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  1. muftyboy

    May catches

    Just had my 1st fish from a new water , still in the ghetto but a bit more tucked away and secure. Only a little one about 11lb ish but in immaculate condition.
  2. Its weird down my way this year, we seem well behind on everything and its normally the opposite. There are no chicks , ducklings etc on our lakes yet and no sign of spawning either .
  3. Just realised its actually may 🤣🎣
  4. Went for a little after work session tonight. Caught 2 lost 1 . This one being the better looking of the 2. Both around the 15lb mark.
  5. Its a shame mate, what part of the country is this mate, if i remember correctly your one of the few members that are near to my neck of the woods.
  6. Also with most commercial lakes the fish get caught so often the lips dont get time to heal. Most people dont bother with any carp care product either
  7. Is it a barbless only rule?
  8. Just dark clothing and stealth mate , like in my old bank robber days😂. I like frant personally , it gets a bit of a bad press sometimes on social media but what commercial fishery doesnt?. No monsters in there but a good chance of 20lb plus fish and plenty to go at. I normally fish lake 7 or 8 as you have to book these. The cafe delivers the food to your swim and you load all the gear into a transit and they drop you down to the lake and pick you up again. Some decent perch in there to if thats what you are into.
  9. No mate. Went down to frant for 24 hours. Not renewing the park lake ticket this year. Gonna do a bit of guesting somewhere and the odd day ticket lake or my dads caravan.
  10. Ended up with 10 carp in 24 hours , biggest was the ghostie at 23lb and 5 were over 18lb. Managed one decent perch in the night probably around the 2lb mark.
  11. Nice one mate. Looking forward to the pics
  12. Good evening so far.
  13. Lovely fish mate, i do love a scaley one.
  14. Cheers mate. That was the smaller of the pair. Going for an overnighter tomorrow where the perch go to 5lb +, gonna have at least one rod out for them.
  15. That a proper fish mate. Good skills as usual.
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