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  1. I tried zigs at the weekend , both rods at different depths as the fish were cruising around in the upper layers. Not a touch. My very little confidence in them is now zero.
  2. Went to my old mans caravan for the weekend. Although it was quite chilly the carp were cruising around a couple of feet below the surface . So i committed to the zigs for 24 hours, and didn't have a bleep. So with a couple of hours left i packed the carp gear away and went for perch instead. Ended up with 7 perch , 4 of them being around the 2 pound mark and all over a pound.
  3. Im going on the 5th of april mate. Luckily my mate sent me the link yesterday. I went to the post office yesterday and they confirmed it was true.
  4. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/international-driving-permits-for-uk-drivers-from-28-march-2019
  5. Not sure how long they last , just that its best to get it sorted before the 29th.
  6. Anyone who is driving to france after the 29th of this month will need an idp to do so. You can pic them up from the post office for £5,50 , just need to take your licence and a passport pic and its done there and then. If you dont do it before the 29th then you will have to take a theory test and a driving test to be able to get the idp.
  7. Picked up 2 sonik extractors , 9ft , 2.75lb for £79 on ebay. Happy days.
  8. Just seen a lake in Norfolk has had to close due to being destroyed by otters. It must be absolutley gutting when years of hard work gets destroyed like that.
  9. I know mate. As usual my fishing has taken a backseat to life at the moment. But i reckon i could get a nice little end of summer - autumn session in.
  10. Sad times mate. Not trying to make a joke out of it but if you ever want a change of scenery you can always have a day with me on my urban paradise. Theres a few predators knocking about but not the furry kind .
  11. Fair play mate. You have absolutely smashed it this winter . Top bombing.
  12. South London park lake monster lol.
  13. Never posted a video to YouTube. I'll give it go tomorrow. Cheers mate.
  14. Was walking round one of my local lakes earlier when I came across a massive crab. Took a video but it won't let me upload. Any ideas on how to upload videos from your phone to this site ?
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