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  1. yonny

    Unhooking hooks

    Place your thumb on the eye and your index finger on the opposite of the bend/point against the skin/flesh. You push gently with your thumb while maintaining position of the flesh with the index finger. This disengages the barb from the flesh hence little or no tearing occurs as the hook is pushed out. It's not possible to do that with forceps bud, it tears the flesh on the barb.
  2. yonny

    What is your newest purchase

    Exactly that bud👍
  3. yonny

    Unhooking hooks

    I disagree bud. IMO it is far more precise using your hands. With your hands you can apply pressure to the eye with your thumb and just roll the hook out with little or no damage,. With forceps you're ripping the barb through the flesh imo. When using forceps the slightest movement of the hand can result in significant movement of the forcep tips, which in turn means significant movement of the embedded hook and barb. I only use them when I'm really, really struggling by hand.
  4. yonny

    Kamakura hooks

    That's the problem with Korda hooks, they're soft as you-know-what. That's why they're so easy to sharpen, you can have a kitten lick them sharp. Coupled with a relatively fine gauge it doesn't do the confidence much good, which is why historically I've avoided them. That said, assuming the hook penetrates correctly and you don't play the fish too hard they should be OK. I'm praying I don't regret using them at the moment - Imagine how bad I'd feel if I lost the target fish due to a hook opening out!
  5. yonny

    Shelf life boilies

    What good is that when we're fishing for carp lol?
  6. yonny

    Ditching the Fishmeals

    I've also found that waters can respond differently to fishmeals/nut baits/milks/birdfoods, but my most successful periods have come to a good fishmeal. If I had to stick to one type, it'd be fishmeals without doubt.
  7. yonny

    Hooklink weight question

    I don't use weights on hook links for this reason, I get worried about tangles.
  8. yonny

    River Thames.

    If you compare it to that Son of Triple Row kipper you could certainly believe it eh....
  9. yonny

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    After 2 or 3 weeks off I'm back on the bank this week and absolutely buzzing for it. The lake's been fishing pants which is a concern but I'll enjoy it either way. Hopefully have something to report next week.
  10. yonny

    River Thames.

    I can imagine they're livid mate. I know this is the third capture (at least) of that fish this year but everyone else kept it quiet. I heard a rumour of another different Thames 50 out since Nick's capture but the masses won't hear about that one! And the rest bud....... it started life in the ICI pit, then it was nicked and put into Barham B pit where it escaped into the Gipping before being nicked again and put in Snake pit..... very colourful history lol.
  11. yonny

    What is your newest purchase

    Great line. Tough as old boots.
  12. yonny

    What is your newest purchase

    It IS the Aqua! Different badge. Only difference.
  13. yonny

    River Thames.

    Very, very special fish.
  14. yonny

    Kamakura hooks

    I often use the first night of a 2 night trip as a recce night too, figure out where they are for the next night. Tbh at this time of year id be fishing them all on the deck over bait. Regards depth id be looking to put myself anywhere I see signs of carp.