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  1. Got my brolly just to stick over my head . Should be fine. Used to fish right through to November without a bivvy back in the day although I was a lot younger then.
  2. Exactly how I've been fishing for the last couple of years and upto a few weeks back have hardly lost a fish in that time.
  3. I'll be out tomorrow night. No bivvy. Just the bedchair and the moon and stars.
  4. Yep. It's now my lake lol.
  5. Don't know how that happened lol
  6. They came back earlier while my mate was there. They didn't hang around long once he started tearing into them. Has them on video now and cut another long story short the 2 of us now have permission to fish the lakes from security as long as we report anyone who looks dodgy and get photographs of them.
  7. If it's easy then no doubt it is happening. Happens down my club lakes all the time and they are baliffed and fished overnight.
  8. I couldn't find the line last Night but was sure it was there. So at the end of the session i dragged the lead and rig through the margin and hooked onto it. The thing to look for is some sort of hand reel or a bottle buried under the reeds.
  9. Yes ,but I give them a kiss and put them back, not eat them.
  10. Went to my guesting lake earlier. Saw 3 eastern euros going into my spot. Long story short I found the line they had put out with multiple hooks tied to a bottle under the reeds. The bottle is now full of my urine with the 4 massive hooks positioned perfectly to do some damage when they reach in to pick it up.
  11. I used to use smaller hooks and lose quite a few fish. I was fishing with a mate and he just said to me that even a small carp has a big mouth and to up the size. Started landing a lot more fish and never looked back.
  12. I agree about the 1st bit but doesn't a zig on a 6 stand out like a sore thumb?
  13. muftyboy

    August catches

    Sounds wicked mate. I'm gonna have a butchers on the website.
  14. Have to be comfy when I'm dropping the kids at the pool mate. 😅
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