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  1. 1, The type of reel you use (big pit /baitrunner). Fox stratos. 2, what lb line you use and if you use a leader. 15lb ESP Syncro XT. No leader. 3, the distances your are achieving. Only able to fish to about 60yrds due to size of water. 4, the size water (feel free to give multiple answers r varying sizes of water. 3.5 acre 5, the length of rod. 9ft 2.75lb Scope Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. I currently have 2x 9ft 2 3/4lb and 1x 9ft 2 1/4lb custom done by Cotswold rods. They are fantastic rods to use and store. I might have wished to up the test curve but at this stage they suit my fishing very well. I got the normal sized 2 rod hides for them and the reels are a tight fit, so will be changing to the bit pit version soon. I can't rate them enough Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Large one for me as it gives you the most options for cooking from a small tissue to full on cornbeef Hashemite beans and a egg. [emoji3]
  4. Was ment to be going in the morning for an overnight we but will be postponed till 5pm rather than the 5am I had hoped for due to my daughter being off school sick [emoji30]
  5. Will do hoping for some warm dry weather Friday.
  6. Thanks guys there is some food for thought there. [emoji106]
  7. With the warm weather supposedly here and the fish feeding off the top in some lakes. What re you favourite surface baits? There are many dog/cat biscuits out there but which do you use? Do you add anything to them? And what do you use as a hook bait? I used to used pedigree chum for quite a while with a softened one on a hair. Recently I have moved onto a cheaper Tesco own brand dog biscuit for my loose feed. I plan to soak some in Sticky baits CapOil to give it some added attraction. I would like to also add in some other sized baits too. I have a bag of Nash Riser pellets to have a go with. For hook bait I now use the enterprise tackle small imitation mix a with sight stops. I have a varied selection of floating plastic corn and pop ups that I will give a goo too.
  8. Are they accepting any new members ?
  9. My mate has just had two today on his first outing on it. It smells nothing & tastes nothing like the original cell (to me anyway). But will resist trying just yet for me
  10. For me it was a custom Nash scope for floater fishing from Cotswold Rods.
  11. I had then make me a Nash Scope 9ft 2 1/4lb with full shrink, Alps reel seat and custom logo. Very pleased.
  12. My club lake looks like it's started. Fish pairing off and thrashing about in the margins.
  13. Has any one used Cotswolds Rods to have a rod made? I am struggling to get hold of them at the mo. I know that their web site is down but am getting now reply in their Facebook or when calling them. Any help would be great.
  14. Drove to Cuttle mill from London and left my buzz bar and alarms at home a few years ago. I always manage to leave something I need but take everything I don't. [emoji30]
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