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  1. Thanks for that yeah dynamite ones they are oily, I wasn't confident the pellets would be OK tbh but thought I would check as it's still not proper cold yet And it saves me a trip to the shops no particle, so that's also fine 😁 I will have a go just with crumb this time I will add a few whole and bigger chops as well but it's a winter friendly bait so should be fine I think, just going to go easy and fish for a bite at a time, I am going to stick with the Ronald rigs over the top also I've decided I quite like em recently
  2. Just made 3kg of boilie crumb for the weekend, I am hoping the food source liquid arrives as I want to give it a good dousing of that and maybe some evaporated milk would you add any particles into this ? , it's a very creamy sweet mix at present and I am aiming for sloppy but with not too many bulky food items hmmm I have still got some 4mm + 6mm Robin red pellets and groundbait but they are a bit oily? Too late or would you still use them in Moderation? I just want to get it right this weekend 😁
  3. That's fine in theory but I decided a while a go from now on any rods I buy must have a Cork handle 😳
  4. I used to have a pair of Shimano alivio rods many moons ago they were horrible rods I seem to remember selling them quite quickly as they were really heavy, I wouldn't swap my vaders for them unless they have got a lot better in recent times
  5. I have also put a bucket of boilies out to defrost today shhh they will be going in the food processor tomorrow 😳 The postman is en route pheeeew
  6. I think I may get rumbled today ordered some new hooks and bits and the postman hasn't been yet, it's going to the wire I have to leave in 20 mins
  7. That's good to know there is nothing wrong with the drag just thought qd may be better but if it isn't I am not missing out 😁 As for Mrs Putney not telling her is the best policy 😁
  8. Thanks yonny I think that's the thing I like is the reliability with mine I've not greased mine or anything and they still work a treat tbh, I used one of them as a spod reel for a couple of years as well they are probably 20 years old but they got a few gap years, line lay is perfect, I guess it all comes down to diawa quality, I got a [censored]mano bait runner last year for my barbel rod spooled it twice and both times the line lay is shocking and it feels poor quality haven't used it properly yet 😳 If I was to change I would certainly stick with diawa, I do like the idea of quick drag but I am way past needing a free spool, maybe one day I will service them 😁
  9. Can I ask a genuine question please? I still use my diawa emcast evos 5500 big pit reels and I absolutely love them tbh they don't seem to let me down or hinder me in any way, how much better is a 5000t? Than a cheaper diawa reel? I understand they will make it with better higher end parts but I wonder how much difference it actually makes to your fishing? This isn't meant as a Diss or anything BTW I've just never used any really expensive reels and have always wondered what they would be like, and I can't see Mrs Putney let me find out anytime soon 😁
  10. Rex Hunt in fish kissing scandal https://theunaustralian.net/2016/05/03/cold-sore-riddled-rex-hunt-denies-kissing-any-carp/amp/
  11. I don't need to add a comment do I?
  12. I doubt the feeling is mutual tbh, I think if I was a carp I would feel a bit violated especially after all that get in that net domination talk beforehand 😁
  13. I don't get either of those things tbh 😁 I think I am becoming one of those people that thinks everything was better in the good old days 😁
  14. Yeah but never an actual fish 😁
  15. Yeah but take that out of it and it's still weird I think 😁 I also think the pb bucket is a bad idea, I am quite glad I fish on my own mainly, I wont tip one over my own head next time I get a new pb 😁
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