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  1. For that money you want to call nick buss and get some customs made up. Tell him what your requirements are and he'll build you your perfect rods. Contact details on the century website.
  2. I already have a diablo somewhere bud, not as good as you would expect!
  3. I have a mate that played around with this type of rig. It didn't work:-(
  4. Agree BC, a lot less work than my suggestion too!
  5. You got a link to one of these buzzbomb? I fancy some of that!
  6. Stick with the wrist rocket bud, no modern carp catty is capable of that!
  7. A couple of years ago after a ban on fake corn on a water I fished, I spent half a day hand making tiny little yellow corn shaped, corn flavoured pop ups. I never really gave them a good go, not sure why after it took so blooming long to roll/shape them. Still have them, must have a proper go with them this year. Maybe that's an idea - roll your own tiny little 8/10 mm yellow bottom baits smashed full of csl in large qtys? Lot of work, but I bet you no-one else is doing it.
  8. Corn banned? That's a new one to me. I guess you need to make a choice, disguise it as suggested above, or follow the rules lol...... You could go with a CSL boilie? No substitute for the real thing I know, but maybe as close as you'll get within the rules. Check our Responsive Baits Creamy CSL, I used that for a couple of years and did really, really well on it.
  9. Overkill imo. That's pretty much the heaviest carp rods available on the market. a half decent 3 or 3.25 should do you in almost any situation bar extreme range work. Has to be a throwing stick for 75. A pult is good up to maybe 50 but you'll kill it in no time with repeated use at that distance. The best on the market imo is the ACA carbon stick. Above your budget at 70 notes but worth it. less than 50 quid almost all the carbon ones are the same stick with a different logo on. If you're looking for a cheap option the Korda stick is reliable.
  10. For sure. The PAG have done more to raise awareness of predation issues in the last couple of years than all the other authorities put together have done in the last 20.
  11. I hate to say I am one of them. The resources they ploughed into the conviction of Myles Gibson for catching the Tatton common where they appear to be doing sod all when it comes to predation was the final straw for me. I cancelled my membership after that and instead choose to give to the PAG. Every year I'd complete the AT survey and tell them how much it concerned me that they did next to nothing to raise awareness of, or help fisheries at risk of, predation. I never saw any feedback or action to suggest they took any notice. I understand the PAG cannot be effective without the AT but the fact remains I reckon my money is better spent with thew PAG. Same with the EA - what's the point in stocking waters that are not protected from predation, a complete waste of the million of pounds they take from us every year IMO.
  12. I would say that ultimately it is the responsibility of the angler to actively search out info relating to rig safety. It is not hard to find, in fact I reckon it's shoved in our face on every media going (which is no bad thing).
  13. I disagree buddy. Info on fish safety is everywhere, you cannot miss it IMO. I do not believe any angler can get to the point they have invested in carp tackle without having come across, and understood, basic rig/fish safety info. I think most unsafe rigs/set-ups are tied by naive and irresponsible anglers that think they'll never lose a fish or suffer a crack-off. There is just no excuse nowadays. I think it's right to ban any angler found using unsafe rigs during rig checks. Each unsafe rig found is a dead carp waiting to happen.
  14. IMO the vast majority of rules are born of guys being idiots, it winds me up. If an idiot misuses a bait or a particular set-up you should ban the idiot, not the bait or set-up. An idiot will always be an idiot, and they'll always find a way to misuse a bait, set-up, or piece of equipment. You can't just ban all those baits, set-ups or pieces of kit. You ban the idiot. You look at some of these rule books nowadays; no nuts, no home prepared particles, no pellets, no shelfies (!), no leaders, no braid, limitations on hook size and pattern........ so basically you're not allowed to angle.... you're basically just queuing up on the bank, all fishing thew exact same method with the exact same set-up, because it's all you're allowed to use, waiting for your turn to get a run. In my book you cannot call that angling! You only need 1 rule IMO - No idiots.