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  1. Yeah that's the kinda price I've been seeing so if the Β£420 is for real then @Highy should rip his arm off!
  2. I'd take all this with a pinch of salt buddy. It seems 95% of second hand tackle is "used for 1 week in France" lol......
  3. @Highy The Β£420 ones are the TXI-D (the new ones). That price, with all the extras, is almost too good to be true so just be careful mate. If it's kosher, buy them. The Β£350 ones are the old TXI+. Price is about average. Some of these suffer with water ingress so again, be careful mate.
  4. Different principles imo. Pellets are awesome for attraction but they breakdown so quickly that they cannot elicit the same type of feeding response. They'll get them grubbing around on the spot but they'll not get them moving around picking up baits. I think using both is the best option.
  5. Yes mate, decent choice. The best snag hook I know of is the Cap R Us Centurion 2000. If this pattern can work with your rigs it's also a very good choice. https://www.carprusdirect.com/product/ats-centurion-2000/
  6. 🀣🀣 Mate what a sesh! Well done πŸ‘
  7. Bit late there Framey last I heard he only had 200 copies of the reprint left and that was a good week ago.
  8. @chillfactorπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  9. Over Peterborough way you have East Delph Lakes and Bluebell Lakes.
  10. It was a still water mate. You'll struggle to find anyone that'll tell you where carp are coming from in the Nene itself nowadays mate, especially online. They're like rocking horse do-do. Not many left at all πŸ˜“
  11. Tricky to say. The TC doesn't necessarily mean how stiff it is, the action is more important.
  12. Spent a couple of nights down in the Nene Valley with the main man @greekskii and a few mates this weekend. Plenty of beer and an incredible BBQ based diet meant much fun was had. In terms of fishing it was tricky with a lot of lines in a pretty small water. We managed to make the most of it however and a few carp were caught. Quiet night for me on the Friday so made a couple of changes for the Saturday and by 10pm I'd managed to fluke the lakes biggun; The Big Ghosty. Defo more luck than judgement but I'll take a jammy capture as much as I'll take a hard earned one. Still down in weight after a late spawn but hey, I'm not complaining one bit.
  13. The Captor was not sharpened other than the standard chemical sharpening process. The only difference was they left the coating off the tip. Think they discontinued them because sales dropped after the Kamakuras were released (even though they don't yet do a curve pattern in the Kamakura range).
  14. A float fishing reel is just a fixed spool spinning reel mate. As long as your spinning reels are not multipliers (or baitcasters as they might be known over there) you'll be fine.
  15. I don't think that's unbalanced tbh. Some might say the big reel would feel better on a 12 or 13 ft rod but it's no big deal imo.
  16. I don't think it is. You can get packs with all the components, but not pre-constructed i.e. ready to tie onto the mainline.
  17. I have a pal that uses the TX4 and he rates them, but tbh I think either are a step sideways for you. If I were you I'd save up few months and get a genuine upgrade.
  18. Anyone that does go for Pot Noodles should try Soba Noodles. I normally have one in the bottom of my bag for emergencies. They're half decent πŸ‘
  19. It's a great water. This time of year it tends to get a bit tricky but the catch reports suggest it's been fishing well. Not many of the bigguns out recently... so they're due. Fish it like you would anywhere mate. Keep your eyes open and try to get on them. There used to be a lot of pretty awful filamentous algae out in the pond (that long horrible lime green candy floss silky type weed) so make sure you're fussy when it comes to finding a spot. I assume it's still there and it renders much of the bottom unpresentable, even with long chods. A lot of fish come from the margins so take some waders and have a good look either side of your swim (be careful as there's some pretty deep holes too). Check the opposite margin if you're in a swim that controls one. Any decent bait will do, crumb it up though. Bits seem to do better than whole boiled baits (the coots destroy beds of boilies anyway). Enjoy.
  20. Not sure mate, the waters I've been fishing have deeper areas but not all over. I've not noticed them moving up or down in the water, rather a total cease in activity πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  21. I cook the bacon then pour the fat onto the roll in place of butter. One less thing to take πŸ˜†
  22. It's a nightmare as I tend to have to book my time off to fish in advance. The obvious thing I look for when planning a trip is a big low front moving in but I've done miles better when those conditions haven't showed up πŸ˜… Well done on your latest capture btw πŸ‘Œ
  23. Odd innitπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  24. The one you can see fish in bro πŸ‘
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