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  1. muftyboy

    Fox Underwater Vids

    Probably a lot I don't know as I don't fish many weedy waters. Something to watch after the footie tonight.
  2. muftyboy

    Rod Shots

    Splash mat. Stops all the mud and stuff bouncing onto the rods and reels when it rains.
  3. Cheers guys. I think ill start off with a trace just in case. Don't wanna leave a pike with a lure stuck in its gob.
  4. Evening all. Who on here lure fishes for perch?. Want to give it a go this winter. What sort of lures have people had luck on and do you use a wire trace in case of pike?. Cheers homies.
  5. muftyboy

    bait boat

    I used to own a waverunner , done the job it was supposed do. How much do have to spend? I hired a mk3 microcat when I went to France last year, great bit of kit if you can afford it.
  6. Never done that well on white to be honest . Washed out pink and purple are my favs. But I'm sure of I had one brilliant session on white that could change .
  7. muftyboy

    Floater fishing in Autumn.

    Think Nick is a bit young to be my dad, even by Ipswich standards.
  8. muftyboy

    Floater fishing in Autumn.

    Don't neglect the evenings or the hours of darkness mate. Had my best floater sessions in the dark.
  9. muftyboy

    Floater fishing in Autumn.

    If you think about how successful zigs are now during winter then it makes sense that it's more than possible to still catch off the surface. I know a bloke who was fishing my club lake in January. Hadn't had a beep for 2 days and it was about 3 degrees. He cast out a lump of bread on an overdepth zig about 8pm and had 1 in the net within an hour.
  10. muftyboy

    Floater fishing in Autumn.

    My dad was fishing a lake in Ipswich yesterday and said he had a few proper lumps feeding off the top. Didn't manage to hook one though.
  11. muftyboy

    Floater fishing in Autumn.

    I have done right through the winter in the past. Don't hammer it . Just trickle a few floaters in likely areas. Shallower areas that are warmer or areas with a lot of overhangs are a good start. I've actually caught off the top before as the frost was starting to settle on the ground. That was a well stocked venue though.
  12. muftyboy

    Bad fishing days....

    I've had a couple. My brolly blew away and sunk in the middle of the lake , snapped my favourite rod that I'd has for years and cut my head on an overhanging branch all in the same day and I think I blanked too. But the worst one was when 4 of us had booked a 3 day social on a lake in Essex. The week before I had a massive abscess under my wisdom tooth and the antibiotics just wouldn't work but I went anyway. Was in so much pain that I over did it on the painkillers and spent 24 hours in the bivvy really I'll and at one point was hallucinating and my friends were close to calling an ambulance. Any way by the last evening I was feeling a bit better so decided to get the rods out. 6am the left hand rod melted and hooked into a proper lump, my English pb for definite. Then lost it at the net. Packed up straight away and was off the lake by 7,30 feeling proper sorry for myself.
  13. muftyboy

    What is your newest purchase

    If you do need to use it again have a look at the mosquito angling stuff. Half the price of esp too.
  14. muftyboy

    Running rig woes/getting done

    What sort of distance could you get with that lot Nick?
  15. muftyboy

    Stiff Hinge Knot Help

    Must say I've seen a few people contradict thier selves on here but never argue with thier self. Think someone forgot to take their meds 🤣🤣