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  1. Now all we need is the carp to follow that wind to the banquet 😬
  2. I've given myself arm ache with that thing today, I've gone for the half a tennis court approach to match the tennis elbow πŸ˜‚πŸŽΎ
  3. https://youtu.be/xbdxm8Ia0Wc
  4. I'm venturing back to pastures old tomorrow for a fleeting overnighter after work, I'm hoping it is going to be less busy due to the abhorrent weather we are having,I dream of setting up in one of the plum swims this weekend but we shall see, might just have to settle for what I can, keeping it simple though, and hopefully will be singing in the rain this time tomorrow β˜”πŸŽΆπŸ˜‚
  5. I just walked past a vauxhall insignia and this popped into my head Feel free to share any classic ads from yesteryear 😁
  6. Took too much backing off 😭 It will do for now, reels a bit poop anyway πŸ’© I can see an upgrade on the cards sometime
  7. Leon said it was 95cm πŸ‘I couldn't find any other measurements on it though
  8. Leon bartropp did a review on those, he seemed to like it πŸ‘
  9. Oh really lol didn't know that, 😁
  10. I only looked at those because he had one out,but yeah nice rod for the money, I know Terry Edmonds uses shimano rods for his tuitions, I would certainly consider them or something shimano when I next need some new ones,
  11. I've been to 2 fishing shops, Had to buy fox exocet mk2 marker braid, as no Gardner available NGT distance sticks (again) Semi stiff tungsten loaded in Camo I also held some shimano tx2 rods, have to say I quite liked em, I was strong though, no rods bought today, 😁
  12. That's good I thought that it might not make so much difference,was kind of hopeful anyway, everyone seems to be making a universal spod/marker rod these days so I suspected as much I think first thing I may try is some better marker braid, probably Gardner kinetic if I can get it today, will see if that helps I am using 50lb braid at the minute, I think it may be a bit bullish and also perhaps it's knocking a few yards off the casting ability I do have a spare 2 3/4lb carp Rod kicking about I might even try that as a leading about rod to see if that's any good, I think maybe using a lighter lead may help in the weed and that would be a more sensitive rod to match maybe worth a try anyway
  13. I've got 2 spod rods one is a 5.5lb fox warrior and I have a wychwood s1, which I cannot find out what tc it is, I think it's lighter though probably about 4lb or so, it's OK if the spots are quite easy to find just wonder if a dedicated marker may do a better job, basically I am trying to not buy a deeper at the moment so considering all options first πŸ™„
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