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  1. I agree mate. The spod reel takes some serious punishment and gets covered in bait. It's worth spending the extra to get something reliable.
  2. Looks a minter as well buddy. Well done.
  3. Can I put my name on the waiting list? How many swims does this tank have?
  4. I predict they'll be a little tricky to use mate. The line will get caught as you re-spool.
  5. It's coming about 8pm tonight here which gives me a dilemma. I'm baiting @ 1pm this arvo and they have been held up on the east side for a week or two. I was planning on baiting on their heads (for fishing tomoz) but you just know if I do that they'll shift on the new wind. If I bait where the wind will hit I have no doubt they'll stay put lol.
  6. I think the Bling fish is actually quite a young one? I know a chap that had it a year or two ago. Don't think it was around when @emmcee fished it, if it was it would've been a little nipper?
  7. I think it's a good idea to leave them alone during AND after spawning. We spend all year taking advantage of one of the only things they need (food) to hook and land them, the least we can do is let them go about the other thing they need (to reproduce) without hassle. Not sure about that mate. The only time fish are NOT pregnant is a week or 2 after spawning. They immediately start rebuilding the ovaries and growing eggs. So if you don't want to fish for pregnant fish it's a case of giving up angling I'm afraid.
  8. I agree, often you'll find there are many more fish in a water than you thought. Not always monsters either. This water I'm fishing is said to hold 30 originals and 30 stockies. Based on what I saw during spawning last year there are way more than that, it's just that many tend not to get caught.
  9. Bear in mind the post you're replying to is 10 years old. A lot can change in that time fella.
  10. Nearly correct. By law all peanuts (including bird food grade) have to be tested for aflatoxins to get into the UK. Assuming we buy from a reputable source they are all OK.
  11. Totally agree mate. You'll take that mate. Well done.
  12. Mid 40 common in the middle here.
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