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  1. just rumors like most places anything is possible with the last 2 winters
  2. i dont stocks changed but they keep saying the ghost carp have disappeared.But you have got to remember they have been in there nearly 20 years so they are pretty old and with the last 2 winters they could have died.2 lads have been catching on back pool in the last month
  3. nah but mate does quite a bit of time on there through winter and spring i aint fished it properly for a few years
  4. Dave and another chap with black labrodor bobs on council and johns given up
  5. normally 3 rods just dependant on how baliff feels
  6. it was have not heard anything to say it gone, caught him twice on sweetcorn good size quite frightening just had to cut hooklink above beak!
  7. There are 3 ghost carp in the dandoes[car park pool]the big one just tops 20.Its also a good winter water as a friend of mine gets better results this time of year.Pike wise the green has the larger pike to around 23.Lived therefor31years and night fishing was a nightmare 15years ago with p****d up yobs,balliff says a lot better now no trouble.
  8. hi reading about pools information aint fished them properly for a few years but have regular contact .The car park pool[dandoes}has more carp stock than back pool .Both have low 20s in.The back pool [green] has mainly commons in very nice condition mainly around 16lbs.Watch out for large Terrapin in Green pool likes sweetcorn
  9. Hi guys new to forum.I was wondering if anybody has got any information about the lake behind Chillington Hall, Brewood and how to get on if its a ticket water.Also any information on the Wergs hall lake, who runs it now. thanks John
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