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  1. It also creates a false/unnatural environment/ecosystem, essentially turning a natural body of water into a commy. Pros and cons innit. I agree with the use of this stuff on waters that pose a major risk of oxygen crash, but I think most waters to use it to make the fishing easier which for me is a complete cop out.
  2. This defo counts as stalking imo mate. And a fine example of it too. Well done.
  3. In spring I'll carry yellow, pink and white. After spawning I'll carry pink, white, and match-the-hatch. The most important thing is buoyancy imo. Lots of off-the-shelf pop ups are terrible for this.
  4. I use their cork ball pop ups which are obviously very buoyant. I have used their little 12 mm standard pop ups, they need a little help (foam) to keep them up for 24+. I've not used the standard pop ups in bigger sizes so cannot help there buddy. Sorry.
  5. You can use electrical tape buddy. Not a chance mate.
  6. yonny

    BC BS

    They are auctioning off days on the blue/gold pools in addition to the page buddy.
  7. yonny

    BC BS

    Imo the very least they should be offering in return for Joe Bloggs paying for their fence is a session on the dead-mans-shoes main lake. The Gold/Blue lakes are open to anyone on a day ticket so hardly the worlds biggest incentive to pay a premium to fence a lake you'll never be able to fish.
  8. yonny

    BC BS

    I don't think that's right. It's the members that are doing it as I understand the situation.
  9. yonny

    BC BS

    I'll not slate the individuals involved but I agree the initiative is a bit cheeky to say the least.
  10. I know it well. Same thing happened on the big lake when the weed was treated back in 2016. Basically the dye inhibits weed growth which has exposed the silt/bloodworm beds that aren't normally revealed until late autumn. It makes the fishing much harder as it's tricky to compete with an abundance of natural food.
  11. ???? The Synchro is decent. Gardner Pro is cheaper and offers similar properties. Never hard of Gardner 90? They do a GT80 and a GR60 but no 90. Do you mean Berkley CM90? Check out Gardner HydroTuff. Great line.
  12. Imo these are completely different prospects, especially for pre-baiting, and I'd approach them completely differently. On such a small water (1 1/2 acres) I'd be looking to bait very small spots, very accurately. On bigger waters I'd be trying to get them visiting an area frequently. On waters as small as an acre they're already in the area so I'd be trying to get them feeding regularly on the exact spot I intend to hook them from. On any water I find frequency is more important than qty. Half a kilo 3 times a week is much more effective than one big dump once a week imo. You don't need to use anything special - any half decent baits will do the job. I tend to use a good food bait and bulk it out with something else (what that something else is will depend on what's in the lake (for example I'd avoid pellet and corn if tench are going to smash the lot)). I tend to stick to boilies and tigers if tench are about. Pick the right spot(s). Try to find an area the fish like to visit regularly regardless of pre-baiting. Try to keep it quiet. Pre-baiting is no good if others are fishing your spots when you're not there. Have fun.
  13. These take me back lol.
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