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  1. The new edition to our family.
  2. Ever tried to use it in your bait?
  3. My lake is similar mate. I use vitalin alot. Some days it's just bream after bream but others it seems if the carp are on it they muscle out the bream. At least you had the excitement of the bite alarms singing.
  4. At least you know your rigs are working lol
  5. No mate. On a stag do. Might be planning a trip back next year though that's a bit more relaxing.
  6. I can't believe I've just got back from 5 days of being right next to river danube in novi sad and not a single line was cast.
  7. 15 kilos of milky amino boilie. 3 tubs of pop ups. 2 kilo of stick mix. A bait dip and a booster powder. All for less than a oner.
  8. This is not mine . I nicked it off Facebook.
  9. Had this one last night .
  10. To be honest I've been doing it for ages, long before I even knew what a zig was. It just makes life easier and means you don't have to recast every five minutes .
  11. Exactly that mate. Basically it was quite windy so I acnhored the surface bait into a fixed position then baited up away from my bait to allow my freebies to drift over to my bait.
  12. It certainly was mate. Cheers
  13. Managed six on a short after work session last night. All caught on over depth zigs. And one was my biggest from this lake at 19lb 12oz .
  14. The barman had it for tea.