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  1. I've seen the price of vintage tackle they could cost a fortune 😂
  2. I remember pulling some rigs apart before and saying I didn't like the material, can't remember what it was now, but I was basically pulling it way too hard 😂 In the early stages I crimped a couple wrong and they slipped or snapped but since I worked that out they have been fine, although I try not to rip them apart these days, The gemini tidy booms and leaders look pretty good BTW could be another alternative to look at,
  3. Been to the quacks today, well phone consultancy, getting drugged right up now diazepam, tramadol, naproxen, this is the return of the space cowboy 🤠 Might start listening to Bob marley and cypress Hill again later
  4. I got them so I could make low Chods and HSR with mouth trap, they are good for that as its quite tricky to knot them as short but it's easy with the krimps, but they do make a nice tidy stiff Ronnie boom section which is handy 👍
  5. I only crimp the stiff link one, I don't think crimping trick link will work that well, I know korda don't recommend crimping fluoros only hybrid stiff and boom, gardner stiff link is the same as boom
  6. No chance keep at it they will slip up soon 👍
  7. Smashing it @yonny Some more belters, keep up the good work certainly doing things right at the moment, the biggun won't be far off 👍
  8. Gardner also do some nice hooklinks though Trick link is quite nice to use, and if you want a boom stiff link is good and works with korda krimps and is cheaper than boom
  9. I could pretend I was singing in front of the mirror but Was going to brush the kids hair 😂 Thanks mine goes too often as well, it's usually worse when it's something stupid that caused it,
  10. I will have to see about that, the pups have now had there vaccine so they can get out walking this week, I may try but I'm not going to push it too hard we are all pretty done in at the moment 😂 They are growing up so fast 😭
  11. It's not luck it's good angling, If you think about it how do you improve as an angler if everytime you catch of don't catch its down to luck, good or bad, it isn't it is down to what you have done well or badly, I do think there are elements of good fortune, that can help you but ultimately they are things you learn or have learnt to use to your advantage when you see them, I think there are shortcuts nowadays that make it easier to level up though, everyone now has access to the best baits, sharpest hooks,even decent ready tied rigs, big fish in loads of waters all over the place some more accessible than others, best of everything if you can afford it, I could book a week on Holme Fen or somewhere and maybe obliterate my PB but it wouldn't mean that much to me, I earnt my PB and that's all that matters to me, hopefully I will have earnt the next one too 😁 But we live in a much more instant disposable world nowadays, I still think a 20lber is a big fish, and long may that continue 👍
  12. Well I've got a week off work next week , so it's the law of the Sod I've done my back in this morning picking up a hair brush off the side, the irony is I have no chuffing hair 😢
  13. You should try getting scammed by UPS, that is mission impossible to complain, what I do now is go on their Facebook page periodically and slag them right off, it hasn't solved a thing but makes me feel like I am making a difference 😂
  14. Lovely fish that one 😎 Well worth getting a tripod I got an amazon basics one for my camera wasn't expensive but well worth it 👍 I try to make it as simple as I can for photos, intervalometer, video light, tripod , get the mat set up with the camera ready with a practice snap, then just move the fish hit the timer unzip the retainer, bucket of water ready lift, take snaps, turn, do more snaps and back in the water, worth checking you have a good enough snap before releasing 👍 If they get a bit flappy I've found it can help to keep the eyes covered as much as possible, I think it's the bright lights that bother them, just takes a bit of practice to get used too then it becomes 2nd nature, Great session though bagged some whackers 👍👍😎😎
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