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  1. Ha ha.... any time buddy.
  2. Imo pulling the lead back is the kiss of death. There is a significant chance you'll foul or even blunt the hook, regardless of what substrate you're fishing over. The obvious answer is to go to a heli set-up with the top bead set to cope with any of the substrates out there. You mentioned that everyone is doing this - there is a reason for that. By all means keep your options open in terms of differentiating yourself from others, but make sure you have the very basics (presentation of a bait to a carp) right first. You're over-thinking it imo mate. This water sounds tricky enough
  3. Why can't you feel the lead down buddy?
  4. This. I thought that this had been established as best practise 20 years ago lol.
  5. Good advice this. Taking advantage of the situation.
  6. I will use as many as I feel I can get away with up to a maximum of 3. So if I have a load of water in front of me and I feel my chosen spot(s) can accommodate 3 then I'll use 3. If the swim aint so big or the spots are small I might use 2. In a quiet corner I might use 1. All depends on the swim and the angling situation. Depends where the spots are in relation to the swim. Normally they'll be on the bars/sticks so right next to each other.
  7. This is the reason hooks snap as well as open up, in 99% of cases.
  8. Nah, you'll only struggle when the yield strength is exceeded. Then the hook straightens. But that's almost impossible unless you have a dodgy hook hold (so force isn't loaded as intended) or if there is a quality problem with the hook (or more specifically the hardness of the steel). I work in this field (metal forming and treatment), trust me, they're fine mate.
  9. Lads, a hook is essentially a very stiff spring (they're made from high carbon spring steel). They need to flex to absorb the forces loaded during the fight. If they didn't flex, they would snap. Flexing is absolutely critical to any hook. Without it they cannot absorb the load/force.
  10. Yeah, it's happened to me a few times.
  11. Under normal circumstances I'm not that fussy when it comes to bait size. Anything around the 14-18 mm will do me fine. I rarely use chops, and I rarely use crumb. I might use smaller baits on a very, very hard/clean substrate (spotless gravel) but tbh it's been years since I've fished spotless gravel. I might use bigger baits if bream become a major issue. Like I say, not fussy really. I think where you put it is what really counts.
  12. I see. If you were struggling with the weed I'd maybe agree, but since you're not I'm not sure that is the answer.
  13. Lol, the swear filter thought I was being racist 😂
  14. It sounds like a challenge mate and ultimately that's what we're after as carp anglers. Carp are wild creatures and for every water where they behave how we think they should there is another that goes against the grain. I personally prefer those types of waters as they test our skills and our resilience. It is waters such as this that reward those that try the hardest. The carp will tell you exactly how to catch them if you look hard enough mate. There is always a ***** in there armour somewhere.
  15. Stop pulling back mate. The lead will be invisible.
  16. I don't think that will achieve anything. One change at a time bro.
  17. Agree mate, that's a bit strange. You'd expect to lose them on the initial battle against the pads/weed if the hook hold was poor. Let us know if your rig modification works buddy.
  18. I find fishing locked up leads to better hook holds tbh mate. Are you losing them in the weed? Or are they just dropping off? I have honestly never had an issue with hooks blunting on gravel (and I've been using sharpened hooks for many, many years. I would suspect your hooks are being damaged during the fight which is completely normal imo.
  19. Imo silt is the most forgiving substrate you can get. You can chuck most rigs in it and you'll be fine. You should avoid the rocks imo, there is no natural food there (unless there are crays about). Get a rig on/in the silt buddy.
  20. Sometimes they just happen, we can't land them all. That said, you do seem to be having an abnormal ratio of losses. Defo worth a try mate. What is key to you is what the hook holds were like on the fish you landed. they should be able to tell you a great deal. Did you have a look?
  21. Where's the edit button gone?? My "man" spot is meant to read my "main" spot lol.
  22. On Thursday I popped over to the res on one of my weekly baiting trips, with a day sesh due on the Friday. As soon as I arrived I just knew I'd struggle to sleep that night (due to excitement for the next day). It looked absolutely BANGING, there is just no other word for it. I saw a couple of carp show, and there was fizzing on my spot. It was almost a shame to ruin it by chucking spombs all over the place but that's what I was there for so that's what I did. At home afterwards the Mrs got a right earful about how confident I was, what I was going to catch, etc etc. Poor girl lol. I did
  23. Well done mate. Fantastic. Buzzing for ya 😃
  24. Day sesh yesterday went brilliantly, 3 carp including one of the real big originals. And the baited area finally did me a bite! Will put some pics up when I get the time on Monday.
  25. I just want the old pellets back 😂
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