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  1. Took delivery today of the Cyprinus Typhoon bivvy. Not had the chance to put it up yet but from the quick look I have had it looks a good bit of kit, will put it to test over the weeknd. If it is as well made as their Magnatex brolly which lasted me so much longer than it should have considering the price I will be well happy.
  2. I've been on Geoffs bait for 15/16 years now and have no reason to change. I have 100% confidence in everyone one of his baits and I have used a good few of them. Currently I'm to the 2tb and it is catching well, to the point where 3 or4 other lads on the lake I'm fishing have moved on to it.
  3. Not fished it myself for a good few years but a mates son does fish it fairly regularly. He does seem to catch a fair amount of fish, nothing massive, low 20's is the biggest he has had this year as far as I am aware with the average being low to mid doubles. He does say there is a handful of bigger fish about but they are very few and far between and although there is supposed to be 1 or 2 30's in there he is not convinced that is the case. He tells me fishing tight to the island with some free bait, but not too much, is the most productive for him. A good quality fishmeal boilie and a little pellet are his preferred baits, although he has said he has done OK on Urbans nutcracker when he has run out of his fishmeal bait.
  4. A while ago I was just nosing though ebay looking at watches. I found a rare TAG watch that I knew was worth money. Kept an eye on it thinking it was gonna go for silly money. As hardly any bids had been put on it, I ended up taking a gamble and got it for £305. Was delivered within 2 days and took it straight to a mates bird who works in a jewellers and got her to send it away for a service and have it valued. The service cost me £500 so the watch stood me in at just over £800, the valuation after the service came back at £6200. Not a bad night on ebay that one!!
  5. I have had one for three nearly four years, absolute great bit of kit. In them years as a conservative estimate I have done 200 nights under mine in every weather condition you can imagine and apart from the dirt it's still as good as the first time I used it and I am not exactly easy on my tackle.
  6. I have been using ABS for 15 years and can never see me changing to be honest. All of Geoffs bait is quality, very reasonably priced and customer service is 2nd to none in my opinion. The only downside is ringing to order bait and getting caught in a time tunnel, where what should be a 5 min call turns in to an hour plus!
  7. I have two set ups, one set up has torrix 3.25lb which gets used on larger waters, waters that hold big cats and snaggy waters. My other set up rods are AK47's twin tips in 1.75lb and 2.75lb, I have barely used the 2.75lb tips, because the 1.75lb tips are just so much fun to use. Married with the right lead and small stick they can hit 75-80 yards without too much trouble and playing fish on them is so enjoyable. I have had fish to mid 30's on them and they have never felt out of their comfort zone once. I feel that anglers who have come to the sport in the last ten or fifteen years and have never used anything other than broom handles have/are missing out on so much. After all for me the biggest buzz is when we have a fish on and the lighter rods enharnce this no end in my mind. I do like the torrix and I don't think they feel like a 3.25lb rod with a fish on but given the choice, if they can be used, it's the 1.75lb AK 47's every time for me.
  8. gidneyboy


    This is exactly what a water close to me has done. Humainly euthanized the stock, total drain down and left empty for 3 years, before re-filling and stocking. Once KHV has been confirmed this is still the only way for a water to be declared free from KNV by DEFRA as far as I'm aware. I'm afraid I would not go near any lake that has had a confirmed outbreak and these measures have not been taken.
  9. From experiance every hobby/past time has places where people gather to talk absolute pony and boost ego's. Fishing has tackle shops, golf has the clubhouse/bar, football everywhere you go everyone seems to be an expert or ex pro and the list goes on. Trust me a golf clubhouse knocks spots off a tackle shop for pony talking. It's always the higher handicapped golfers who insist of talking you though every shot of their 90+ shot round, paying perticular attention to any shot that managed to hit a green from anything over 60 yards or any drive that goes over 250 yards! A tackle shop is a doddle in comparison.
  10. Had mine 18 months or more now, it has done well over 100 nights and apart from the dirt is still as good as the day it arrived. Been out in all weathers, withstood some serious winds on more than a couple occations, 100% waterproof. I seriously could not pick a fault in it if I wanted. Proof in the pudding I know of 7 other anglers who once they saw mine on the bank have also brought them and not one of them can find a fault.
  11. Just ordered a new VW transporter T6. It's meant to be a new work vehical but is gonna double up a a nice fishing wagon!!
  12. gidneyboy

