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  1. Thanks, I have retired all of my rods for a spell while I am waiting for a fit of boat building to pass. Finally decided to add to my fleet. My current flagship is a great inflatable kayak that goes anywhere, but is tough after a couple of hours as you can't stand up. Going to build a Bolger Brick and see how it turns out. As soon as I have a platform I can stand up and cast from, going to take a whirl at those tailing carp I have found.
  2. We don't have proper pike where I live, only a smallish southern relative called the Chain Pickerel. Here of course the most revered fish is the largemouth bass. In one of our small 30 acre impoundments, one angler took it upon himself to kill every pickerel in the pond. Doesn't use the fish, not even for bait or cat food. Carries a cordless drill and dumps the poor critters back into the drink. He thought they were eating the bass, even goes to the length of hailing anybody passing his property in a boat and telling them that the EA officer told him to kill every pickerel he caught for the benefit of the bass. The bass are also becoming stunted and a slot limit has been placed on this water. ( A slot limit places restrictive limits on the size of fish that may be taken, even though most fishing is catch and release) Now the pond is over run with small pickerel. Like pike, not much eats the little ones as well as the bigger ones. I am inclined not to try to influence the balance in any body of water by removing one species to favor another. But, I have been wrong before ( once, I think ) and may be wrong about this....
  3. It seems that Fly fishing for Carp is becoming somewhat stylish in the States now. I am a rookie fly rodder and had the exasperating experience of actually getting close to some carp feeding in shallow brackish water today with their tails up. I was in my inflatable kayak, with a non nautical passenger, using a featherweight 6'6" soft action glass rod, five wieight line, and a vintage pflueger 1554 SAL-TROUT reel. Did have 200 yards or so of backing. Between the wind and my infantile casting, could not induce any of the tailers to fall for my fake bug on a string trick. Does anybody here fly fish for carp? Any guesses on a fly pattern for tailing carp in murky brown shallow soft bottom litoral rivers? My black wooly booger with flashaboo strips did not impress them...... Any and all advice is appreciated. It was so exciting to be able to get within feet of these big tails sticking up, feel like I will be taking the flat water sleigh ride before the summer is over. If'n I don't it wont be for lack of trying. Anywho, would love to hear any advice or war stories from members here in the states or elsewhere who have landed carp with a fly rod. Thanks, Doug
  4. Live baiting is legal and acceptable in some circles on this side of the pond. Certain species are banned as live bait though, and of course we have those who violate the ban. Even fairly law abiding types with all of their licenses, boat permits, safety gear have told me stories where they had to cut their line because a game enforcement officer was approaching. I guess the moral of this story is, no matter how permissive or restrictive the rules - there will always be some joker(s) who have to cross the line.
  5. I agree, just caught my new PB (11 pound wildie) with a telescoping 65 gram ultra light rod. mad fun.... In the right scenario, like not too many submerged logs or sharp rocks, believe that the twenties club is next.....///..... The pic is in May catch reports and the vid is embedded on my site.
  6. Caught this one with four lb. breaking strength line, telescoping ultra light rod weighing 65.8 grams ( Two ounces and change for all the U.S. anglers), and a small reel weighing around 147 grams. Forgot to capture a "catch pose" was making an instructional video on ultra light basics at the time. . Weight was 10.5 lbs.
  7. Have you had any success using a hair rig like this? I am trying to find a way to catch some larger carp with U/L, I actually used a fox inline and hair rig, but blew out the anti-reverse clutch on a small spinning reel. If you have used a hair rig, how long of a hooklength do you reccomend. Thanks, Doug
