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  1. Over the last few weeks i have fished the coast for salmon on lures, covering kilometres of coast line for a few bites. I fished a venue i had not fished for a few years , i had looked a round it a few times and seen a few fish moving a round. I fish out as far as i could on float. Fishing baits a foot under the float and drifting the float out on the wind as far out as i could. The wind was pushing in from behind me and onto the water for the first half an hour and then the wind swung round and started to come in from off the water towards me. Making float presentation hard to control, i put
  2. Started fishing again yesterday after 2 years of no fishing. From 2016 to the end of 2017 i fished small amounts of time, but many visits out to a few areas i fished. The fishing on these venues and got a lot harder.I decided to move a round more and to try and find fish and stalk them or fish a few hours on each spot. Over this time period i manged a few small carp and 2 20's to 20.15 lbs and a 14.15 lbs from a lake i had not had a fish off for over 2 years. After that i have fished the rivers for not really much fish and then fished a big water which i caught fish, but mainly in the smaller
  3. Hi, I don't think totally off information I have put on here. Obviously photos and mentioning locations does high light areas. I am now like other people very secretive about where I go. There is a lot of water and a lot of different kind of fishing where I live. To catch something big takes a lot of work, so I keep info to myself. Still after that elusive thirty or any fish at the moment. Tight lines atokecarper12
  4. I have not posted for the last two years. I have been fishing and then been having gaps of time of no fishing. I have caught fish bigger than before, but I have not put photos or information on. As places I have mentioned before have been hammered by all sorts of idiots after showed photos. My question for coming back on is has anyone any information on lake Glen Maggie or lake Wellington in relation to fish stocks or locations etc. I am quite happy to share information with genuine carpers and show photos. At the moment I have started to stalk fish I have had 2 12lbs fish to 12.15lbs. My Ozz
  5. Hello I have not been or put anything down for nearly a year. My fishing after doing so well last year really came to an end, I fished some of the rivers a round my way, but saw nothing and caught nothing. I ended up fishing the coast for the salmon and other fish, the fishing was not over productive, but it is nice to do something else and with lures and soft plastics you can cover a lot of area. Even though the ocean is a massive place. I ended up fishing some of the rivers in the wider area. I managed 1fish of 6lbs 1st cast out to an area I had looked at a few times, but never fished it bef
  6. I have been bought down back to earth, in the last 5 sessions I hooked 2fish on the first visit and played one fish right to near the net it was a fish of 14to 15lbs (estimated), I had done all the hard work of playing the fish in and keeping it out of the snags. on its final small run it moved left and the hook fell out. I moved up to another area and had 1run from this area, where I hooked a fish that felt good it was trieing to get in the reeds when the hook came out. I felt it was not going to be my day, my friend managed 1fish and that was that for the day. Over the next 4 visits I had no
  7. Happy day I have finally caught a Australian 20 it has taken nearly 5 years of f and on fishing ,500 odd fish and finally I have caught one. Today if went fishing the weather in the morning was good but then turned windy and rain from early afternoon. I fished an area with the wind hacking in towards me I put my first rod in and baited, I put the second rod where I had fish feeding and coming out the other day. The rod had only been out 2minutes I was baiting up when the indicator hit the top and the baitrunner kicked in. The fish when powerful run after run, I managed to stop the fish making
  8. Hi that's pretty deep that gives me some hope on the rivers around me.most are 15to 20 feet deep. The fish are in the top 4feet of water and move through fast. Baiting heavy in areas has BEEN no good,the only successful method I have found is feeding floaters and stalking fish under a float. Great films stokecarper12
  9. nice carp I would love to catch one of those the rivers round my way are bit different from yours. What depth of water were you fishing? You might have said on the blog just wondering.
  10. Totally mad couple of weeks I have fished with a friend over from England over the last 3 weeks. We have fished 7 sessions in that time, the fish are here there and everywhere the wind rain and everything has been chucked at us. I have been stalking and legering, baiting different areas we have moved a round a lot and have fished hard. We have had 15 fish to 17.12lbs including 10 doubles and lost 4 fish. This has been my best number of bigger fish since I moved over here. I am working hard to catch a twenty the fish have been spawning last week and then have disappeared, there was about 60 fis
  11. Good or great week last week I have been out 4 times in the last 2weeks on a new water catching 7 fish and losing 4 including 5doubles to 17.12lbs. More information to follow and some photos hopefully no problems with the new waters. For now tight lines stokecarper12
  12. I would get your Polaroids and walking boots on and go and have a look a round the rivers ie the yarra it is true you have to keep info tight to you I have had waters wrecked by idiots finding out what you are fishing for. I,ll have a think about waters you could fish it all depends where you live in melbourne. Tight lines stokecarper12
  13. Hello to everyone out there I have been online to put any new information for a long time. Basically I fished until the end of 2012 and then only fished a few times the lakes and rivers I was fishing. Due to the long summer we had last year up to mid march 2013 we had not had any rain for 3months this had a great effect on the some of the lakes I fished. Waters that previously water and big areas of water dried up to the point that the water was shallow there was not enough oxygen left. So carp perished in great number on a lot of the waters I had been fishing. What few fish that have survived
  14. I fished the weekend the weather was warm 36-37.oc and a good bit of rain came down for 20 minutes giving me a good soaking. The wind was blowing into my face. Which made it hard to put a bait out i looked a round a few areas first and did not see any fish moving. So i moved up a new area where i had seen fish topping out before. On cue a fish came out so i put a bait tight to the post i sat and waited for a while and then had a good pull the fish kited into the bank. The rod hooped over and then sprand back, i thought the fish had come off, but luckly it had not. It gave a fairly good fight a
  15. Lake wellington is one big lump of a water, i would try where the game reserve is marked to the left of marly point and the boat club. You go left from there and go through a rock area into a big bay i am sure there is some big fish in there and few rivers come in there. I have used a kayak for a fare while. I am putting the craft on a few areas at the moment and trying to find a twenty. Let me know if you are a round at wellington.
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