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  1. Had 4 fish of the beach earlier in Corfu. Think one was a striped sea bream and the other 3 were mullet. If I get some more tomorrow I'll put a pic up.
  2. If I have a good session I always wear the same top next time .
  3. On a roll mate. The floodgates are open.
  4. I should do an uncle jim and turn the fish around and change my top lol.
  5. Look forward to the pics mate.
  6. Straight back at ya mate. Seems like your perseverance has paid off.
  7. Managed to post the same fish 3 times. Can't work out how to delete them.
  8. A few of the many i had on Sunday. nothing big but a good day with a couple of mates.
  9. All the ingredients are listed on the bags. If it's true then it's full of proper carpy goodies.
  10. I'm gonna give the milky amino a go I think. Had a few on the bnb range but nothing apart from large bream on the starfish. Still catch more on my chickpea and small wafter approach.
  11. All great fish but the linear is an absolute beauty mate. You have inspired to get my ass out on Monday.
  12. I had a 20 min scrap with the biggest fish in our lake a couple of years back. It is a big common called shoulders and only comes out about once every 2 years between 28 and 31lb. As soon as I saw it I started thinking about who I could call to take the pics. It must of been 6 inches from the net when the hook pulled. Hasn't been caught since as far as I know.