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  1. Can't you just fold the back leg in a normal chair then.
  2. So what would you guys class as shallow?. Below 10 feet ?. Cheers.
  3. Most of my fishing is short evening sessions after work. Now with it being dark by 5pm I can't be bothered to be honest. Got a weekend session coming up on the 16th of november, Will be more focused on the perch though.
  4. Overstocked. Get caught far too much .
  5. Perch are the new carp. Had to wade through the nuisance carp yesterday before I finally caught a few. 😉
  6. Cheers mate. I'll have to start weighing them. Guessing around the 2lb mark.
  7. Biggest perch of the day. Also had about a dozen carp. Nothing big though.
  8. Exactly mate. If I do see feeding fish on my visits I'll have the rods in the car ready.
  9. They seem to have gone back on the deal mate. And even if they let us we have already cut out the places that we are able to. Would need a digger and a lot of hard work to make swims anywhere else where it is so overgrown. It's hard enough in the summer so reckon it's just a waste of time in the winter. Just gonna keep priming spots for next year.
  10. I've always travelled up and down the m4 for work and 20 years ago i would start to see the kites once i got close to oxford. Now as soon as you join at the m25 you see them. Lovely looking creatures.
  11. I'm struggling on my secret lake at the moment because of location. There are only 2 areas I can fish and the carp just haven't been there. Might just jack it in for the winter and just keep baiting the areas and hope this gets the fish there ready for the spring. Means I'm gonna have to start paying for fishing again though.😢😂
  12. That's a beauty mate. Nice darts.
  13. Anybody looking for new alarms should type skills digid into eBay. I've been told on good authoritie that these alarms are basically nash s5r at a fraction of the price.
  14. Much deserved mate. Still time for a couple more.
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