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  1. It's awful mate what would people recommend then that's a white bait? Got to be a top boilie don't mind paying a bit extra
  2. Hi their I'm looking to buy 10kg of nash amber strawberry but struggling to find any at all I know they have been discontinued but I really need some to last me for spring.thanks josh
  3. Hi their I'm wanting to go on a carp fishing trip abroad with a friend for between 2 and 3 months away in about 3-4 years time.we are thinking of France,Belgium,Germany and holland fishing the large canals and park lakes (similar to urban banx euro) but don't have a clue where to start on fishing locations so I need all the help you can give many thanks. Josh
  4. id still blank on their i would like to learn more about carp underwater
  5. it all depends on money really as i have fox warrior s in 3's and as good as they are i would like a set of new ones so i used a couple of my friends rods on a day session (harrison cerbera and free spirit e class) and the difference is very noticeable you feel alot more,the tip on the free spirit was very soft but had loads of backbone (casting a lead 130 yards without too much of a struggle) after i used them i have decided to go for the free spirits,so one bit of advice i would give is to have a look in person money means very little as different companies price their rods differently,if yo
  6. To put in perspective how much i dont want to watch this, i would rather drag my balls across then watch the big fish off,especially with that Ollie Locke on it
  7. Fox ventec all season Pair of penn affinity 7000's Spomb Korda catapult and some Daiwa hyper sensor
  8. Carpmachine since when do you need braid to fish to snags and Lily's? The lads not going to be fishing into the features and if it really came to it you could use a snag leader but braid is way too excessive.if an anglers fishing to snags etc without being locked up and too close then that's bad angling imo
  9. i use 12lb line all year round mind you mines 0.28 and had no problems with lilys and snags
  10. harrison cerberas are a decent rod mate played a fish when i borrowed a friends rod very nice detail
  11. after hearing news about a bloke releasing a new boilie at £40 a kilo i thought it was a joke after reading into it its true.apparently it has saffron,tuna brains and monotonic gold amongst other things and is a wonder bait. An absolute sham anyone who would be stupid enough to buy this should take up golf,how can this guy from a unknown bait company turn around and say it out fishes any boilie out their. Who would be interested in a bait i am selling at 39.99 per kg , Unbelievable amount of stuff that has gone into it , inculding monotonic gold which speeds up carps metabolism and forces
  12. i used x-line in 17lb soaked it in water for 2 hours and it was awful did as x line said birds nest and wirey
  13. Chub eazi flow retention sling Thinking anglers tip tops Erics angling hoody New free spirit deep mesh
  14. is yours the newer logo big snooze or the older one with the phone pocket as the one i have is the newer one without the phone pocket and the new logo and it is not worth the money.
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