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  1. Me,Grim,Karl,Dean and Ian had it lovely at the social Was it cold? Ian Two words spring to mind, brass and monkeys!
  2. What rigs were you using 2 years ago? if they worked then, they will work now.
  3. Nice one Stevo Carry on fishing mate, forget about the allotment and buy your veggies from Tesco's
  4. A few photo's from the social. One with the fish eye lens Chris, the new and well deserved owner of the Carp.com trophy. Brrrrrrrgh I'm not having that! Sunset
  5. Hook size plays a big part when using wafters. The ones I use sink and waft around perfectly with a size 8 mugger but float with a size 10.
  6. Very impressed when I saw yours the other week. It's on my to do list! And mine Love mine. Not heard a bad word said against them.
  7. If I'm going to blank for three days, I couldn't think of a better bunch to do it with! Big ups to Chris for organizing the social and being great company in our double peg. Already looking forward to the next one
  8. Is it not up to the individual to decide what they take fishing with them? Bivvyboy had simply asked a question about power packs.
  9. Hi Ian looking to get a power source my self is this the sort of thing you mean ? That looks identical to the one I have except my one is blue. Ring make a 40ah and a 20ah. I'll show you Thursday
  10. You going early? Think we booked on from 10am thurs We can fish from 12 mid day. I'll probably get there 10.30 ish and have a mooch around.
  11. First of all, don't worry about anyone having a pop at you for taking a TV with you, it's YOUR choice! I take my 10" TV with me in the winter for those long nights. I have the power ring 40ah which is fantastic. I've just done 9 days/nights in Portugal, it kept my laptop and phone charged up and still had 50% of it's power left at the end of the session. I got mine from Halfords, which at the time was the best price.
  12. anyone still fish here? Chris, you sent me a PM on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, we had a chat about Lagoa da Alfarofia and Vital baits, I also told you about another lake in Portugal. I had forgotten all about that photo but not the session
  13. I've just looked at the long range forecast, it says 14c and sun Maybe the change in temperature will get the fish on the munch My fingers are firmly crossed.
  14. From what I've been told it would be easy to make, as it contains chemicals that you would normally find in drain cleaner. It's been banned on quite a few waters.
  15. Brilliant read as usual. Hurry up with the next instalment, I'm sittimg in my bivvy, I've just finished my book and need something to read
  16. I noticed in the photo's the material looked creased, this to me, would suggest thin inferior fabric but hey ho, thats just my thoughts.
  17. I fish a syndicate that has a leader ban and a 3oz lead limit. If I'm fishing at range, I use Shimano catana in 12lb straight through. I've never had a problem with cracking off, it's also a very abrasive resistance line and sinks well. 160 yards is a big chuck, to hit that sort of distance you'll need to make sure your rods and reels are up to the job.
  18. hi stoogi. that's the ones. red white and blue to match me alarms on the way. have you got them ? Best indicators on the market mate, wise purchase
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