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  1. Heard some of the lakes weren't that safe anymore ? is that true ? as few of the waters looked quite good.
  2. where's Doug coming up from on the south coast?
  3. Don't mean to hijack the post... But..! Am also looking or a 1 man Bivvy around same price, looking at Jrc cocoon / SLX and also Trakker cayman. Anyone got / used cayman? Heard some bad press about Trakker gear of late but didn't know if all rumours.
  4. Done. Only upto 5000.....When you think of how many fishermen there are in UK tthat's a bit lame! Need to get it more in public eye...
  5. Glen, that double top seems to be pretty much what I'm after. You think u could get a bigger sized bedchair in it?
  6. Glen, that double top seems to be pretty much what I'm after. You think u could get a bigger sized bedchair in it?
  7. Does look good for price.. But looking at sizes it's only tiny bit smaller than 2 man.
  8. Also ideally like one with full openable front, like Trakker Trident, just preferably not 500 notes!
  9. Can't say iI've ever heard of the double top, what sorta price is that?
  10. Hello, Time has come to get myself a new Bivvy, needs to be a 1 man, but spacious enough to take a large bedchair . Seen people talk bout Jrc SLX v2 and Trakker cayman / Nash titan Any others people would say have a look at? No set price really, cheaper the better but if it's worth it I'll happily pay more. Must have a sewn in groundsheet! Do the mentioned above have that? Too many creepy crawlies and floods about. Did see I think a new Trakker one which had a really flat back to it so you can put your bedchair against it, don't remember which model. Thanks for any inp
  11. I brought a Panasonic lumix g3 earlier this year and couldn't be happier with it. Wanted a camera that took great pics and not too complicated, but most importantly one I could use on my own, so had to have remote function and also preferably a flip screen so I could see what I was taking pics of! I spent months looking for a camera but as was used purely for fishing did not want to spend the 500/600 (Inc bits) for a Canon 600 or simular and in the end glad i brought the g3 as it was alot cheaper and I prefer the smaller size. Cost me about 250 for the camera, 50 on bits, including a r
  12. Just got myself an avid Retaining Sling, looks good, Jrc High Care XL mat, which looks huge! And topped up with some new forceps and klin ik. All about Carp care this Christmas! Also got some Waders for work parties and lots of cold/wet weather gear. A pod I won't actually hate will be the last thing I get once I have saved some more money! Now to get it all messy and covered in fish.....
  13. Hi. It's time for a new weigh Sling, anyone have or seen either the avid Carp Retaining Sling or the Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling? Same sort of spec/price Heading towards the avid but was just after any reviews. Thanks
  14. Think they're both about 20 quid, double the sensor but if it stops me loosing fish! Not fishing to mussels or fallen trees or anything but the reeds seem to cut the sensor like butter! Was hoping for a reasonably supple line still so maybe the pro clear would be a good trade off. Looking for about 15lb bs.
  15. Old post I know but anyone fished combley? It still unfishable as stated above?
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