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  1. Had a visit to a private venue today and had the chance to watch a 50lb fish play in the margins. Will be fishing there next week and can't wait. Don't know how many have seen a 50 lber but believe me it is a massive fish, It is only 10lb heavier than my pb but looks almost twice the size.roll on monday.
  2. Bail arm open and rod tip in the water. Play one fish to the net then the other Its more common than you think.Nightmare though when your fishing 3 rods.
  3. the trouble with doing this is you could mess up your presentation.Also using the chod rig could cause problems unless you know how deep the silt is. I would use a pop up , ballanced. use a running rig with a light lead say 1-1 1/2 oz max.leave the lead in the silt as this will help set the hook on a take.Use a flat pear lead with a braid hooklink of about 8 inch. The pop up will rise above the silt , works the same way as the chod but you dont have to set any beads. If that makes sense.
  4. I use 1 boilie all year round, have faith in a bait and stick with it. You can always top it with corn or maize change its size or roll a different shape and have the choice of a change without changing the bait if that makes sense.
  5. Just done a search on squabmoor but no up todate info, anybody fished it recently, Have read on other forums it was suffering from vandles targeting cars last year, can anybody shed some light .
  6. Over the last couple of weeks i have started to notice a trend with the modern carp angler more so the newer people to the sport. Big pit reels seem to be the in thing, High t/c rods of 3lb and above. Huge bivvies on day sessions, barrows full of kit that will never be used on a session. Why big pit reels?. I visited a friend today who was fishing a small lake about 3 acres in size with 2 large islands. the biggest cast was about 50 yards. 2 young lads fishing not far away both had huge bigpit reels why?. my friend was fishing with 3 1/4 t/c rods when i asked him why he said that they covered
  7. My reason for using it is large beds of mucles in the lake i fish.If i'm fishing another venue then i use a 20lb flouro leader if i need to use a choddy. Bully32. If your venue is weedy then leadcore is the last thing you should be using.For a start it won't do the job its designed for and thats sitting flat on the bed of the lake.
  8. If i where you i would stick to mainline right through to the hook length. Unless there is a reason you need to use leadcore apart from "All the names anglers use it"
  9. Flouro has the same light reflection properties as water making it near on invisible. It is heavier than mono so sinks well, Has high abration resistance compared to mono.Has less stretch than mono. The down side is it doesn't cast as well as mono, Although the newer flouro coated mono's are better for casting and still have the same effects as a pure flouro.But if your not fishing huge pits then the distance wouldn't matter.
  10. Advising people not to use leadcore is not education. Instructing in its correct use is.
  11. A lot of people keep mentioning the needle knot. Have you tried the needle knot, do you know what it was originally used for.?. I would never use this knot or any other for attaching leadcore to mainline.It can and will prevent beads and clips from coming off the leader.The line should be spliced onto the leader so if your line does break there is a clear end for tackle to be safley ejected. Any knot in any line will weaken it so increasing your chances of a break.Also a line of no less than 15lb should be used with leadcore.
  12. Looked after correctly you should have plenty of time to take photo's before returnig a fish. If everything is set up prior to catching then it should only be a matter of minutes before the fish is returned with photo's , measurements , and any wounds seen to.
  13. If you buy a day and night ticket then you can fish 24hrs. day only is from 1 hr before dawn till 1 hr after dusk.
  14. Education not condemnation.
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