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  1. Elmo, do you like marmite? If you do then start eating it everyday, there is a vitamin in it that mozzies don't like. It won't stop every bite but it will stop a good percentage. It is also worth investing in one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portable-Camping-Lantern-Night-Light-LED-UV-Lamp-Mosquito-Killer-Fly-Bug-Zapper/313172610534?hash=item48ea8acde6:g:mBIAAOSw0kRfKmMK Just hang it up inside your bivvy, and you will be surprised how many of the little gits it kills each night.
  2. gidneyboy

    May catch reports?

    A couple from last weeks first session after lockdown. 34lb on the nose mirror and 31lb 14oz common
  3. The Syndicate series of books by Mark Cunnington. very easy to read, light heated and funny. I am not a great reader of fiction but these books I have read multpile times. They still make me laugh even when I know whats coming. In my oppinion the first is deffinatly the best, out the rest 1 or 2 of them in my mind are a little weak compared to the others but still worth reading.
  4. Just ordered a Nash titan hide xl with mozzi mesh infill as I just don't get on with the ultra brolly I have and a pair of visionary stormforce pre focus binocluars.
  5. My mate has an allotment and recieved a letter from the local council encouraging all holders to carry on tending their plots. To tend his plot he would have to drive there and open locked gates, the exact reasons I have been given why we cannot fish. I have to drive by my local lake to get to the supermarket, so why can't i visit the supermarket, buy enough provisions for 2/3 weeks and stop at the lake and fish for 2/3 weeks? Surley no better place to isolate?
  6. Took delivery today of the Cyprinus Typhoon bivvy. Not had the chance to put it up yet but from the quick look I have had it looks a good bit of kit, will put it to test over the weeknd. If it is as well made as their Magnatex brolly which lasted me so much longer than it should have considering the price I will be well happy.
  7. I've been on Geoffs bait for 15/16 years now and have no reason to change. I have 100% confidence in everyone one of his baits and I have used a good few of them. Currently I'm to the 2tb and it is catching well, to the point where 3 or4 other lads on the lake I'm fishing have moved on to it.
  8. Not fished it myself for a good few years but a mates son does fish it fairly regularly. He does seem to catch a fair amount of fish, nothing massive, low 20's is the biggest he has had this year as far as I am aware with the average being low to mid doubles. He does say there is a handful of bigger fish about but they are very few and far between and although there is supposed to be 1 or 2 30's in there he is not convinced that is the case. He tells me fishing tight to the island with some free bait, but not too much, is the most productive for him. A good quality fishmeal boilie and a
  9. A while ago I was just nosing though ebay looking at watches. I found a rare TAG watch that I knew was worth money. Kept an eye on it thinking it was gonna go for silly money. As hardly any bids had been put on it, I ended up taking a gamble and got it for £305. Was delivered within 2 days and took it straight to a mates bird who works in a jewellers and got her to send it away for a service and have it valued. The service cost me £500 so the watch stood me in at just over £800, the valuation after the service came back at £6200. Not a bad night on ebay that one!!
  10. I have had one for three nearly four years, absolute great bit of kit. In them years as a conservative estimate I have done 200 nights under mine in every weather condition you can imagine and apart from the dirt it's still as good as the first time I used it and I am not exactly easy on my tackle.
  11. I have been using ABS for 15 years and can never see me changing to be honest. All of Geoffs bait is quality, very reasonably priced and customer service is 2nd to none in my opinion. The only downside is ringing to order bait and getting caught in a time tunnel, where what should be a 5 min call turns in to an hour plus!
  12. I have two set ups, one set up has torrix 3.25lb which gets used on larger waters, waters that hold big cats and snaggy waters. My other set up rods are AK47's twin tips in 1.75lb and 2.75lb, I have barely used the 2.75lb tips, because the 1.75lb tips are just so much fun to use. Married with the right lead and small stick they can hit 75-80 yards without too much trouble and playing fish on them is so enjoyable. I have had fish to mid 30's on them and they have never felt out of their comfort zone once. I feel that anglers who have come to the sport in the last ten or fifteen years and
  13. gidneyboy


    This is exactly what a water close to me has done. Humainly euthanized the stock, total drain down and left empty for 3 years, before re-filling and stocking. Once KHV has been confirmed this is still the only way for a water to be declared free from KNV by DEFRA as far as I'm aware. I'm afraid I would not go near any lake that has had a confirmed outbreak and these measures have not been taken.
  14. From experiance every hobby/past time has places where people gather to talk absolute pony and boost ego's. Fishing has tackle shops, golf has the clubhouse/bar, football everywhere you go everyone seems to be an expert or ex pro and the list goes on. Trust me a golf clubhouse knocks spots off a tackle shop for pony talking. It's always the higher handicapped golfers who insist of talking you though every shot of their 90+ shot round, paying perticular attention to any shot that managed to hit a green from anything over 60 yards or any drive that goes over 250 yards! A tackle shop is a do
  15. Had mine 18 months or more now, it has done well over 100 nights and apart from the dirt is still as good as the day it arrived. Been out in all weathers, withstood some serious winds on more than a couple occations, 100% waterproof. I seriously could not pick a fault in it if I wanted. Proof in the pudding I know of 7 other anglers who once they saw mine on the bank have also brought them and not one of them can find a fault.
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