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  1. my set up is as simple as it comes. although I've found ultra short hook links very effective where I fish. but it also occurred to me that no one likes to expose their tactics,bait,etc but then print them in a magazine. am I being suspicious or does any body else thinks these super stars actually use the tactics they print
  2. I live in Bournemouth and am a Christchurch and ringwood member. whereabouts you moving too as they both have places dotted all over. I know a few river spots also
  3. ok here's a few I can think of. hordle lakes lots of small ponds and fish but the numpties can get on there longham lake is run by the water board and has thirties in. day ticket only though Broadland lake. 24 hr fishing but I've never really fished it todbur manor lakes. again not fished it but I think it is 24hr. holds some clonkers and is featured in all the mags at the mo. also has cats I think. spoke to a guy on my club recently and he reckons it mental. they all on this forum and got their own websites. if I think of anymore will post on here. dan
  4. I'm a club member in Bournemouth. what you looking for. big fish or just some sport
  5. I used to drive past there to work all the time and only once did I ever see anyone fish it. I do also know that last season the lake had a resident otter. seeing it's location I would wonder if ther were any clonkers in there wether they would still be there
  6. I've fished it once. I know in summer it can get very weedy. you do also have a lot of bream to fight thro. but ther are some good carp in there
  7. I'm a member of chrischurch and ringwood. ringwood is the better by far
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