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  1. Had one this morning just as I was about to pack up for work. Not massive, guess around 18lb. 1st one this year from this lake.
  2. Just had a pb. Tench 9lb 7oz Let's hope the carp are nearby.
  3. Tonight I will mostly be sleeping in a bush lol. Baited up last night with chickpeas and already seen a show over the bait. Fingers crossed.
  4. Nice little channel in the weedy margin. Saw 3 fish milling about there the evening before so when I saw it was empty I jumped straight in there.
  5. At my dad's caravan for the weekend and earlier my daughter said I should go and catch a fish before we go. So 45 mins later and the biggest mirror in the lake graces my net. Bit down in weight but who cares.
  6. When I 1st saw your post I thought you'd put a laughing emoji at the end, that's why I thought it was a joke I didn't get lol.
  7. I thought he was making a joke that I didn't get lol.
  8. Think I'm having a blonde moment coz that's gone way over my head mate. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Finally caught a few last weekend. Nothing big but a couple of beauty's amongst them. Exuse the rough look in the second photo lol. It was 5am.
  10. Activity has slowed but the wind is hacking into me. It feels carpy but if not at least I've got the chance of a big tench too.
  11. Back for round 2 tonight. Already had 2 shows over the right hand rod where I put a load of bait in last night. Fingers crossed.
  12. Just had a PB tench from just under the left rod tip. 9lb 2oz.
  13. It all depends what your target is mate. I've had some nice size roach and rudd on smaller pieces of prawn and smaller hooks but if I'm trying to target the bigger perch then it is big baits and size 4s all the way.
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