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  1. The bream must have their weetabix where you are lol
  2. I agree. It could be some time before they're really grubbing around mate.
  3. You can spot where the carp are prepared to feed a mile off on silty lakes mate. Just look for the areas of coloured water and for fizzing. Silt is imo the most forgiving substrate to fish, you can chuck almost anything at it, but I'd go with a heli set up and a balanced hookbait bait. My first port of call would be to focus on observation. Your eyes and the fish should tell you what you need to know. Good luck.
  4. Not copies lads, they're the same product from the same factory with a different label attached. They even come in the Trakker/Aqua boxes.
  5. When I had my Delks I carried around a 20 year old Fox Micron as a spare for when they went wrong. The Micron never let me down. Ever.
  6. If I hear no reports of failure due to water ingress for a year post-release I'll be taking a closer look myself. Imo Delks give the best indication, but I suffered constant problems with water ingress, 4 times I needed to send them in for repair. If they fix that, I'm defo interested.
  7. I've had most of the top end alarms over the years. In terms of performance Delks are the best. In terms of the reliability they're the worst (from my personal experience). Fox perform well and are reliable. I keep going back to Fox. The ATT's are decent too.
  8. They're little village ponds by the looks of it mate. Can you you not just ask someone down there?
  9. If there's decent 20s in there I'd go with a 12 ft carp rod in 2.5 TC. Copes with every eventuality.
  10. Credit to Dave Little. What a fish. As good as they come.
  11. There is a particular fish in Second Drove that is jaw dropping. I'll try and find a photo for you.
  12. Means you'll be in pole position for the big fish waters next year mate. Pukka.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/NGT-Pop-up-Cradle-Scales-60lb-Carp-Fishing-Landing-Unhooking-Mat-Case/14014685841?iid=382604919763&chn=ps It's NGT's rip-off of the Fox EasyMat which is a decent lightweight mat with sides. Great complex. Which lake are you looking at mate?
  14. I know of a lad that was sending his pics into multiple bait firms. He got caught (as you would lol) and now his name is mud. Silly boy.
  15. Buying tackle is second only to fishing itself!!!😊
  16. The best cheap waders are Pros Waders mate. Waders are essential to my fishing, they always come in handy. A pole aint cheating imo bud.
  17. Yeah, if they can capture that magic that we all felt when we went fishing as kids it could be truly brilliant. The brits have always had that cutting edge when it comes to drama so I'm hoping it's a good'n.
  18. News to me. V interesting.
  19. Yeah I'm also talking from experience mate. I did music technology at uni and got a job with my favourite record label when I finished. I hated it. It made me realise that, as a business, they were just out to exploit those with a love for the music. Killed it for me, the passion was gone. I swore I would never work with something I love ever again. Fishing is a passion of mine and I want it to stay that way.
  20. Standing up, no mat..... bad angling. Lol.
  21. Some advice mate; the best way to ruin your passion is to make it your work.
  22. yonny

    Unfenced lakes

    I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing when I was told this. They'll learn the hard (and expensive) way.
  23. yonny

    Unfenced lakes

    In other news, I've heard today that a trout water in the Nene Valley has just stocked £20,000 worth of VS Fisheries stockies with the aim of turning it into a carp fishery with no plans to fence! This is in one of the hottest areas of the UK for otters, just a few miles away from one of the old illegal otter release sites. You couldn't make it up. It has held carp over the years and they were all ottered. All the unprotected waters around it have been ottered. It is literally otter central... and they think they can just fill it full of carp, charge 25 quid a day, and sit back. It wont last 5 minutes imo.
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