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  1. If I use line clips will I end up folding my reel handles?
  2. I never really use them perhaps I am missing out, I might try it later see if I am 😎
  3. Got back for the school run after donning the waders and doing some reed gardening, I am going back for a quick overnighter tonight got to be home for the school run again, I start back on nights tomorrow so we shall call this preparation for that, I am hoping they enjoy the freebies I left while I am gone will show you the new and improved swim later 🤣
  4. I've got one of those silly whistling ones without a lid so they wouldn't fit 😁
  5. One of the things I meant to pick up when I went home was the blooming frying pan, got back all excited for bacon egg and sausage rolls now just rolls and hobnobs 😭 I left it on the side again, blooming school run, such a juxtaposition from sitting on the bank
  6. elmoputney

    June Catches

    I've had some of my most memorable captures in thunderstorms, in this pond I used to fish as a kid I found the bigger ones always slipped up when it was a thunderstorm, I caught the pond record 17lb in a thunderstorm on a floater right under the rod tip
  7. Straight away was more happy with, I actually bought 3 ready tied korda booms, lovely and straight will use that more I think
  8. Well I've blanked so far, just nipped home to do the school run, stayed very quiet last night until I decided I wasn't dead happy with my rigs,there has been bubblers all over the gaff, the bank tackle braid multi rigs looked too blatent on the silt close in if not totally in weed they might be easily detected and I wasnt dead happy with my chod either, I added a boom to the choddy and within 5 mins I was playing a tench (which fell off) but at least its presented OK for a take now going to re do them all before I recast them, another learning curve night I think but it's OK if you learn isn't it,
  9. Hopefully you will be in for a crazy, crazy crazy, Crazy night
  10. Got my old weightlifting socks on tonight, hoping to lift a weight into the net 😀
  11. One more of the whole swim lovely jubbly
  12. elmoputney

    June Catches

    That is a cracker @muftyboy Well done
  13. I just hope you've told the carp that 😁😁😁
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