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  1. Picked up 2 sonik extractors , 9ft , 2.75lb for £79 on ebay. Happy days.
  2. Just seen a lake in Norfolk has had to close due to being destroyed by otters. It must be absolutley gutting when years of hard work gets destroyed like that.
  3. I know mate. As usual my fishing has taken a backseat to life at the moment. But i reckon i could get a nice little end of summer - autumn session in.
  4. Sad times mate. Not trying to make a joke out of it but if you ever want a change of scenery you can always have a day with me on my urban paradise. Theres a few predators knocking about but not the furry kind .
  5. Fair play mate. You have absolutely smashed it this winter . Top bombing.
  6. South London park lake monster lol.
  7. Never posted a video to YouTube. I'll give it go tomorrow. Cheers mate.
  8. Was walking round one of my local lakes earlier when I came across a massive crab. Took a video but it won't let me upload. Any ideas on how to upload videos from your phone to this site ?
  9. Finally got the snow that they have forecast all week. Been down to the lake tonight and it's ice free. Tomorrow is snow carp Saturday.
  10. I'm supposed to be heading down to kent on saturday but weather depending I might just go down the local. Although no decent perch to go at in my local.
  11. Bit of the white stuff forecast sown my way this week. Gonna try and get me my 1st snow carp.
  12. There are a couple of nash vids where they are catching carp right next to the eifall tower.
  13. Was on my way home from work today when I got a call from a mate who was down the lake so I popped down to see him for an hour. I cheekily asked if he had a spare rod to which he obliged. Flicked it out and 5 mins later had this little beauty.
  14. Gotta be over 3lb?. Or has your boy got tiny hands 😂
  15. I'd use that over here no probs, couldn't give a toss what anybody else thought.
  16. To be fair the reviews on Amazon are really good, I was gonna hire one for France in the summer but it will cost at least a oner for the week. Might as well buy one of these.
  17. Ah that's a whole different ball game mate. Only ever fished close in for them myself. How about some sort of band or even a bit of pva tape to stop the movement on the cast pulling the hook out?.
  18. Perch are the new carp mate. When I looked at your rod shot with the bobbin earlier my 1st thought was proper perchy 😂
  19. I've read that actually colouring the prawns red can make a difference but never tried it myself. I don't know how you feel about using live baits for perch or weather your venue allows them but I witnessed 1st hand how good they are for perch last time I went.
  20. Normally just an under arm cast if I'm using prawn on a ledger set up. You could always try using the cotton bud trick for longer distances but I don't think you really need to cast that far for the perch.
  21. I think I posted this on here before but you also can pick up some decent sized roach using small pieces of prawn.
  22. muftyboy

    2019 Plans

    I'm going in August and am a bit worried about the temps, last time we went it was September and conditions were perfect. Think I'll be fishing hard at night and sleeping during the day if it's really hot.
  23. Try smaller bits of prawn at 1st and then if you start catching smaller perch up the bait size a bit a time and you should start picking the bigger ones off. To be fair mate for a 1st time fishing for perch you done really well.
  24. Straight from the packet mate. I think worms will nearly always get more bites than prawns. I only use prawns because I want to give myself the best chance to catch the species im after . Also if using a whole prawn you know it's gonna be a decent sized fish when it goes.
  25. These are the ones I use mate. If I do have to buy frozen I defrost them the night before.
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