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  1. I'm just hoping this mild weather doesn't bring them all out again and I can get on one of my spots , stay home it's gonna snow tomorrow if you are going where I am going
  2. elmoputney

    Caulking gun Vs boilie gun

    Nasty coffee and a 16mm nozzle anyone ? I even got the verniers out 16mm +/- 0.1mm inside diameter and linished for a smooth finish, were sausaging all over the world
  3. Looks a nice place to be old school, even if the gods arent smiling, good luck I've done 2 pre baits this week hopefully they found them and maybe even fed on some, I'm starting to feel like sooner or later I'll get my chance, would be nice if it came tomorrow though
  4. elmoputney

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    Just coat some digestives in clear resin cure them and hey presto biscuit bobs are born
  5. Mrs Putney is going out with the kids tomorrow already arranged before I asked lovely jubbly, late night bait making a go go
  6. elmoputney

    Tell me about bobbins and bite indication...

    I just use these for everything cos they are cool 😎
  7. Thanks pukka carp I went for a walk round yesterday to throw some bait out and actually found a few in a snag, now I've just got to try and convince the misses to allow me a few hours to angle for them this weekend 😬
  8. elmoputney

    Caulking gun Vs boilie gun

    I picked up my gun today from the post office only had a quick look but it looks a solid piece of kit and probably very similar to the Gardner ones will do a more detailed review when I get to test it
  9. Got my sonik compact chair have to say it it's pretty good quick up and down feels sturdy and doesn't feel under pressure with my super powered BMI oh yeah i'm well above average
  10. Hi Pukka carp I'll be honest I don't know if it is too cold for it, although I haven't had any bites in 3 sessions might be a good idea to run a test though will pop one in a jar and leave it outside and see what happens with it today was a good lesson though thought I did some things well and some not so well tbh I used my marker rod and found a couple of nice spots took a bit longer to hit them than I would like which probably didn't help my chances, one of my rigs came in a bit tangled so need to cure that, but the key one was not spending enough time fish spotting,locating I'm getting closer to catching one though everytime I think, just need to fine tune, I did take some pics of a nice 24lb common though so was nice to see one on the bank
  11. Forgot to add I am going for a morning session before work
  12. What a load of poo I decided I don't want to spend ages making loads of boiled round things for now so I just made some for the hook and some less round hookbaits as for the sausages will be chopped up for loose feed or crumbed up These have the working title of Squilk
  13. elmoputney

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    I've been visiting earith a bit lately carp lakes gates are usually open for all and sundry to visit, I also got the impression that most were otter fencing apart from ECL up that way
  14. elmoputney

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    Just started having a read through some of the posts on here very emotive stuff, it's not something I think I can form an opinion on instantly really other than time is limited for me and probably due to being in East Anglia there is a huge chance they have already got into most lakes in the area, so probably wisest to look at places that have been protected or are looking to be for now
  15. elmoputney

    So what's changed then since I've been gone ?

    I guess otters are a thing that has changed since I was away as well and also something I have been sort of considering but without really knowing too much, I drove through earith and down the lakes the other week and had a chat to the guys who were putting it up at ashmire, but should you fish somewhere that hasn't got them now ? It's all a bit overwhelming I'm not gonna lie , I feel I have a lot of waters I would want to fish round here some haven't got it, could I be wasting my very limited bank time ?