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  1. Noswap

    marne valley carping

    Has anybody fished vraux at marne valley carping recently i can't see any catch reports on their site any views will be appreciated Cheers
  2. Noswap

    french carp venues

    Hi Guys still undecided on our 2018 france trip, had a few ideas from the forum so thanks to those who responded, has any body done Lac Du Charlou which is next to Napoleon & Bluewater lakes i believe, there are some reports but 2010 is the most uptodate any body been recently Cheers
  3. Noswap


    Cheers dayvid yes reviews seem ok just the odd negative about the owner and his wife not allowing you to talk to the anglers leaving the lake seems a bit odd but were there to fish, i will keep looking, willow lake looks good on the lac du verger complex and vraux at marne valley carping thanks again
  4. Noswap


    Hi all, me and my mate were thinking of fishing Vallee lakes in normandy but after reading reviews and a reply to my previous post not going to bother so have been looking to fish BILLS LAKE 3 anybody been recently would welcome any thoughts on this venue cheers
  5. Noswap

    Vallee lakes

    Ok mate cheers for that
  6. Noswap

    Vallee lakes

    Hi Guys new to the forum and looking to fish Vallee lakes in Normandy has anyone been, it looks good but they all do on their sites cheers
  7. Noswap

    French Venue Suggestions........🐟

    Have a look a Roseau carp fishery 2hrs from calais carp to 50lb but average about 30 been 3 times in last 6 years large lake a runs water small lake a bit harder