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  1. Pike fishing

    Lovely part of the country Phil, my parents had a place in Cromer so we used to spend a lot of time there. We'd visit Sherringham, Salthouse and Wells too, happy times for me and my twin brother.
  2. Funny thing is I actually gave up smoking maybe 4 years ago...... apart from when I'm fishing. I can go as long as I want without a Fag, it doesn't bother me at all, but as soon as I'm heading down the lake my baccy comes out. Crazy really. That's one 50g I just can't do with out.
  3. Not really the kind of thing I'd normally buy but for less than 20 quid I thought why not...... if they save me 100g, which they will, then I'm happy. And I can stare at them when I'm blanking.
  4. Andy they've just sold out......
  5. I realise these are not for everyone and very tarty but South Customer Reels are doing the RAD Angling Carbon Distance Stick kits for £19.50. They're normally nearly 40 quid so if you want to treat yourself to some tartism whilst saving a little weight and money: https://www.southcustomreels.com/product-page/carbon-distance-stick-kit
  6. Bed chair advise.

    Tackle Discounts were out of stock when I needed one, they often are, but worth waiting for if you're in no rush. I needed one pronto but even at full price the Wychwood at 90 odd quid is a bargain compared to the next lightest (Trakker RLX Superlite @ £180!!!!).
  7. Yeah for sure @smufter, I'm not slating it, like I say it looks cool, it's just those extra kilos here and there are a big deal to me. The original (the one you have I believe) is quality, it just does my head in when these products are re-released with what to me are disadvantages over the original. The Fox Supa was the worst one.... it started off amazing, 4.5 kg.... they then re-released it with Ventec material (as a result of leaking even through it was the bell caps leaking, not the material) which added 2 kilos, then they released the Ultra which has another skin.... it weighs a ton now. Shame, I loved the original.
  8. Throwing stick..

    Yeah I saw that....... not sure I'm convinced though. It would save you time but it'd be twice as hard work.
  9. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    And let's face it a torrix aint not slouch!
  10. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Quite a chuck Nick. I'd expect you could cast almost anything a long way with a £465 Free Spirit Hi-S Ive 3.75 tc distance rod though.
  11. The False PB Joints

    I believe it was a certain Mr. Hutchinson that said "never forget to smell the hops along the way"..... legend.
  12. Unfenced lakes

    I've seen things that would support that.
  13. Plagiarism

    Century, JAG and Cotswold Aquarius.... I can't think of anyone else apart from the bespoke bank-wear manufacturers that are still in the UK? ESP and Korda still make a couple of bits over here. You're Aqua's and Trakker's did the off some years ago. Still £££££££££££££ though.....
  14. New rods

    If you're keeping the 2.5's then I'd go with the 3.5's solely as a casting tool for distance work. I don't own Free Spirits but I've seen them all. They're all decent rods but the more you pay the better they'll get. The CTX are beasts but they're a little heavier than the E Class. If it's just for casting and you'll normally use the 2.5's elsewhere I'd stick with the cheaper CTX.
  15. Plagiarism

    Imo the innovators such as Aqua set their price point so ridiculously high that I have zero sympathy for them when their tooling is used to manufacture for other organisations that are prepared to undercut them. After all, if the likes of Aqua's prices were reasonable there'd be less point in Cyprinus undercutting them. I've heard before that prices are high due to design/development costs - that's not right. In every other industry the manufacturers invest their own profits into R&D/product development to establish long term growth. Why is it acceptable for carp brands to hike the price up instead and pocket the profit? They chose not to invest as they do in other industries and ultimately they'll pay the price. All industries use price point as a marketing tool, I understand that, but when I see what is essentially a tent for 600 odd quid my sympathy goes out of the window. It can only benefit the angler imo. These big old brands are forces to be reckoned with nowadays and their marketing power will keep them going just fine, whereas anglers that aint bothered about an Aqua badge can get quality gear for half the price. Result.