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  1. Can't wait will be just nice to chill and try and catch some whackers, and also have a nice week with the family
  2. It's £80 to Hire the roof box but it means I can take bait and my rods and probably chairs and a brolly so it makes sense really rather than needing to hire it all when i get there, so that is money we'll spent really I think
  3. I'm not riding that all the way to France I would be skinny by the end of it 😂 Nice wheels though 👍
  4. Thanks but I've just messed up the need for new rods 😩 I've hired a roof box that will fit 12ft rods in 😭 good in some ways as I don't need to buy anymore rods but bad in that I don't need to buy anymore 😂
  5. 9ft 3lb tc or 9ft 3.5tc or a mix of both? I'm thinking 3.5lb would be better for chucking bags out but 3lb may be a nicer all round fishing rod maybe 2 3lbers and a 3.5lb beast rod 😎 I have the 3.25lb 12ft rods and actually they are quite nice all rounders and not horrible to play fish on, I have a sneaky feeling i would find a use for the shorter rods in my own fishing too if I owned them 😂
  6. Hemp, red dari, tares and maples, and you mix in the pelletizer when you open it,
  7. Yeah it came with pelletizer I thought it sounded like a good additive, I would have upgraded to the boosted one but it wasn't in the deal, I thought 30 delivered was a pretty good price
  8. I'm sure my misses will remind me if I go the wrong way she's a good back swat driver 😂
  9. Yeah I don't plan on fishing all day everyday might just do morning and evenings I think no point burning the candle at both ends it's got to be fun for everyone, I think after the last few years we all just need a break tbh can't wait, It's only 6 acres I'm toying with the idea of using solid bags a bit, I could make up a bucket load in advance with shelf life hookbaits, that might work a treat I think then just throwing stick some baits around it, nice and simple stuff
  10. Who doesn't love cheese and garlic 😋 I've never driven on the wrong side of the road either hoping it's not so bad to get used too 😅
  11. Whoops got sent this picture from my good lady earlier 😂 30 quid though not too bad for all this I didn't think 😂
  12. That's what I was thinking he makes it himself apparently though but I'm tempted to stick with what I know and use the retro, might buy some particles and bits off him though to bulk it out 👍
  13. They are some proper French kippers great stuff 👍 Not sure i will catch any that stamp, but if I can get the family enjoying a fishing holiday that's a proper win lol
  14. Thanks that was the only thing tackle wise is just rods that don't need the whole car length to fit in really,I can get a cardboard tube from work for them to travel in,and just anything else that saves space, end tackle wise don't think anything will need to be different really, I use pretty strong hooks anyway due to weed, This is the lakes bait list not excessively priced to some I've looked at recently,
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