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  1. That's proper mint that Elmo. Well done.
  2. Turning up with a preconceived idea of location/tactics is one of the biggest mistakes an angler can make imo. Clear your mind of expectation and fish where you see feeding activity. If you do find them in the margins then a pva bag is as good a tactic as any. Tiny qty's of bait, particularly pellets, are defo the one in the margins for me. I'd personally go for a bottom bait over a pop up though. You need that hook-bait/rig to be as inconspicuous as possible. Carp are naturally far more cautious in the margin in my experience and a pop up will often be ignored.
  3. I totally agree👍. I am happy to fish through winter under a little brolly too. Decent clothes and sleeping bag are the most important things for winter imo.
  4. A fair bit of rubbish spoken in the last few posts imho. Let's face it, no-one wants to sit on the bank looking at red, yellow and blue tents. It's bad enough with all the khaki/olive and camo shelters lined up along the bank. It's supposed to be a fishery, not a campsite. These places are so busy now we can at least do our tiny little bit to blend in to the countryside by purchasing a green shelter. You can pick them up for the same price as standard tent if you look around. They're not imo. In fact I'd say you'll find plenty of anglers that snigger at this camo revolution that seems to be happening this past few years. I am more than happy with my olive brolly but, if we talk logically, if anything should be camouflaged it should be the biggest/most obtrusive thing...... which is the shelter. Each to their own at the end of the day but I can think of nothing worse than sitting staring at brightly coloured tents all day.
  5. That's Elsons. The one next to it, Mallard, doesn't take bookings, open to all and holds fish to 35+.
  6. Leics is poor for big carp imo mate. Head half an hour South to Northants and there's loads of places. Stanwick Lakes is a good starting point. While Makins does hold big carp it's actually a match venue. Far removed from what most would consider a typical carp water.
  7. Defo the oddest partnership I've seen in a while. I follow Adidas (I have a thing for retro Adidas track tops) and Palace (I was as much a skater in my youth as I was an angler) and I was speechless when I came across this vid back in MAY, I thought it was some kind of wind up. Lovely vid though innit.
  8. You say that mate but I've genuinely struggled previously with beads moving at 100+ with foam. I've already got hold of some of these OMC jobbies and they're decent. Korda and Avid copied them within a couple of months which tells me that the old style (shorter) beads will be obsolete by this time next year. So while I appreciate they might not add value for you, I consider this to be a decent example of OMC being ahead of the curve in terms of development/innovation, no matter how minor that innovation might be. I had a problem and this product solved it so I have to give credit.
  9. Premier Baits do 24 mm hard hookbaits and pop-ups off the shelf if it helps👍
  10. This is great news mate. Six acres is big enough for you to feel under-gunned with short rods and fish showing long imo.
  11. I agree. A trophy shot is a trophy shot but the bloopers really bring back the memories of a capture. Here's me getting a blistering take half way through a photo shoot 🤣🤣🤣
  12. I'm no expert with phone shots (I use a proper camera) but try Googling "Whistle Camera". There's several apps which allow you to take the shot by whistling hence no need for the remote. There's even one that will take the shot when it detects a smile I believe.
  13. Oddly I find it's more tricky when you get back. You really concentrate when you're over there but when I get back I relax a bit and start getting confused about being back on the right side lol.
  14. At least carp are being caught mate. Have a good holiday.
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