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  1. andy1977

    to freeze or not to freeze

    Thanks for your replys, it would seem that fresh is best
  2. I have been wondering about this for sometime but have not seemed to be able to find an answer, and hoping someone will have an answer. I make my own boilies, sometimes the night before a trip. Is the freezing process actully needed to finish the boilie, or is it purley for storage. Thanks for any views you have
  3. andy1977


    I have got the free spirit carp tamers x wrap 3.25, got the power in the blank to get a lead out, but still have a good playing action to them. At 125 each a very good rod.
  4. Have any of you guys used these rods, I have seen them for £140, quite intresed in getting a couple. Any feed back most welcome
  5. andy1977

    Ultra thin hook link braids

    A bit off topic but do the other members think that the ultra thin braid for hook links will end up causing more damage to fish? I can see it acting like a chesse wire, this is why my choice for a bag rig would be merlin
  6. I have tried these myself and have found that the crayfish also like them very much.
  7. andy1977

    2009 targets

    So far i have only completed one of my targets for the year, which was for 15 carp out of season ticket water. Still got to catch a barbel, 3lb perch and 10lb pike, and not long left to do it
  8. andy1977

    River Cottage Fishing last Night 22/9/09

    I feel myself that rearing carp for the table is no different than farmers producing beef, lamb, pork, chicken. I accept that the problem of people poaching from waters will go on for ever, there is no way of stopping it. Only cutting it down by education of the offending groups. I will not just state eastern europenans, because there always has been and always will be english people that fish for the pot, only 30 years ago it was still common practice to catch coarse fish for the table. My local supermarket have carp on the fish counter every week, but it has been reared to be eaten. No differant to farmed trout and salmon.
  9. andy1977

    Which Mainline boilie?

    I was informed while in local tackle shop that mainline are going to stop making fusion , so if you like using them may be worth stocking up.
  10. Maineline milky toffee pop ups, or for when really hard my home made wonder baits
  11. andy1977

    clutch or backwind

    Years ago way before baitrunners were a common sight on the banks, it was quite common pratice to have the anti reverse off while waiting for a run. This was called a churner if my memory serves me right, but am willing to be put right. While using it i never had any problems with birds nests
  12. andy1977

    crucian carp

    If you are having problems with hitting the shy bites that crucian are renowed for giving, then using scaled down carp tactics will help. The bites that I have had while using these methods have been one toners. Hope this helps in your quest for a big one
  13. andy1977

    CC Moores Hemp

    Salt, i find that it splits better, I just put some in once it's cooled down. Never tried sugar, might give it a go
  14. andy1977

    CC Moores Hemp

    It may go against what some of the experts say, but i have always found that the hemp will split much better if i dont put any salt in at the soaking stage. Give it a try hope it helps
  15. andy1977

    crucian carp

    I have been lucky enough to have them up to 4lb 2oz, with back up fish of 3lb 7oz. The baits i had these on where prawns. Not very selective, big perch love them to, another top bait is dynamite 6mm expanders with a glug of spicy prawn hook bait enhancer added to the water.