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  1. muftyboy

    June Catches

    Cheers mate.
  2. muftyboy

    June Catches

    Just the 1st of many hopefully mate. Theres fish still in the area and I've got about 3 hours left.
  3. muftyboy

    June Catches

    had my 1st fish out of the secret lake about an hour ago. A few fish were breaking the surface so cast to them , within 5 minutes it tore off.
  4. I only used the fish finder on my boat once. I found a group of fish about 40 yards in front of me, by the time I got the boat back in with the rig in they had gone, spent the next 2 hours chasing the dish with a boat. Never used it again 😂
  5. Its definitely down to geography how you see the immigrant issue. Its so easy to say that multiculturalism is great when it doesnt affect you personally. Try living in an inner city london council estate and then tell me mass immigration is good idea.
  6. I would but i want to try the real thing 1st mate.
  7. How did you attach the live ones mate.
  8. Ill have a butchers , cheers mate.
  9. I generally fish on the bottom if im float fishing for carp, perch and other species ill change the depth around until i find whats working.
  10. Ive caught carp and perch on slugs before mate. Just hooked on with a size 4 barbed hook. Never had a problem with them coming off. Mainly float fished though.
  11. Afternoon chaps. Anybody ever used live snails as bait?. Ive used slugs but wondered if that extra crunch with the shell might be a winner. Also what do you reckon would be the best way to hook them?. Cheers.
  12. Thats enough for me to try it mate. Cheers
  13. Cheers mate, had my joggers tucked into my socks as soon as i got there but didnt make a difference.
  14. I need something. I have over 30 bites on my ankles alone.
  15. What do people use to repell the mozzies. Ive heard avon skin soft or whatever its called is good.
  16. I never thought sitting in a bush getting bitten by mozzies could be so much fun.
  17. They are in the there mate. Its a big water and im limited to where ibcan fish and also seems like there are some proper deep areas. Gonna be hard .
  18. No mate. Dont wanna give it away. Ill post pics of the fish i catch in the cradle but thats it.
  19. Im at the secret lake , seen 2 very large carp breach in the last 20 mins but well out of the area i can get too.
  20. I will have a look into that, cheers mate.From what ive seen tonight nobody has been fishing there for a while if at all. Ive found a little bit on google that says somebody was fishing there in 2017 but thats it.
  21. Got tuesday night pencilled in already. If i park my car near to the lake i will get a ticket. If i walk from the closest place i can legally park that i know of at the moment then i have to walk past the security hut with my gear. But i want that dark mirror so i will find a way.
  22. Found a new lake to guest at this evening. Was looking at a likely spot when the fish decided to put on a show for me. Saw a total of 6 carp in about half an hour, one of them was a lovely dark mirror, probably a high 20. Just gotta work out a route to get my gear down there without being seen . And take some sheers to make a swim.
  23. It took homer 23 years to get revenge.
  24. Only reason being i catch more with milks than fishmeal and last time i went there 2 years ago i ended with 25 fish for the week at an average of over 36lb. The next best was 11 fish.
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