    2016 french trip

    We always have a great week on the Bley regardless of how many fish we catch but it is always nice to get into a few fish! Anyway thanks for the comments fella's it makes a nice change to be able to post some pictures of fish and talk about a venue.
  13. Like jh92 I have 2 set ups First is for larger waters or waters that contain cats Penn Affinity 8000's 15lb tigerline no leader 120 yards at a real push Varying waters up to 40ish acres 12ft 3.25 torrix 2nd is my preferred set up, when I can get away with it Shimano ultegra 5500 mini pits 12lb tigerline, no leader No need to go past 65/70 yards Varying waters to around 6 acres 12' 6" century AK 47's twin tips, 1.75 and 2.75 tips but only really use the 1.75 tips (utter joy for playing fish on)
  14. gidneyboy

    2016 french trip

    Have been back from our annual trip France (Moulin De Bley) for about a week and just had a chance sort the pics outs. So thought I would share a bit of a catch report on here with pics as my waters over here have strict publicity bans. My mate Justin and I have been going to Bley for about 16 years, so know what to expect. Over the years we have seen the lake turn from a prolific runs water, to a water where the fish have wised up big time but if luck is with you big hits are still possible. Over the years we have been every month from April to early October but this year we thought we would give the last week in October a bash for a change. We arrived at the lake around around midnight on Friday night, having been going for years the bedchairs were the last items of tackle to be loaded, so we could easily get to them to set up in the communal barn area for a few hours kip before the owner Tony turned up at around 8 in the morning. Tony turned up and woke us up, told us we were the only ones on the lake for the week and that the previous group had left late Friday evening so the lake was free whenever we wanted to get on there. When we first started going our kids were young so these French trips have always been more of a social than anything else as Justin lives in Dorset and me in the Colne Valley. Being as it is a social thing we decided to both fish swim 4 that is a large double at the deeper, far end of the lake. We always fish as a team when fishing a double, so we each had a rod to the normally prolific tree line, one each on a baited spot in open water and our third rods were fished to some willows on the far bank. The fishing was certainly not the easiest week we have had on there, the weather was very inconsistent, heavy rain for a couple of days, a couple of sunny days, a couple of overcast days and the odd frost at night. The fish seemed to come onto the feed for a few hours every couple of days, so we tended to catch 2 or 3 fish in quick succession then it would go quiet for 36-48 hours. So not the most prolific of the weeks but we still up ended up with a total of 16 carp between us, 8 each which included 2x50's, 5x40's, 9x30's and 1x20. I also had Barry the black sturgeon at 44lb, 3 times during the week. 53lb 5oz 43lb 10oz 43lb 1oz 42lb 15oz 39lb 15oz 37lb 9oz 35lb 4oz 29lb 5oz
  15. If it was me I would keep it going in. One frost does not mean the water temp suddenly drops to near freezing, the temp may drop a degree or two which could knock the fish back a little but it certainly would not be putting me off from fishing. Five or six years ago I was building an extension which was very close to a lake, that had a reputaion of totally shutting up shop from October/November. It is by no means an easy water in summer but winter was a ball breaker but I had always said I would do a proper winter campain on there, as I was convinced that if the fish saw a bit of bait though the winter, instead of nothing they may keep on the move a little more. I started the job in the first week of October and each day I would find time to walk the lake. It is only a small lake of around 2 acres, and I had fished it a bit in the summer months over the years, so knew a fair bit about the topography of the bottom and areas where fish slipped up from. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would put 2 kilo's of boilie in, one kilo would get split over three or four of the known spots and the other kilo I spread over an area about the size of a tennis court at the deep silty end of the lake. I carried this on for, four weeks, in that time I had not seen a carp angler on the water and the weather had turned considerably from the warm, sunny, start of October, to several hard frosts leading into November. On the fourth Friday my gear was loaded into the van ready to go straight from the job to the lake to fish the weekend. The weather that day did not fill me with confidense, cold and heavy rain all day following on from 2 or 3 hard frosts earlier in the week. At the end of work I dragged my labourer up to the lake with me to help set up, on the promise, I would get him a takeaway. After a quick walk and seeing no obvious signs of fish I plumped for the large baited area in the deep, silty end of the lake. Everything was set up in about half an hour, three rods all fishing the spot. Just as I sat down and was thinking of ordering the takeaway one of the rods screams off resulting in a 23lb mirror, and that was the start of a weekend that ended up with 6 fish, 5 of which were 20's. Six fish in a weekend is unheard of on this water in the summer yet alone late autum/Winter. The next four weekends all produced good results from all the baited spots, before on the 6th week, the lake froze and stayed frozen pretty much till Febuary. In the five and a half weekends I ended up with 19 fish, which included most of the big, wanted fish, with the exception of one. I am sure if the lake had not frozen for so long, I would have continued to catch all winter as long as the bait keep going in. As the fish showed no signs of slowing up even as the weather turned bitter for a couple of weeks before the lake eventually froze.
