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  1. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    Just had a little play.
  2. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    Managed one more. Just a little one. Looks a bit f1 shape. About 7lb
  3. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    Not at all mate. I'm gonna have a go in a bit once I've eaten.
  4. Talking of peanuts do you still see carpmachine?. If so say hello from me mate.
  5. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    Had another mirror this morning. Bang on 18lb. Gotta practice my self takes. 😂
  6. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    I'm using 3 crushed boilies in a stick at the moment. Mainly because of the dead weed and silt.
  7. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    That's the way I'm thinking at the moment. I wouldn't put a lot in anyway but there so many coots on here I don't want them diving on me. To be honest if I don't get another bite I would of been happy with the one bite but because I had a bite so quickly I don't want to miss an opportunity for a few. Brain is ticking lol.
  8. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    Thanks mate. Now I have a dilemma. Do I put a bit of bait out or just stay with the singles?.
  9. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    Seems like spotting that fish last time has paid off big time. Only had the rods out for half an hour after setting up in the dark. Left rod did a couple of bleeps and while I was waiting for it to go the right rod screamed off. 17lb 10oz mirror.
  10. One of my club lakes has a pole to show you where the shopping trolleys are 😂
  11. I rarely use anything less than a size 4 these days unless I'm using zigs, which isn't often enough. For some reason I just can't get my head round anything bigger than a 10 for zigs, just doesn't look right and I have zero confidence in it.
  12. I see Nash have brought out a spinning wheel sharpener type thingy. Looks like I could ruin a hook pretty quickly with that.
  13. All ready getting things sorted for beggining of March. Ordered 50 kilo of particle to start. Getting waders next month so I can bait down the shallower margins effectively and place rigs by hand if I need to. Also going to order a 2nd gen thermacell for those summer evenings sitting in mosquito infested bushes.
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