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  1. Cambridge go outdoors has a fishing Republic too πŸ‘
  2. Well apart from having a nice couple of days, I didn't catch anything, what did I learn, not a lot really,there is a lot of low lying weed so chods or zigs were probably the ones probably zigs for the conditions tbh, my reels sound like they are dying, I don't think the fish were anywhere near where I thought and are probably hiding out beyond the flooded area,behind the islands they have a lot of hiding places at present even more so than usual, I tried but I think I've possibly started something to continue with so well call it a stepping stone session, was nice to be out though, even though
  3. Welcome Reece Glad to see you have come out the other side OK, good for you to be able to turn it all around and make positive changes like that, not an easy feat, I am just getting to the end of a 48 hour blank πŸ˜‚ but I do think it has helped being away from all the day to day stuff and outside in the fresh air Good luck with your targets and enjoy the forum πŸ‘
  4. Desperate times got 2 on zigs one on a chod,glorious morning again though, I would've done 3 but I left my zig line at home 😒4ft and 5ft hopefully that will be right cos I can only go lower πŸ˜‚ I was going to be baiting anyway this morning so I've had an idea, I'm going to make my mix a bit more cloudy, leave the zigs near the spots and hopefully boost the attraction that way,with a little and often approach, I think next session I will be zig and chod ready, The tufties found my chod this morning, luckily I managed to scare them off with my fake tufty torch, the grebe is an arrogant prick
  5. I'm only just starting to see the benefit of chod rigs πŸ˜‚ if I haven't had anything by morning I will put them all on zigs as a last ditch attempt 😳 A grebe just found my chod rig, seems a lot of diving birds this year only seen one grebe but there is a posse of tufties this year,
  6. It's been glorious today, my skin doesn't know whether to be sunburnt or frostbitten, no carp still had a walk around saw nothing, I would have thought they might have got moving a bit today but nothing showing, the sun has been on this zone all day, all I 2ant is a sign 🀘 Left hand is now on a long parachute Ronnie rig 😁 Middle chod Right hand rod, stiff rig wafter, been doing some underwater gardening and cleared a little debris trying one in the edge tonight still nearly 10ft deep though 😳
  7. Breakfast of champions 😁cheese and bacon toastie mmm mmm
  8. It sounds like he needs to read the AT guidelines again tbh, perhaps you could take him to specsavers πŸ“–πŸ€”
  9. Base camp alpha πŸ˜‚ glorious morning though, best bit I don't have to pack up today 😁
  10. Yep when I booked this holiday I thought it might be spring 😁
  11. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, 🌨️
  12. Now we wait and see, don't think I would change much tbh 6 or so airbombs over each rod should get them rooting around,got them nice and spread out Nice evening at the moment, getting colder but the rudd are a flippin, and I have a moorhen parked up next to me all good signs tbh now all we need is Mr carp and maybe a bailicks πŸ˜‚
  13. Lawn farm fishery? That's probably a runs water, Cambourne fishing club has a little park lake, which is easy enough but nothing big in there but its cheap no nights though, but you can catch enough in a couple of hours tbh
  14. Took a while to decide where I wanted to be, I know they are wonky πŸ˜‚ I am still in the process of getting organised, but I had an occurance on my left hand rod, whatever it was came off, didn't feel like a carp but it's a confidence boost, it was warmer round here earlier so I thought it felt a bit more carpy, its gone all wintry now though 😬😳 L-R POP UP, CHOD, PVA BAG
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