  16. I have an old casio G-Shock watch which I wear to work and fishing. I attach the cord from my retainer to the watch and chuck it in and leave it for 15-20 mins. It has been attacked by pike on the retrieve on more than one occation though!
  17. Compaired to other years and from I have learnt to expect on my water, I think it's about right, maybe 1-1.5 degrees higher but not massivly higher. There have been years (not for at least 3 or 4 years) when we have had a couple of early frosts, when it's been as low as 11/12 degrees at this time but with no real cold snaps 15-16 is pretty much what I would expect. I have found it's not untill the temps drop below about 8 degrees that things really start to slow up and going on past years I would not really expect it to drop that low untill late November early December but it all depends on what weather we have for the next few weeks. First week in December 3 or 4 years ago it was still nearly 12 degrees but in I think it was 2010 after a perticularly cold late october early November it was down to under 8 degrees the 3 rd week in November.
  18. I tend to keep an eye on water temps, last week on the lake I was fishing that averages out, at about 10 foot deep, the temp was just over 16 degrees. That reading was taken in around 6-7 foot of water. So the temps on your lake are very similar to that on the lake I'm fishing. In my experiance it takes a good few cold days and nights of frost to dramatically drop the water temps at this time of year.
  19. I started fishing as a kid with a fishing set from Woolworths. The only other real angler in the family was an uncle in Chelmsford who was a very good match angler. When I was about 8 or 9 I was shipped up there for a weekends proper fishing. The first day we were fishing a lake in the middle of a park somewhere and my uncle had given me a 12 foot match rod to use (the first time I had used a rod longer than 6 foot). All was going well and I had caught a few skimmers and roach. I thought I had got to grips with this beast of a rod. After catching another skimmer my hook was rebaited and I began to cast. The cast felt a little heavy so I gave it a bit more stick, next thing I see a kids flip flop sailing into the lake! Somehow I had managed to hook a kid of about 2 or 3 years old flip flop and whip it off his foot and into to the lake!
  20. I have used an original worldwide since it's release and without doubt it is was of the best and most versatile pods on the market. Then a few weeks ago I saw defiantmps fantail on the bank and was so impressed I ordered one as soon as I got home and am awaiting delivery. The fantail is a truely initiative piece of kit, made of titanium (so light and tough) and. cheaper than the new worldwide, well worth a look if you are in the market for a new high end pod.
  21. Geoff at Active bait solutions is your man.
  22. I stand to be corrected but are 2 of the ingredients not Copra meal and Brocacell? As adam says plenty of baits out there that are every bit as good, if not better than The Cell or essential Cell, either with or with out the "secret ingredient" and for well over half the price. The main water I fish, as rough estimates I would say 50% of anglers use The Cell and the other half use baits from various company's or home rolled. The Cell accounts for around 50% of the fish caught, but with the amount of bait the lake sees you could argue if The Cell was this wonder bait it should account for more? It just seems more fish are caught on it than any other bait because a hell of a lot more anglers are using it than any other bait.
  23. Wonderful fella's, so I don't bye one because a certain celebrity angler who I could not give a stuff about, along with every other celebrity angler, has some input into the product. What a font of knowledge this place really is.
  24. Has anyone on here taken the plunge and brought the Evolution Tackle NSR net? https://www.evolutioncarptackle.com/shop/tackle/the-nsr/ I am in the market for a new net and keep getting drawn to the NSR. In essence it seems like a great idea. OK the price maybe a little on the steep side but when you consider you are essentially getting 2 landing nets and 2 slings, it's not a bad price considering the price of some of the higher end nets. Having never seen one in the flesh my two concerns are 1. Build quality, is it going to up to the job over the coarse of time? 2. It looks to me it could be a little heavy and cumbersome to use, compared to a more traditional net. Anyone on here used one or seen one on the bank who can comment?
  25. gidneyboy

    January catches

    Managed to sneak out for a night, last night and this 22lb on the nose ghosty graced my net.
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