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  1. I did that last year too the littlun bought one home From school and I didn't have any bamboo, mine wasn't just a Nash one it was a broken Nash one 😁
  2. I thought I might just try them as I am still convinced my bait has some asshoolefatiguea in it The hookbaits seemed too and I just fancied some nice alternatives for the coming year and I think I'm going to have to use pop ups quite often so thought I may as well use some really good ones, went for a couple of multi sized tubs and one lot of barrels for my bags
  3. Had a nice day on lock down today My eldest was 6 today, lots of video chats with family and friends and went for a walk and it was lovely to see the community sharing in the day, lots of people have been putting banners up wishing her and others a happy birthday, it's this kind of community spirit that will get us all through it, it's been different but a lot more human and real, Made me feel proud and positive again, stay strong everyone and more importantly safe
  4. Proper job pop ups x3 devil's dung and cheese, scopex combo dbs, and BP plus in Camo brown all sound like stinky fish catchers 😍 100 bait screws, as I've decided fannying around with bait floss and micro hook swivels is time too consuming 😳 I'm really trying not to buy stuff atm but I needed a fix
  5. I used my spod rod at my last daughters birthday, I sat on the stage like a knome with a pinata tied to it while the kids whacked the hell out of it 😁
  6. Great read yonny and some great fish too excellent stuff, hope there are more installments to come 👍
  7. Don't you have then reel the dog in though to get it to come back 😂
  8. I still haven't found the time to go through it once yet 😭 I need to respool all my lines and everything, I have just bought a spooler and d spool drill attachment, the thought of another manual despool was too much, I think that may be why I have been putting it off 😂
  9. 0 No i know but from my understanding changing the wheel is still the only way to adjust the sensitivity? IE 4 magnet to 2 magnet would make it less sensitive
  10. Is that the thing to stop false beeps? Doesn't seem like it's a adjustable though does it?
  11. You could've put bog roll in the speakers if you could find some 😁
  12. I think people should just stay at home and stop trying to beat the system, it's the others who suffer, my dad is going in for a an op as he has bowel cancer tomorrow, I'm scared that even though he is isolated at present he can't isolate himself against idiots who take it upon themselves to break the rules for whatever petty reason they can find, these people then go around infecting others who then infect others and others and others, it's just a few weeks off, just do what you can to stop the spread it will save lives
  13. From what I've just read the sensitivity comes from the magnet rollers and is only adjustable by changing that I think the mk3 seems to come with a 4 magnet roller which may be upgraded from previous ones Settings look like on, silent or off but it has connection to the reciever I may be wrong but that's what I could glean from the blurb I read
  14. That's what I thought the short ones for the singles are 13cm shouldnt need much persuading to get those in the ground, so next rod shot will be straight 😁
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