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  1. Sorted now,thanks for all reply's and pm's.
  2. Alright chaps,due to a change in circumstances i have a free week (but only in the next 6 weeks).Looking for anywhere that might have a spare place in this timeframe,got transport and its just me travelling.Anything considered but prefer somewhere within 5 hours of channel ports.Any help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  3. Anybody out there with a spare place or waiting list in the warks/staffs/shrops/chesh areas please help me out.Sick of the punishers with no bankside skills.Small/large new/old no mater just a bit of respite from the punishers!! Thanks in advance GAZ
  4. Alright chaps,after any info on this place Taking my lad out for a few nights next week and have been looking at this place,instead of the usual trip to linear.just after a few do's and don'ts really and any areas you would reccomend.Plus is it a rock hard venue or are you likely to bank a few?Pm if prefered Thanks in advance GAZ
  5. Thanks mate spot on info ,any thoughts on the split of stock in there carp/cats? Thanks Gaz
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply,from the map i have been sent the pegs seem to be furthest away from the main road at the marsh lake,heartesmere? end of the lake.Is it a clear or coloured lake?What is the bottom made up of?Sorry if i sound like i want too much info but small things can help in what gear to take(it's a long way from the northwest) Thanks Gaz
  7. Got a late booking on yew tree lake pegs 6,7 and 8 for a week don't normaly go anywhere without doing a lot of research but circumstances ment this was the only place i could find that looked half decent.Just after a few do's and dont's really but any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance Gaz
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