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  1. You cannot fill a carp, they have no stomach, just a digestive tract. Either of the baits you mentioned will be fine mate.
  2. Everyone should be prepared to chuck a chod out imo. For a while everyone was using them but I don't think that's the case anymore. Imo the chod can never be a "go-to" rig, too many flaws, but it can get you bites that no other rig can get so it's essential it is in your armoury.
  3. Daiwa all day long mate. They put up with anything and everything. Invincible. I used to use an original shimmy long cast as my spod reel. The best reel shimano ever produced imo. Even that died after a couple of years on the spod rod.
  4. I have seen some ridiculous prices on the bay. It's because there is no stock of new stuff anywhere. I saw a TA rig pouch go for 45 quid, they cost 19.99 new. I just got a spare NTXR head. Β£105 2nd hand ffs.
  5. I spent 6 months preparing some salt-cured hookbaits once. Got hold of proper butchers curing salt, the lot. Took them on a French trip to test them. They were out-fished by standard out-of-the-pot white pop ups 🀣
  6. I believe Mark Holmes is associated with them now. Personally I like to buy bait from a firm that produces bait rather than reels and gears.
  7. I still have an original Micron M in my bag as a spare. Still works perfectly.
  8. Historically Fox's cheaper options have been very good.
  9. For sure mate. The water I've been baiting is only half hour away but I'm out of the house working 6 am until 6 pm, then playing with the boy until bed time, then having tea, before I even set off to spod for an hour in the dark when I'm there. It's bloomin' hard work.
  10. It's little clues like this that end up as a biggun in the net πŸ‘
  11. I am also doing days only at the moment due to family commitments. Don't underestimate how much harder that makes it. If you're fishing for carp that have seen any pressure (i.e. almost all of them) they'll happily do the off if you show up and cast on their heads. If you can get away with it, pre-baiting can have a huge influence on days only results.
  12. No idea I'm afraid buddy. I don't use a front.
  13. I screwed my shoulder big time a few years ago on a French trip. 40 KG at 120 over the course of a week. It took months to heal (didn't help that I put it out again climbing a tree to spot carp a month after the trip). Try using both hands mate, it helps. But also takes some getting used to.
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