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  1. Activity has slowed but the wind is hacking into me. It feels carpy but if not at least I've got the chance of a big tench too.
  2. Back for round 2 tonight. Already had 2 shows over the right hand rod where I put a load of bait in last night. Fingers crossed.
  3. Just had a PB tench from just under the left rod tip. 9lb 2oz.
  4. It all depends what your target is mate. I've had some nice size roach and rudd on smaller pieces of prawn and smaller hooks but if I'm trying to target the bigger perch then it is big baits and size 4s all the way.
  5. I use a size 4 when fishing with prawns mate. You could go smaller and use a smaller piece of prawn but I will generally use a whole one.
  6. I just use a 10ft match rod. 8lb mainline and a 4-6lb hook link mate.
  7. I'd say live bait too but most places ban it and a lot of anglers don't like doing it so I don't really mention it. Plus when using prawns I've had carp to 20 plus and some nice tench so it makes it great fun on the float rod.
  8. I don't weigh a lot of fish. Unless its a special looking one or if its one of the bigger residents I don't really bother.
  9. Id hazard a guess at [censored].
  10. Nah. Tried that one, ended up with an earache.
  11. Well I'm on the beer tonight so I'll see how I feel in the morning.
  12. I had the same last Thursday. Woke up at 3am and my throat was on fire. Immediately went into panic mode. Took some paracetamol and went back to sleep, when I woke a few hours later the sore throat was gone but had a proper headache and earache. Been on antibiotics since last Friday but still got the headache and earache.
  13. Just had a phone call from my mate who I fish the secret lake with. There has been a bloke fishing down there for 4 days. Not hiding like we do, blatantly set up so anyone can see him. He's just been moved on by the police.
  14. Green, brown black etc, I've got no problem using any dark colours. Never noticed any difference myself. I'm more worried about what the carp feel rather than see.
  15. Stay away from the k9 mate. Had them for a couple of years and all the dials kept falling off. The s9 look a lot better to be fair and are cheaper than the k9 too.
  16. Sorry ill take that utter rubbish statement back as at the end of the day that is nicks opinion and everyone deserves an opinion. But you can't just lock a thread nick when somebodys opinion differs to yours or they question you to elaborate on your own.
  17. Was just about to post something to the same effect mate. Absolute joke. Somebody spouts utter rubbish and when questioned about it shuts the thread.
  18. I'm gonna just watch fishing videos till I fall asleep tonight and see if that does the trick. Have a good night guys.
  19. I'll be honest my anxiety has been through the roof the last couple of days. Didn't make it any better when I found out one of my mates has it today. Went proper panicky for about half an hour with really bad chest pains. Hate feeling like this, think I need to start doing something to take my mind off things but it's hard to occupy the brain when you are stuck indoors all day.
  20. Surely you should be on the vulnerable list due to your previous health condition mate. Take care mate.
  21. I'm a seasonal asthmatic so don't know how this might affect me but I'm also a smoker but will be doing my best to give up over the coming days. I must admit I wasn't that worried about it until my mate told me what his wife had told him. Scary times ahead. Stay safe mate.
  22. Sorry mate. Was quoting you to agree about what you said about world leaders doing this for a reason, not having a dig. 😊
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