  8. Thanks for the kind words. It was actually better than catching the fish myself.
  9. I was fishing for panfish at a place called Massey's Mill Pond near Smyrna Delaware (U.S.) After getting my first shiner (mill roach) and a bunch of bluegills, decided to offer the carp rolling in the middle of the pond a float bait or two. Did not have a heavy enough float to cast out far enough and waited in vain for a couple of hours for them to work their way in to me. Three kids showed up with one gigantic fishing pole and short on tackle. They asked me for a hook, and I gave them a small assortment. The young man could have gotten some lead too, but he used some sockets from a wrench set. Obviously new at the game. I was trying to explain that bottom fishing does better if he would stop reeling it back in a minute or so after every cast when he got very animated. He had a fish. I could tell from the way it ran it was a carp. Netted it, put it on my mat and got the hook out. Showed him how to hold it and his friends took a cell phone photo. They were all elated, and didn't even know what kind of fish it was. Weighed in at seven pounds. He was so happy that I cursed my luck at having a dead battery in my camera. Never saw a kid so happy over a fish. I told them a little about carp and directed the youngster to this forum and some other sites. Never had the heart to tell him he had snagged it through the pectoral fin. After getting a few hunks of proper lead from this angler, they left happy as heck over their adventure. The carp was not seriously injured. It was released to fight another day. Very happy evening even though I was without carp. They were very nice youngsters and uncharacteristically respectful towards this elder. Did my heart good and I think we won another convert or three to the fraternity of the carp.
  10. Recently got interested in a new version of the "fish pen" called the pen rod extreme. There is a challenge to see who can catch the biggest fish, currently it is a bailiff from Dereham U.K. with a fourteen pounder. Mind you that is on a telescoping rod that retracts into a pen like 7 3/4" cylinder. Here is a still from my video making an attempt for the new record. I fell short with this ten pounder, He is on the ground because I also fell on the bank during the fight and a motorcycle accident makes it hard for me to get up with no hands. I did get him to the mat as soon as I was up. That is the pen rod fully deployed in the pic. There is a youtube video on my site, but it is promotional for the rod so I won't post the link here. The promoters who make videos don't get money, but we do get some gear and a good number of hits on our videos. Anywho, this is an ultra light rush extraordinaire. I had a ten pounder on a solid blank ultra light rod a few days before I got this one, but the telescoping rod takes a much more delicate touch. A nice ten minute fight, and ran out of space on the vid card and had to switch out for the weigh in. I am sure that I will get out my heavier tackle at some point, but for now the ultra light bug has got me in it's hold. Stand by for the next mood swing
  11. Thanks, It wasn't the best one I had on the line But it was the best one I managed to land
  12. There is a new ultra light challenge out there, and currently a bailiff from a syndicate near Dereham is the champ. He caught a fourteen pound carp on a collapsible ultra light fishing rod. Practicing ultra light carping today (until my collapsible gets here) with a 4'6" micro-spin rod and four pound test line. Got this little common and this ten pounder, my new P.B. Headwaters of the Murderkill river, spillway below Coursey's Pond near Felton Delaware.
  13. eight pound wild common, caught on 4'6" shakespeare micro spin ultra light rod, daiwa cobaltspin 1000 reel, six pound test berkley trilene, single #6 hook baited with canned corn and walking 1/4 oz lead. Small carp, but still sporting with that gear. Sorry no camera operator, had to photo it on the mat. Posted a different pic of this in the catch report, sorry for the repeat but I haven't many (yet )
  14. I wish I could help you with that, but my angling skills and knowledge are best described as infantile. Rather new at this. With that disclaimer..... I would not hesitate to use my medium Ugly Stick Combo in Salt water, if I did not have a other gear more suited to same. The Tiger Spinner Combo is a step down on the Shakespeare food chain and the blue collar boys and girls around here use them in salt water all the time. My endorsement is based on the favorable return policy at Wal Mart and the knowledge of the precise location of my receipt. If you buy it at Wal Mart and keep your receipt, no worries. The reel has a click drag adjustment on the front. Have used mine to pull largemouth bass through 35+ yards of lily pads. Bear in mind I have never handled any top shelf gear, but the reel seems good enough to me, and very happy with it for the price. P.M. me if you get near to Delaware, will turn you on to some very underpressured carp. Pretty sure that most Wal Marts carry this item, can't say for how long into the season. If you happen on to one that does not have it in stock, you may be able to order online and get free site to store shipping. They just showed up this season at my Wal Mart, and we lost the excellent 4'6" micro spin one piece ultra light rod and spinner combo. In any case, if you buy any combo (rod and reel) from any discount chain or sporting goods store, bin the factory line and spool up with something decent straight away. That much I do know....
