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  1. Managed one small carp this weekend. when I got there the carp were crashing around the shallow end of the lake so obviously set up there . had the small carp at about 11,30 am and then lost one about 3ish. nothing through the night or this morning so packed up about midday. i would add a photo but haven't a clue how to now.
  2. Going to furnace lakes at the weekend for 36 hours. Can't wait . Gonna be fishing for perch too.
  3. I love using wafters but gotta say I have 3 different ones from mainline and all of them are basically pop ups.
  4. Maybe I won't be. Just woke up to tonsillitis
  5. Going tomorrow eve after work. Finally got some proper low pressure and some rain. As the lake in question is actually a drain it normally fishes better just after of during rain.
  6. I think the spomb is a great invention.
  7. We've had a little bit of a thaw today.It's the first time in days the grass in my garden hasn't been frozen solid all day. Mind you we are supposed to get freezing fog tonight so could go messed up by tomorrow.
  8. Going tomorrow. Went down a couple of hours ago and there are 2 swims that are fish able. Hopefully nobody will be in them in the morning.
  9. Apparently he is a fool, a clown. Makes me laugh. You don't get that far in life by being stupid. I agree it's refreshing to hear somebody say what they think instead of trying to please everyone with politically correct nonsense. But he will probably be assassinated.
  10. Cheers mate. How you doing?. Been tearing farlows apart?. I've bought one for my dad for a retirement present. He's gonna be spending a lot more time on the bank now so wanted him to be comfy. I did try one but had a trapped nerve in my back at the time so was hard to tell how comfortable it really was.
  11. All lakes here are frozen solid with heavy frosts forecast for at least another 5 days I doubt I will be wetting a line anytime soon.
  12. Anybody use the fox flatliner mk2?
  13. Was hoping to get a few hours in today but everything is frozen solid down here.
  14. Worse things to spend it on eh?
  15. It seems like every time I come on and look at this post you are on it lol. To be fair I've been looking all night for some bargains on eBay. I don't actually need anything but if I find a bargain I will buy it