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  1. muftyboy

    What is your newest purchase

    What prawns were you using?
  2. muftyboy

    2019 Plans

    I must of read it wrong , thought it said 850. Still well worth it mate. Look forward to the pics of the big common .
  3. muftyboy

    2019 Plans

    Looks nice mate. Good price too.
  4. muftyboy

    What is your newest purchase

    That s a brilliant start mate and a good average size, must be bigger ones in there ?
  5. muftyboy

    What is your newest purchase

    How did you get on mate or are you still out on the bank?
  6. muftyboy

    What is your newest purchase

    Good to know. Just gotta find some mole hills in South London now lol
  7. muftyboy

    2019 Plans

    Where abouts in France are you going mate?
  8. muftyboy

    What is your newest purchase

    Good luck mate. If your struggling during the day stick at it. The last half hour before dark and the 1st hour after can really kick off . Also if find the smaller ones the bigger ones won't be too far away.
  9. muftyboy

    Loop Knot

    I use figure of 8 personally mate, never had any issues with it.
  10. muftyboy

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    You must of been gone a while?. Carpmachine has been banished, for treason 😂
  11. muftyboy

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Unbelievable Jeff. Think I'll keep nicking sharpies from work and marking my line with them.
  12. muftyboy

    Your favourite capture

    Petition has been going for ages mate. Signed it a couple of years ago.
  13. muftyboy

    "Decent" barbless hooks????

    Mosquito angling. Been using there hooks for a couple of years now . Had carp up to mid 50s on them and never let me down.
  14. muftyboy

    First trip of the year

    How did you get on mate?
  15. muftyboy

    Rod Shots

    Never got the whole running thing. If there isn't a ball of some sort to chase I'm just not interested. I must of been a dog in a past life 😆
  16. muftyboy

    Preferred and average session lenght

    I try and do a week long foreign trip every two years. Sometimes a week just doesn't seem long enough. I reckon I could do a month easy . The last couple of years though I've been doing a lot more short sessions , 4-12 hours mostly instead of the the 48 hour sessions i used to do. I think I up my game on shorter sessions and to be honest my catch rates compared to hours have probably improved because of it.
  17. muftyboy

    2019 Plans

    I concur
  18. muftyboy

    2019 Plans

    Going to lyon to fish a park lake for a few days in May so hopefully get into one of the biggies. Also got another French trip booked in august for a week. Hoping to get a perch over 4lb this year. I know I've caught at least one that big before but those were the days of no camera phones or carrying scales.
  19. muftyboy

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    On the rare occasion me and my friends get together for a beer we always have a little debate at some point about a football match, the year a song or film came out etc etc. And Google will end that debate.
  20. muftyboy

    Rod advice required

    Sorry but I'm gonna do a bit of a hijak on this thread instead of starting a new one. A while ago somebody posted on here about another manufacturer that does scope type rods . Anybody remember?. Cheers.
  21. muftyboy

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Google takes all the fun out of it lol.
  22. muftyboy

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Looks similar to zander. Subspecies?. If that's the correct word?.
  23. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    Haven't seen a soul on the bank and I've been getting triple runs constantly. So not realistic in that sense lol. It's good to pass a couple of hours away mate.
  24. muftyboy

    January catch reports

    It's euro fishing. I'm not normally a gamer but saw it going for £7 download so thought I'd give it a go. To be fair it's a great game .
  25. muftyboy


    My best one was I bought a brand new waverunner bait boat for 240 and the sold it 4 years later for 300 . The bivvy I use now is the cyprinus cyprimax 2 man. Got that for 140 brand new.