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  1. best all round fishing holiday iv ever had nuff said
  2. hia mick, i wouldnt say u need to plow loads of boilies in, i hired a bait boat off them and used there party mix with only a hand full of crushed boilies in there, fish based boilies worked for me, got through about a kilo a day, and about 3 to 4 kilo of particle, i also had fish on a single pop up piece of plastic corn, but like i said before dont plow loads in straight away just build your swim up slowly at first and when they get there heads down give them more. cheers and good luck
  3. well said, my own experiences of john and steve have always been honest and genuine,by the way you will love it over there, theyve got a very good set up, food is very good, and there is some nice lumps in there, just dont plow loads and loads of bait in staight away, build your swim up and when they get there heads down then try and keep em there. good luck and tight lines
  4. thanks, seven oakes does look a bit on the small side!!! might give it a go just to put a bend in the rods, deffo giving hendre a bash when i get there, you have had a few good sessions there! well done.
  5. cheers for that i gave duffryn a go bout five years ago, plagued by tench! but had a upper teens grassie, iv been told about a place called severn oaks somewere near cardiff have you been there?
  6. hi all im moving to penarth south wales in a few weeks, wouldnt mind knowing of any decent runs waters over there thanks.
  7. hia all, im off to rushes first week in july, after any advise on baiting, rigs, swims, any info would be appreciated. thanks gaz
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