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  1. yonny

    Particles or boilies

    You can make any particles PVA friendly by adding salt bud. For tigers you might be better off dusting them with groundbait instead.
  2. yonny

    Particles or boilies

    Let's face it on an overstocked runs water you can get away with chucking anything in. For me, hemp stands above all other particles.
  3. yonny

    Particles or boilies

    Nah, if you're struggling for £££ you're better off buying a spod rod that will last indefinitely than you are some boilies that you chuck in the lake mate.
  4. yonny

    Particles or boilies

    Depends on the angling situation for me. If I want to catch one carp, any carp, from a given water, I'll not look past corn/hemp/tigers. If I want to catch the lakes population of bigguns over the course of a prolonged period (which is normally the case), it'll be boilies, all day. Imo hemp/maize/tigers is not something a bit different. There's not many carp waters in the country that don't see this approach every day. I do use plenty of particle, but it's normally either to get the fish feeding on my boilies (I believe particle is more readily accepted initially), or to bulk out my boilies on the spot. For a prolonged effort, to really empty a lake, particle cannot compare to a decent boilie imo.
  5. I agree 100%. I would use the smooth coating, simply because it is very, very marginally less prone to tangling (I have found the hooklink can 'catch' on the textured surface on bigger chucks).
  6. yonny

    What is your newest purchase

    NTXR's. The MXR's are pukka too mate.
  7. yonny

    What is your newest purchase

    Get used to it mate. All 3 of mine had to go in over the course of 2-3 years. After the last one went in they told me I had to send the receiver too for a software update. Proper joke. Moved to Fox after that and they've been flawless.
  8. yonny

    Genius required, what to buy the Mrs?

    I'm pretty sure she'd love a set of 3 Harrison Aviator Plus 12.5ft 3.5lb TC rods, custom built to your specification, with your name on them, with matching spod/marker and landing net. And 100 kg of your favourite boilies too.
  9. yonny

    Bluewater lakes france bait and tactics

    There are several threads including one with 100+ posts on the other forum. They have an FB page and a website (currently under maintenance though). Loads of info out there buddy.
  10. yonny

    Boilie over runs

    Fair play fella
  11. yonny

    Boilie over runs

    I didn't question if it would work buddy, or if it was any good. I asked if you would be confident having next to no idea what bait you're using. Absolute confidence in bait, for me, is top of the tree in terms of importance. Bait is the one thing that you simply should not have to question during your decision making processes. The randoms are basically over-runs of custom mixes so they could be fishmeals, birdfoods, milks, in any number and combination of flavours, with numerous different attaractors added. They say it's just freezer baits but I guarantee you the over-runs of the shelfies get chucked in too. I've no doubt they're all decent baits but I bet you the first thing you'll question when the going gets tough is the bait. Who wouldn't? I'd use them for pre-baiting but there's no way you'd find me fishing with anything other than something I had absolute confidence in.
  12. yonny

    Boilie over runs

    You would be confident having next to no idea what bait you're using?
  13. yonny

    Hookbait tigers

    That. I whacked a load in some dodgy old mainline glug (bound to be glycerin based) with a load of Goo I had knocking around. Must be 4 years old and still going strong believe it or not. There's some brazils in there too, also still good enough to eat.
  14. yonny

    Boilie over runs

    Trent Baits do them I believe.
  15. yonny

    What is your newest purchase

    Was that for whipping a new guide or just replacing the ceramic? Bloomin' good deal if it was for whipping, I've seen custom builders charge 90 quid for that.