  15. I was going to give the ultra light a rest carp wise, but have been looking at a niche product. Specifically, a collapsing ultra light "pen" rod. Seems one U.S. maker has a running contest for the heaviest fish caught on his gear. When the record was at eight pounds ( set by a U.k. carp angler) this newbie was pretty confident about breaking that. Now the same U.K. angler has caught a 14 lb carp on the same gear, just got word this evening from the manufacturer/purveyor. So I am getting one ( or three) of those combos' and going after that 15 pound mark. Of course, our carp 'round here are what the U.K. anglers call "wildies" and put up a better fight, but the "record" rules are weight based, fight and landing caught on video (presumably the weigh in too) Was going to mention the brand by name, but haven't heard back from the mod I asked. Here's hoping we can find a fat lazy koi somewhere. Ordering my set up tomorrow, should be at it next week sometime. Wish me luck! EDIT - By the Way.... got a medium Ugly Stick 6 foot spinning combo that handles up to 15 lb test line with ample spool capacity (especially with spiderwire or fireline) for $29.99 at Wal Mart. I use it on my kayak for pulling bass through weeds and lilies, also use it for a walking rig bank fishing for carp. Reel is okay, and what can you say about an Ugly Stick?
  16. I make bait needles out of fish hooks. Straighten them out with pliers without smashing the barb and it works great. I say needles because I seem prone to lose them. Planning on using a deer bone to make a handle, should make it easier to keep track of. Should have pics posted by end of May.
  17. That 38 lb common is quite an accomplishment, here in my state on this side of the ditch that would no doubt have you receiving a plaque at the awards banquet for the sport fishing tournament, and just seven pounds shy of our state record. Well done. Dave, this newbie would like to know which species of carp the fat 20 pounder is? another stunning catch by the way.
  18. I That 20 lb common is simply gorgeous. Sick, Stupid, Dope, and mad skills as we say hereabouts. Well done. ( all positive accolades I assure you) I am really really new at this, and it's pretty safe to say that none of the six little carp I have managed so far have ever been caught. They all seem to have their own personality during the fight, netting, unhooking, and release. The two I held for pics reacted dissimilarly. My P.B. so far (tiny 8 pounder) did the stiffen up and freeze thing on the mat. In the extremely unlikely event that any of these carp had been caught before, you can bet they were never on a mat, sorry to say. I am told they are spawning over on this side of the ditch. Could that have any effect?
  19. Here is one of the sunset at derby pond from the public bank
  20. That's a gorgeous common there.
  21. Not much of a photo, but it's unusual for these geese to let humans get this close. The goose lit out, but this gander stayed around to see what the large man in the tiny boat was about.
  22. Gordon Ramseys New "F" Word FISHING! Trouble is with that bloke, the first fish he caught he would have it fillited, pan fried with some shallots and served up with fresh wild mushrooms and a white wine sauce. NitroNick Given the treatment of carp in the U.S.A., particularly by bass anglers, it takes a good deal of restraint to keep from catching a largemouth and cooking it slowly on a spit over an open fire for all to see. Our sessions are pretty short. Locals consider me a madman for sitting out twelve hours to catch a carp. I like a bag of crisps to munch on, yerba mate, or tea, and a surplus M.R.E. in case my weight drops below 300lb to ward off starvation.
  23. The coffee (mostly milk in his case) is a poor substitute for P.G. Tips, but that is hard to come by here. Perhaps somebody could send us some via facsimile? Still have not managed a carp from one of our "ponds", hoping to post my first "puddle carp" tonight, wish me luck!
  24. Another day at the headwaters of the murderkill. My great nephew having conquered the world of predators decided he wanted to catch a real fish. He was running a walking sinker between two plastic beads and a one foot leader of 30lb braid to a size six hook, corn on and above the hook. Ten pound test line, Daiwa medium light spinner combo. Here he is on his swim with his morning coffee. Many bites, he got one hook up and lost it. I didn't do any better on the same rig, but we did get this little five pound common with a hair and bolt rig. The lad did a splendid job of handling the net and getting the fish on the mat. After wetting his hands he is seen here practicing his catch pose. BTW - It is fun to catch carp on an ultralight rod and low breaking strength line, but quite frankly at the edge of my skills. Have moved up to ten and fifteen pound test line and a bit more rod (medium light and medium Ugly Sticks). Had some rubber tubing behind the sinker on my bolt rig, confused at the missing scales on the fish. Any advice is welcome.
  25. Those are very pretty pics Useph. I think all we have here are commons and perhaps a few grass carp.. Well done.
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