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    Over the last few weeks i have fished the coast for salmon on lures, covering kilometres of coast line for a few bites. I fished a venue i had not fished for a few years , i had looked a round it a few times and seen a few fish moving a round. I fish out as far as i could on float. Fishing baits a foot under the float and drifting the float out on the wind as far out as i could. The wind was pushing in from behind me and onto the water for the first half an hour and then the wind swung round and started to come in from off the water towards me. Making float presentation hard to control, i put more weight under the float and took some of the line float ant off the line, so i could sink the line after casting out to hold the float in position. The water was calm on the end of an area of sedge, reed beds, so i could hold the float out there. The wind increased over time, i saw slight movement against the wind which i am sure was a fish. The float pulled slightly down and then sprang up again and then moved slightly across the surface. I waited and gave the fish time, but nothing materialized. I wound in and checked the bait it had not been chewed, so i cast it back out to the end of the sedges. After a while i had interest on the float again, the fish were obviously cagey as it moved the float up and down and moving it across the surface. After a while this stopped, i could then see bubbles under the float and a fish bow waving in the area. The float lifted up and then  bobbed twice and then went clean under, i left it a while to see if the fish had got the bait, the float came straight up. I had 2 more sets of this kind of bites. One fish pulled the float down so i could just see a bit of the red, i struck into thin air. I put in a bit more bait and walked up the bank to get a bit more distance as the bank goes out a bit further out. I cast out further past the sedges with in a few minutes i was getting knocks on the float again. I held the rod and waited for the float to disappear from view, the float stud up and then went across the surface, pulled down to nearly all gone and then disappeared from view. I struck and there was a swirl on the surface under where the float had just disappeared. The rod bent over and the fished kited to the right trying to go towards the sedges with side strain the fish swirled on the surface and only just did not get in the sedges. After that the fish swung round to the left and headed out into open water and held out there for a good while. Slowly i pumped the fish in it then went up and down the margins. These fish fight hard for there size i got it in the net unhooked it and then put it back, it was a round the 6lbs mark. I put the float back out the wind changed a round and was then pulling the float away from the area i was trying to cover. So i put a leger out to just past where i was float fishing Near dark i had a pull on the leger as i was watching the end of the rod, i struck and the water erupted, i played a very energetic fish which went everywhere. It was long and lean and built for speed, it took me a good while to get the fish near the margins, where it then proceeded to charge up and down. Eventually i managed to get it over the net and eventually bundled it in. It was a long lean fish built for speed about 8lbs. After that i fished into the dark but had no more action. A first day back after carp, so a good day. Tight lines stokecarper12
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    Hello I have not been or put anything down for nearly a year. My fishing after doing so well last year really came to an end, I fished some of the rivers a round my way, but saw nothing and caught nothing. I ended up fishing the coast for the salmon and other fish, the fishing was not over productive, but it is nice to do something else and with lures and soft plastics you can cover a lot of area. Even though the ocean is a massive place. I ended up fishing some of the rivers in the wider area. I managed 1fish of 6lbs 1st cast out to an area I had looked at a few times, but never fished it before. I thought I was going to have a great day, but other than a slight tremble on the rod top, which did not lead to anything. The day was quiet I fished this area a few more times and looked a round and found two fish of under doubles, but they were in such a tight shaggy area it was not worth fishing to. A friend came over from the u.k and we fished another river, which I had heard that had done some good fish. Even though this was a good while a go, the area looks so carp york fishy, but after a few sessions, we had nog seen a fish or had a bite. To try and catch something before my friend went back to a place I had fished before. We managed 15 fish to just under doubles and lost another 10 fish, looking at some of the fish there is potential of a much bigger fish. Really after I had not fished the last 5 months, I have looked a round a few areas, but have not found anything really exciting as yet. For now tight lines stpkecarper12
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