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  1. That's a beauty mate. Nice darts.
  2. Anybody looking for new alarms should type skills digid into eBay. I've been told on good authoritie that these alarms are basically nash s5r at a fraction of the price.
  3. Much deserved mate. Still time for a couple more.
  4. That's why I was asking mate. If the fabsil normal does the job then I can save myself a few quid .
  5. Evening gents. I've finally kept a bivvie long enough to have to re proof it. So what's the best one to use?. Fabsil always comes up but is the fabsil gold any better?. Cheers guys.
  6. I know the feeling mate. Was doing a night at my dad's caravan sat night and had a screamer at 2 am. Something didn't feel right during the fight and when I got it close I realised there was a group of mussels the size of a football attached to the line. Had about 3 foot of tubing on and it was an inch above the tubing. Managed to get what looked at least a mid 20 mirror over the net and then ping. Didn't get the net up quick enough to trap the fish but was close enough for the lead to land in the net.
  7. Effort = reward mate. Look forward to the pics.
  8. To be fair you've always got a big cheesy grin when you are holding a carp mate.
  9. I don't use a lot of korda gear but the easy stick is the best I've used. Tried other more expensive ones that friends have had but the easy stick is better imo.
  10. Jesus. You make jonny look like a laughing buddha. 😅😅😗. Looks like they are piling the weight on for the winter. Skills mate.
  11. The xtractors are blinding little rods mate.makes life so much easier to move about on day sessions too.
  12. Skeetex boots. Some zig line and a couple of wagglers.
  13. Good plan with the 2 set ups mate. Hope you have a good un.
  14. Don't bother mate They have all fallen apart. Luckily my mate has given up fishing and has lent me his delkims. The new range the s9 look quite good though to be fair and have good reviews. And they are cheaper.
  15. muftyboy

    September catches.

    You are almost smiling mate. Your making want to blow out work and go fishing.
  16. Thanks for all the input guys. I always thought that the sweating made them off putting to fish. As I will be buying them and then going straight to the lake I think I'm just gonna use as big a bucket as I can and try to keep them as cool and aired as possible and see how I go. To be fair it will probably be quite cold weather wise when I start using them anyway. Cheers.
  17. muftyboy

    September catches.

    Saturday and Sunday look amazing. Pressure down to 995. Shame I'm working.
  18. Evening you lot. Just a question for you experienced maggot users. If you are doing a long session , say 3-4 days and you have a couple of gallon of maggots with you what's the best way to make sure they stay in top condition?. Even over night my maggots always go all sweaty. Cheers.
  19. Exactly how I've been fishing for the last couple of years and upto a few weeks back have hardly lost a fish in that time.
  20. Yep. It's now my lake lol.
  21. Don't know how that happened lol
  22. They came back earlier while my mate was there. They didn't hang around long once he started tearing into them. Has them on video now and cut another long story short the 2 of us now have permission to fish the lakes from security as long as we report anyone who looks dodgy and get photographs of them.
  23. If it's easy then no doubt it is happening. Happens down my club lakes all the time and they are baliffed and fished overnight.
  24. I couldn't find the line last Night but was sure it was there. So at the end of the session i dragged the lead and rig through the margin and hooked onto it. The thing to look for is some sort of hand reel or a bottle buried under the reeds.
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