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  1. Exactly bro. Once you've lived this it's hard to go without it.
  2. Don't be ridiculous @Highy🤣. Where's the challenge in being constantly busy catching pasties? You'd be bored after the second session mate. By all means do a bit on the side but as a straight swap...... no way man!
  3. yonny

    April Catch Reports

    Got out for a bit last week and struggled for the most part with the carp showing way out of range but did manage this old original common to save a blank.
  4. I've used every breaking strain, it casts ok for its strength. The 12 lbs absolutely flies. It's a great, great line.
  5. Ha ha. No fake baits unless you're on zigs because that's what the gaffa likes to use over the road🤣
  6. All lines say that in the adverts lol. You can get HydroTuff and Pro in 20 lb buddy (the 20 lb Pro is called the XM version).
  7. Just bear in mind that's the one for casting buddy. It's pre-stretched so has lower abrasion resistance than the other two. If you're not going for distance the other two might be better options (imo).
  8. Any of Gardner lines mate. Gardner Pro as an all-rounder, Hydro-Tuff as as a bullet proof snag line, or GT-HD for casting.
  9. The same as I'd approach a water I knew well tbh. Look for fish, fish for them. Whatever suits the substrate I find in a given area. And zigs.
  10. Depends on how far you're casting. For up to 60 you'll be fine without, for 100+ you'll likely need one. For mega long you will 100% require a very heavy shock leader.
  11. Believe it or not plastic is porous (albeit not very) so they will take on most glugs over time.
  12. Absolute bargain mate. I'm sure you'll love them. You'll get used to the QD in no time believe me.
  13. Just put your finger on the spool and tighten the clutch buddy. I have used several none baitrunner, none QD reels (tournies for example) and never come close to losing anything. Just don't panic, pick up the rod, tighten the clutch, happy days. You'd be looking at the Windcast/Crosscast for this kind of money. I'm a Daiwa user but I don't actually rate the budget models. If you can stretch to 130ish the Emblem 35 SCW 5000C QD is worth looking at but might be tricky to find them in stock anywhere at the moment.
  14. I've used both (and neither). There's no difference other than the means of adjustment. You get used to what you're using at the time. You get what you pay for when it comes to reels mate so a budget would help. I know the Penn Affinity's are rated highly for the money and they would be a big upgrade over the Regal Z's.
  15. Agree, best time of year for zigs is now.
  16. I have the Trakker and I'd not buy it again. Go for the Fox mate.
  17. I’d have just woken someone up. Most guys wouldn’t mind being woken for a biggun imo. To answer the question I’d be happy to sack a kipper up for a few hours at this time of year but 11pm is defo too long.
  18. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not but funny either way 🤣👍
  19. You can get an adapter so it takes the pure propane canisters or Coleman do a standard C100 Xtreme cartridge which I believe has a higher % of propane, said to work down to -27 degrees👍 I've not struggled with the standard 70:30 stuff tbh. Just whack the canister in the sleeping bag to keep it warmish.
  20. yonny

    March Catch Reports

    A true leather I think? Lovely kipper. Well done.
  21. 🤣Sorry mate. This would probs be better in the Non Carp Banter section lol.
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