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  1. +1 for the Wychwood Tactical. They last as well (which was my only fear looking at the price). Nearly 2 years on and mine's still going strong.
  2. TCP is a disinfectant that evil mothers punish their injured children with in the UK Buzz.
  3. Yup. I actually already bought another spool of 18 lb before I heard your feedback for my annual re-spool - but I don't need to! There's nowt wrong with the stuff that's been on for a year! So in another year or two I'll go for the 15 lol...
  4. It's still a snag line at the end of the day so it's not the most supple line you've ever seen but it's miles better than most. I wouldn't particularly say it coils off the spool, I've certainly not had any issues and I'm using the 18 lb version (have been for a year now)!! I now use it as my every day line, it's the toughest line I've ever known but it casts OK, it's fine to well over 100 yards. I put Chillfactor on to it (he went for the 15 lb) and he's already seen the benefits when he got snagged up - I'm sure he'll comment at some point. He's cast 140 with it which says a lot. Crusian is on the 12 lb - not heard feedback from him yet but I fully expect good things. I cannot recommend this stuff enough mate, it's just brilliant. I can honestly say it's the best line I've ever used. I'm going to France in a couple of weeks to a water that's all 100 yards +. Normally I put a casting line on for that but this year I'm not bothering. I don't need to. At the shows last summer Rig Marole were doing a demo where they were sawing through wood with this line!!!! It's that tough.
  5. Do not load up with the same line, it's pointless fella. Go with something that achieves something different to give yourself options. GT8O is an all-rounder so go with either a casting line or a snag line, depending on which one you might use the most. For casting check out the pre-stretched lines (Fox Exocet is a good'n) or semi pre-stretched (Technium, GT-HD etc.). For snag lines look no further than Rig Marole SLS Specimon Tough (awesome stuff) or Gardner Hydro Tuff.
  6. All this talk of ancient fish, even fish at recent as the 50s and 60s, is irrelevant when it come to talking about wronguns IMO. There had to be an explosion of stockings of foreign fish else we'd all be fishing for something else. But the last 50 odd years has seen fish stocked prior to that breed into what I think of as the most beautiful carp in the world - what I now consider to be our own strains as such. Nowhere in the world, not even, Belgium, can such beautiful fish be seen with such dark, rich colours which are yielded by the quality of water in the weedy UK pits and silty northern meres. It would be a crime to water that young blood line down with the scaleless Israeli albino type fish that are popping up in these instant lump waters left right and center. Like I said it's a personal thing, this is how I see it.
  7. Goddamnit.... another one on the 'must check it out' list.....
  8. That stuff looks great Vik. How's it look on/off the deck? Does the blurb ring true?
  9. Try again: Last year I ordered one each of several leaders. I needed some to suit rules on a French water so checked out a load including the Carp R Us, Korda Safezone, TFG Lok Down, and another (I can't remember which one now). The Carp R US 'won', followed by the TFG. I didn't think the TFG looked quite as good as the true fluoro leaders on the deck but they were pretty good all the same.
  10. 1 more than I've had fella....
  11. No 30 or 50 lb fluoro will be limp bud. Fluoro is stiff in nature. You rely solely on the weight to pin it down. The 50 lb is brilliant stuff, I recommend it. Very heavy, pins down great, very good option for clear water.
  12. Or you can get 30m if you want to make your own: Edit: 3 turn blood knot for the swivel, you don't need owt special.
  13. These: You get 2 in a pack so not as expensive as they first seem. Very good leaders.
  14. Nowt wrong with that IMO fella.