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  1. Kryston snyde 13lb for me sinks like a brick and is really good casting line, Second choice is definetly diawa sensor, cheap as chips but real good quality hard wearing line
  2. An 'Oops' moment, I confess, it did have me looking for the men in white coats around the corner when I read it as I laughed so much. Now the spelling error has been corrected its still funny, but in the right way. I think that somewhere along here that plain fresh liquidised squid and liver bound together with semolina and maybe a tiny iddy bit of casein has been mentioned as a bait in its own right. Come to that you could also try using Coconut cream in your baits Ohh yes it was an oops moment haha How would you use the liquidised squid with regards to ratios nick ? Would you just ad it to your base mix like you would your egg till it forms a paste ?
  3. Should I include the beak or cut it off first? Behave I've just nearly wet me self laughing, I meant herring the fish, and I was reading about it in one of the mags the bait in question was the dynamite baits fresh fish boilies, that's why when it first came out it came with a smallbag of hardened hook baits because the bait it's self was so soft, and the angler was terry Hearn. Not sure about quantities but he dose explain about these first batches of fresh fish in a article, it was really interesting to be honest
  4. I agree with nick on that bit, I think we do overthink things when it dose come to rigs when something as simple as changeling the length of the hair or the overall length of the rig can often be the difference between catching a fish and blanking.
  5. Fox mr+ with receiver are really good for the money mate for a set of 3 alarms and the receiver is £200 and I recommend the fox black lable slick bobbins to go with them. I use these bobbin with my deliks and find them spot on
  6. Try using liquidised heron as a binder I do believe a certain big name angler developed a bait using this
  7. I wish I was lucky enough to have my current water 5mins from the house haha here is what I will suggest you do.... Pre bait with a good quality boilie 3 areas every day for a a few weeks you don't have to fill the place in just a small amount will do for this time of year, then start to fish your chosen spots whilst still putting the bait in 3 times a week, by the time march comes make sure you have enough bait at your disposal for when the tempretures start to warm up, because by this time the fish should be actively searching for your bait going in to the lake and you can start increasing the amounts you are using. This method worked for me and a mate one year and the bait we were using absolutely dominated the water that year, we used 12 kilo of boilies in one 24 hour session doing this and ended up with 27 fish to 19lb between us with the majority being above 10lb. We both also had the lakes biggest resident that year aswell. This method also seems to attract the bigger fish to your bait aswell. I also noticed that when I put another mate onto the bait his catch rates shot up aswell. This method can sometimes work that well the more bait you put in the better it gets, the confidence you can build up if you get a bait established into a lake is surreal but the only downfall with this method is the cost,so it is Mutch better for 2 or 3 of yas to get ya heads together and all use the same bait for the season. You can also try different sizes and shapes of the bait you choose aswell , switching from a 15 mm boilie to a 10mm or a dumbell has produced bites for me when I have been getting close to a blank. I am not the best at explaining things in writing so I hope this helps, But honest that is what I would be trying if I was you Dave
  8. Hydro link Is a really good product, weather you use hydrolink, coated braid or just tie the hair up with pva string ? All them methods do the same job, I certainly would not be messing about tying tiny amounts of flourocarbon to braid, it would not only frustrate me but with the products available to tye a rig up with a combi hair there is just no need to mess about doing it that way
  9. i can second the kryston matieriels, i cant say i wont or dont use other matieriels but kryston is bang on the money to be fair
  10. just a local club water matey
  11. I can remember the time me and a mate wer doing an overnighter and we had the bivvy door, zipped up halfway from the bottom so we could still see the lake, but nothing could get in well i thought notheing could get in . Rite im really scared of big spiders i dunno why i just am so no smart remarks ,i was just relaxing on my bedchair and out of the corner of my eye i saw something move so i turned my head and looked well it was the biggest spider i had ever seen,so i jumped up and bolted out of the bivvy only to trip on the half zipped up bivvy door and as you can imagine i hit the deck with a thud, and was just layed there in a heap mutch to my mates amusement all he could do was laugh, he didnt even help me up I badly injured my wrist after that accident and it took weeks to put rite but if i knock it it will swell up really easy so i have to be extreamly careful thiese days
  12. well i decided to have a break from fishing this week till my next expidition on friday, but one person who has been hauling is my 12 year old brother i took him up a local resivour in search of his first carp tonite and i even let him use my gear and bait . He caught his first carp it weighed 11.6 well done kid ,and i think there is a carp angler in the makeing it really made me smile when i was takeing the picture the look on his face tells it all.
  13. After arriveing at my chosen venue around 8:00 pm the first thing i noticed was how far they had dropped the water level it must have been at least 6-7 ft.On the sight of the lake being so far down i started to panic a little bit,beacause the spot where i useually place a bait that useualy produces a few carp was not in the water anymore. After setting up camp and setting up the rods on simple lead clip setups with 7 inch e.s.p ghost soft hooklinks,i baitd my rods up,one was baited on nash mach1 and the other on a bait i had got a sample of to try out. my first rod went on a spot that i have caught fish from before,the second went out into the margin with a small bag off boilie crumb and hallibut pellet, i set the third rod up on a chod rig with a 12mm pukka pineapple popup and had the rod ready to cast to any showing fish. With the rods out and camp setup me and me pal sat back in the sun and cracked a couple of cold beers open, after about an hour one of my rods bent double and my alarm gave a onetoner, as sonn as i hit into the fish it kited of towards my mates lines, but i managed to turn its head and direct it back towards my side of the swim.Once the netted i put it on the unhooking mat unhooked it and applied little bit of clinic to the mouth,the fish weighed 16lb and was a common. The second run was the same agressive take like the first one, but the fish got snagged up and my hooklink snapped at the hook so i changed over to coted braid to keep the stiffness of the flourocarbon ,but to give me a bit more power at the hook end and i never lost another fish that night so the decision prooved a wise one. From there on the acton was pretty mutch non-stop totaling 12 fish with the smallest being arounnd 9lb and the biggest being 16lb,i also caught a nice scaley fish at around 2:00am,the majority of the fish were caught on that spot that i had fish from brfore.I just goes to show that if things are looking grim upon arriveal to the venue if you adapt correctly you can still catch carp. 16lb a nice looker a diferent veiw 14lb early morning picture qualitys a bit poor because i had take them on my phone due to braeking camera
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