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  1. muftyboy

    July catches.

    Back down this evening with the float rod.
  2. muftyboy

    July catches.

    Went down the lake with my float rod and a pint of maggots for a few hours. Had a little Perch and a half decent roach to start. Then at 6,30 the tench moved in. Had an absolute beast that was definitely a PB but had no scales with me. Could of easy been double figures and I've seen others that look bigger still.
  3. Been trying not to get it anywhere near my hands though as I'm sure it will be repellent to fish.
  4. muftyboy

    July catches.

    Sorry mate but can you point out the funny face one.😅😅
  5. Been using the jungle formula and I haven't had a single bite since ive been using it. Just been having a sort out in the shed for my France trip next month. So far I've counted 27 tubs of pop ups and wafters , 57 leads, 17 different hooklinks.
  6. Was just looking at this about 5 mins ago. Good luck mate.
  7. All the sports channels including the ppv events. You sometimes have to try different links to see whats best. I just cast it from my phone to thelp TV. Livenettv for all the sports and i use showbox for films and boxsets.
  8. I had it for 11 years. Never missed a single payment until October last year. I rang them arranged to pay double at the end of the month and then 3 days later they cut me off. Would never get any pay TV again. I just stream it all for free now.
  9. muftyboy

    June Catches

    It's all I can think about at the moment mate. My mate hooked into a very large pike on the retrieve last night, reckons it's the biggest he's ever seen. Getting some vitalin delivered today, gonna start doing some heavy baiting in the weedy margins with vitalin and particle. The middle of the lake is quite clean but it's deep, around 20 foot .
  10. muftyboy

    June Catches

    Looks like it will pass quickly though mate, if you class a couple of hours as quick 😅
  11. muftyboy

    June Catches

    Where abouts in the country mate, there is some serious rain forecast overnight don my neck of the woods.
  12. muftyboy

    June Catches

    Had a pb last night at the secret lake. not a carp though, there wasn’t any sign of carp but there were a group of tench patrolling in front of where I was so I got the match rod and sweet corn out to try and tempt them. Hooked one pretty quickly but lost it and I thought that would of spooked them but they were back with 5 mins or so. The one I caught was 7lb 4oz and was definitely not one of the bigger ones, who knows what surprises this lake is gonna throw.
  13. muftyboy

    June Catches

    One thing we noticed with this fish and a couple of the other commons weve seen is the small tails. don't know if it's a certain strain in there.
  14. muftyboy

    June Catches

    There's 2 of us fishing it.my mate went down there this evening and saw another 2 fish. Every fish I've seen so far has been proper dark, and 20lb plus. We are both wondering what's gonna happen to make it go **** up lol. Just need to stop the mozzies, got about another 50 bites from a 5 hour session and was gonna do the whole night on Thursday. This is what I've got to work with and I made this swim myself.
  15. muftyboy

    June Catches

    I think so mate. Not knowing what's in there is special in this day and age . The hardest part is that there really is only one area you can fish from and it only allows access to about a quarter of the lake.
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