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  1. Nice, did you catch anymore?
  2. Hopefully you win a couple then 😁
  3. Worth going big on the raffle then boy, sounds amazing hope you win
  4. Might be worth not dropping the lead so easily tbh maybe that might be why they are getting snagged as they rise up in the water once the lead drops off, i would also allow a little clutch movement, tight but forgiving and just be quick on it
  5. Are you dropping the lead?
  6. Are they just heading straight for it from the take, something I Do now when fishing up to the pads, is walk straight back as soon as I pick up the rod then rather than keeping the rod up, get it low and use side strain to keep them out of the areas you don't want them in,
  7. Keep em coming Highy, hopefully there will be more
  8. Back from my Friday Night out, Biggest one was 19lb, but all pretty in there own way,especially the apple slice oddun , top one was another quick bite, within 20 minutes 1st cast with a bag, I am starting to see the appeal of minimal disturbance at the start of a session its been working pretty well lately
  9. Hope you get a few and win 👍 I finished up with 3 I think If I could have stayed there was a chance for more but hey ho, couldn't hang it out any longer
  10. Good luck today @Highyhope you smash it, don't forget your Mozzie repellant like I did, going to pay for that I think 😢 Ps the lucky moorhen just went through all my lines, so that's either good or bad 😁
  11. Just had a 3rd 16lb of oddun quite a pretty oddun but an oddun, burgers for breakfast and a slow pack down and hope a biggie arrives all rods have been rechucked and I've done all I can now its all up to god Hutchinson 🙏🙏🙏
  12. Thanks had 2 so far, biggest 19lb would like one of the bigger ones now not being greedy but pleeeeeeese 😁
  13. For some reason September is usually good to me, just got to keep it going now, i want one of the big ones 😁
  14. I'm using the fluro still, trying the gemini tidy booms today they are nice, Another crimpable boom material that doesn't cost the earth is Gardner stiff link 25lb works with a 0.6mm crimp
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