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  1. And to top it off a speech impediment! Only jesting buddy😁
  2. Agree. I have a bigger issue with guys that exploit the tech than I have with the tech itself. A few years ago I was on a syndi and a scotch fella showed up in the swim next door. He proceeded to drive his boat all over his water, found some carp milling about several foot down, and then drove (sailed?) a couple of zigs out to the area with his boat. The spot was 40 yards out for Gods sake. He just refused to cast anything. It was the most soulless piece of 'angling' I've ever seen. He blanked. I don't think anyone would have an issue with the use of tech due to medical or disability reasons.
  3. That would depend on the user no? You may well be adding to your skill set but I have seen with my own eyes others replacing skill, guile and watercraft with technology. There is only one way to acquire those skills buddy........ It is difficult balancing a young family, a full time job and fishing. I do it myself. But there are ways to make it happen. I am fishing a new water at the moment. I've been walking it once a week on a Saturday at 04:00 AM before the little'n and Mrs wake up. Those walks have taught me the areas the carp like to frequent - our eyes are the best piece of tackle we have. I head over there twice per week in the evening when the Mrs is putting the boy to bed too. I started by leading around, found the spots - and I've been putting a bit of bait in here and there since. I'm back at the house an hour later when the Mrs is back downstairs so we can enjoy the evening together. Actual fishing is restricted to the odd morning (2 so far since April) but I have had a couple of carp - and this is a hard water. Those fish wouldn't mean anything to me if I'd rocked up with a boat/sonar and plonked a bait on their heads. But given the hard work that went into catching them - they made my year! As you say mate, It's all about the journey.
  4. I'm not that fussed where most features are tbh. I use the carp to show me the where the features I need to know about are. If I spot them having a scoot-up I chuck a lead at them and estimate depth, and determine substrate through feel. Over the course of several sessions this method tends to tell me everything I need to know about a lake bed and why the carp favour certain areas. I have no interest in letting technology do the work for me. It is not just about catching for me. It is the act of trying to catch them that I enjoy; trying to work it all out. I don't want to cut short the part I enjoy. I don't get the buzz if I don't have to work for it. I want it to be tricky. For me that incredible high of catching a target after weeks, months or even years of hard work cannot be replicated by taking short cuts.
  5. They will build you a titanium one you know, no idea on price though.
  6. The Resolute is half the weight of the P1 for starters buddy!
  7. Admittedly I'd prefer rods to be manufactured to metric lengths so I could work out distances based on wraps 🤣
  8. I don't disagree mate. I also prefer distance to be measured/stated in yards, despite using sticks for almost all of my fishing.
  9. Isn't that a bit backwards Nick? Posting pics that the group can see then blocking the group members? Why join the group if you're going to block the members? It makes no sense buddy. Surely not posting the pics of your private activities is the wiser option?
  10. Talk in yards then mate. Distance sticks are almost invaluable for real accuracy imo.
  11. I'm the same. Just need to choose your venues more wisely buddy.
  12. I think your rig looks ok elmo. Careful not to bamboozle yourself mate. I can see no reason you'd need a long shank. The important bit is putting your rig in front of feeding carp.
  13. I'm almost ashamed of my eating habits on the bank. The most extravagant meal I have is a bacon sarnie or a cheese/ham toasty. These exquisite meals are normally supplemented by chocolate and crisps. Tbh I don't eat much at all on the bank. My appetite, which is normally pretty good, just goes out the window when I'm fishing for some reason. That made me chuckle. My kind of meal lol.
  14. Agree, ditch the pellets/particles and get some tigers in there with your boilies. It won't stop the bream (nothing will) but it should help slow them down.
  15. yonny

    August catches

    Love it @bluelabel. Twice I've had major car problems on the way to the lake (nightmare) and both times I was rewarded with very special fish. Karma working in our favour, the ying and the yang type stuff 👍
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