get caught every day on the heli.
  8. Very good bait back in the day. I'd love to think it's the same recipes but I doubt it if I'm honest. Alan would qualify as one of carp anglings true legends. RIP. No mate. If they're feeding on the bait and you're not getting takes it's more likely a presentation issue. Hitting single beeps is imo clutching at straws and not addressing the real problem (whatever that may be).
  9. yonny

    July Catch Reports

    It is mate but I've sat on bait in a fishless swim enough times over the years to know that it's a complete waste of time πŸ˜‚
  10. Jesus Christ @framey, those stories are proper harrowing!!!!
  11. yonny

    July Catch Reports

    So I managed to get back out on Sunday. Conditions were lovely near me, overcast and cooler than we've seen recently, with a nice breeze. Pretty perfect for carp angling. I popped over Saturday night to bait up and was at the gate for opening time (04:15). I held fire with getting the rods out as the area I baited was looking pretty lifeless. After half an hour watching I decided a quick walk was required and it wasn't long before I found a much better looking area. Lots of activity and although most of it was tench I was sure there was the odd carp about. I started with two spots, applied a little bait, two rods on one and the third on the other. I was seeing the odd bit of fizzing but the only definite carp I saw was down to my left in what is the weediest part of a very weedy water. I popped down for a look and it was proper brutal out there, solid on the deck with rafts of floating weed on top. But my God it looked carpy. I grabbed a rod and chucked it over there and on the third attempt I found a little hole on the deck just next to one of the rafts. This little spot was only a rod length off the bank, about 30 yards to my left. Needless to say one of the rods comes in, baited with a small pop up, and into the hole it goes. Walked down and under-armed a handful of bait right over the PVA foam as it pops ups. Time for a brew. So the day passes and it gets to early afternoon, I'm still seeing signs but have noticed a couple of carp are way up in the water. There's no way I can fish zigs with the weed about so I'm sitting it out hoping for a bite later. Then out of the blue the rod in the hole absolutely rips off, rod bent to a right angler, alarm and clutch screaming, absolutely awesome stuff that has me jumping out of my seat. The fight is pretty brutal with weed up the line causing problems but with a bit of perseverance I somehow manage to extract this carp. Quite an explosive little episode but it ends with a carp in my net so I'm a very happy chappy. It's a lovely grey mirror, spawned out but looking no less awesome for it. I get the pics done, sort the rod/rig out and back it goes in the hole. Another handful of bait over the top. It seems the commotion has pushed them out a bit and I spot carp showing off the back off me. As the day goes on they seem to be getting closer and around 7pm it's looking really good again. I see 3 show in quick succession over my middle rod spot which is around 50 yards out so I'm kinda expecting that one to go when I get a bleep on the right hand rod which is fished at a similar range but to a different marker. I walk over to see what's going on and as I reach the rod the line pulls out of the clip and off it goes. This one proper beats me up and for a moment I wonder if it's one of the real bigguns. Alas it is not, it's one I've had 3 times now, a stocky with a big scale on it's shoulder. Not the prettiest carp in the lake and certainly not the one I would choose to follow me around (as it seems to be doing). That said, the water quality this year does mean it's looking better than previous captures. We get it out to weight it and get a quick snap, I'm glad I did as it's probs the best pic of it I've got (in fact it looks really nice!!). Unfortunately I look like a right miserable sod in the shot so I apologies lads. I can assure you I was happy reallyπŸ˜‚ On a side note, while I was playing that fish the rod in the hole ripped off again. It was a lovely big tench and luckily my mate was on hand to land it for me. So with the fish put back and the rods all over the place with weed everywhere I decided I'd quit while I'm ahead and home for dinner and a glass of wine to celebrate. What a lovely day and I seem to be hitting some form on there so looking forward to getting back down there. 😎
  12. Depends how much abuse it gets mate. If you're weed fishing and there's lots of abrasion it's probs a good idea to cut off the last few meters regardless of what line you use πŸ‘
  13. Without doubt Gardner HydroTuff mate, it's a weed/snag line with low stretch and indestructible abrasion resistance. There is not a better line for what you've described above.
  14. All true I believe mate. I understand there's a mental hospital next door and the inmates are found wandering the banks now and again lol. Defo a unique place.
  15. Very good suggestion.
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