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  1. I'd love to have some good rivers to fish. I just got sent a picture of one of the jewels that I wanted to catch, unfortunately it was dead. I was actually thinking about this fish earlier , thinking tomorrow might be the day.
  2. Actually I think I've Sussed what it is. It's a flying fish
  3. Just down the local drain lol. Promised myself I wouldn't go back but it's too convenient when time is limited mate. To be fair you probably have more fish knowledge than me so we will call it a hybrid 😉.
  4. Cheers Phil. Yeah could be. But I'm swaying towards roach. Bit to much orange for a hybrid for me. But then I'm no expert.
  5. I'm feeling confident for tomorrow. Watch this space.
  6. Looks like a roach to me but I have had a few beers lol
  7. What run rings are they nick?. I used to use the nash ones but the swivels on the lead have to be really small to get in them.
  8. I'm in the same boat a lot of the time. I've got a day off tomorrow so it will be school run in the morning, down the lake for a few hours then back to the school at 3 o'clock.
  9. Did a 48 hour at furnace this weekend and as it was slow on the carp front decided to get the float out to try and catch some perch. Managed 2 , not monsters but I was happy.
  10. Picked up a cyprinus memory foam bedchair of eBay for less than a oner. And got a diem carbon 42 inch landing net for £34 . Happy days.
  11. If I remember correctly is was 1.3 meters long. Good times.
  12. Here's one for you cm. My friend caught this absolute torpedo the night after at 51lb.
  13. I love the ebro. Been lucky enough to have a once in a lifetime mirror from there.(my profile pic). Next year I'm hoping to go to morroco to catch some truly stunning carp. Just trying to persuade my dad but it's not working at the moment.
  14. Yeah I was gutted mate. I'd love to get up there this year. Need to get my down at the moment as my missus is now a housewife and I have 3 holidays booked up this summer. But as soon as I know I can make it I will be in touch mate. Cheers Phil.
  15. Thanks for the kind words guys and to all of you who have been through or are going through similar things then I can only wish you all the best. I spoke to my brother a couple of hours ago and he seemed quite upbeat considering. I suppose all any of us can do is our best in tough times eh. Anyway I'm gonna get out for some fishing next weekend even if it's just for the day, as most of you know it's the best therapy ☺.