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  1. It's funny I spent a little time being a team member last year and it did funny things to my brain, I wanted to use a different pop up and then felt I couldn't and I wanted to use alternate hookbaits etc but then felt handicapped or that I would have to lie if I caught anything worth catching, quite happy to be free of all that again tbh, this year I can do what I want when I want with whatever I want, other than fishery rules obvs 😉
  2. I've got a lot of time for Carl and Alex they seem like genuine guys and they seem to be in it for a genuine Love of the Sport and also to help the kids learn, and from a slightly different perspective, they have also set up another channel which has instructional videos to teach newcomers how to do things,
  3. I think doing things your way and being different are almost the same thing really and most will be using there own ideas, for me it comes down to trends if you see a lot of people spombing then use a different method if everyone is using a throwing stick then a Spomb may be the answer,just the simple things really, I watch a lot of YouTube vids and most of the time they are all using heavily glugged spod mixes and I've no doubt this works because you also see the proof, but is the method diluted by everyone else doing similar things? This is why I raised the question really, For me this year SHOULD be better I am going back to a lake I fished before for a season and caught quite well from so I know a few swims already, I have rigs I am confident in, I actually think I am a more advanced angler than when I fished it before and can hopefully do OK, naturally it will have changed but hopefully I can coax a few whackers out and pick up from where I left off, I caught my biggest fish from there a 27lb common, it was my target then to get a 30+ and that's still the target but also to be more consistent and go in with a plan and see it through
  4. As for the new lake you learn most from better anglers so don't be scared to try even if you are out of your depth 👍
  5. Welcome I just had a look at the lakes website, sounds like it's very heavily stocked so this may stop them reaching a big weight, I think the only way is to keep working through the smaller ones and hope the bigger ones decide to make an appearance tbh, What size baits are you using? I would fish a pop up too, smaller fish seem less keen to take them I think
  6. I watched Carl and Alex on the Park lake campaign again last night brilliant video, one thing that seems to have stuck with me from it was there dad saying "you can't do the same as everyone else and expect better results" it's not a new saying but seeing them executed it was really inspiring, I just think start with the basics and build it up to MY approach to the water at my own pace, also I think I've spent the last few months thinking about what I need to add be it tackle, bait, knowledge etc, when in reality I have enough to start with, if I can get the basics working well, then with fine tuning who knows where I might end up, hopefully the hippodrome 😏 That's good I was thinking the same chucking out a couple of kilos of glugged baits on the way to work doesn't appeal that much 😁
  7. This is quite interesting stuff,I might try not using a glug to start with this year and build on that maybe try adding other attractors,and feed items as I go but only If feel I need to, I do agree you need to have faith in your bait and that must start from the bare boilie, this way as I tweak and change things I will learn more about what works and what doesn't, Just out of interest if you guys were prebaiting would you always glug your prebait to replicate the bait you would use if fishing, or use the liquid as a boost for the times you are fishing to encourage them along quicker?
  8. I did notice scanning the catch reports that the crab one seems to be a prolific fish catcher, I might try proper job pop ups this year, but I also have loads of others so may just get a match the hatch pop up as I don't think my pop up shelf will hold too many more 😊
  9. I think the DNA pineapple and tutti fruiti ones sound quite Angler friendly,but will that mean they don't work as well? 😂 Also the active CSL sounds OK too 5ltrs for 30 quid at the minute on BAF anyone used this? or should I just go stinky and fish based 🤔
  10. You need one of those bin lids in there to be able to present your 3 rods on 😁
  11. Great stuff thanks for the replies all, it would appear from the responses that hydros might be the way forward, but maybe add a little powder to make them more user friendly 😁 I do like the sound of Maggi and marmite though,, I want to try and avoid making it too fishy though as there are moggies in them there waters,
  12. Thanks guys That makes sense I think edge perhaps isn't the right word but just wondered if less might be more, but yes confidence in the bait is what I want to achieve this year, I'm looking at retro baits and I'm thinking Shropshire gold could be the one for me, sounds like a lovely foodbait but still at a decent price, but just wondering whether I should add something else to it also ? It is another new bait lol but the last one I was using whilst I really liked it, getting it delivered was the issue, sometimes taking up to 5 weeks, which is no good for me I did use a couple of hydros last year a dna one and also the sticky squid ink one which I quite liked, do you use the retro bait glugs Oscsha? I think I can see why you like the Maggi seasoning it looks really salty, and doesn't cost the earth which I like I did try using a garlic infused oil last year, I actually caught a couple using that, so maybe I could try and create my own blend, 🤔 I really want to find a solid bait and stick with it this year I did keep changing my mind last year, this year I want to start and finish on the same bait knowing it works by the end of it 😀
  13. What are your thoughts on glugs, liquids, oils etc and glugging these days? I am starting to think most people will be using them in spod mixes or on there baits in one way or another, but does that mean they are overused and it could almost be an edge to not glug these days? Or by not glugging am I just making it harder for the fish to locate my bait and making them less attractive? Also are there times of the year when glugs are more important? And times to leave them alone, One thing I noticed last year was I got sucked right in and used glug a lot, but I'm not sure it really enhanced my fishing, would be interested to hear your thoughts?
  14. Oh yeah forgot the other rule if you're not sure how accurate you are fishing, stick a bag on it then at least you will have a spot within a spot, within a spot,spot 😁
  15. I always think baiting accuracy is overrated anyway 😁 Much better to have a couple of accurate ones with a rig on with a few loose ones in the general area the pros call it a spot within a spot I just call it my baited area 😁
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