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  1. Thanks I had seen his original vid but just watched this one with upgrade, similar to my thinking I guess so that's encouraging, and a couple of nice tips too that I hadn't thought of, also good to know I can use 20mm with duct tape, but I want to try and make it without first 😁
  2. Well I've used it a few times but as predicted it wasn't long enough for everything I want 😁 Now I thought about buying a long one, but I quite fancy having a go at making one,but don't always like the price of them, I'm currently researching pipe and how to fix them together, most of the DIY type ones I've seen use a male and female thread I don't want to do that, seems long winded, I've found some 25mm PVC PIPE online that I should be able to use, but I want to use a slightly smaller pipe for a spigot joint with a push clip and hole set up ala bushwhacker, I've found 2 pipes one is slightly thicker walled so it leaves a - 0.2mm gap over the inch pipe which I would use for the spigot,and may require sanding to make it right, or a thinner walled one which would leave 1.2mm gap which is probably fine for the half I join with gluey stuff as that would fill the void but will it be too loose and make the pole sag? Does anyone happen to have a bushwhacker and some calipers I would be interested to know measurements for the joints and what tolerance they are thanks if you can help ?? I'm looking to start off with 36m worth of 1.5m sections if I can and maybe I could also use the end of this pole and any sections that I can to make it telescopic with the extensions, I might also try and make a massive spoon too for those times you just want to fill it in quickly 😁 A faff yes, a small project yes, but I quite fancy a little winter project and don't fancy spending hundreds on a baiting pole 😳 I can do stuff at work like drilling and bits so with care I should be able to get that all nice so they are all interchangeable
  3. Bought some bits from gemini again Hinge rig booms PVA stem kit And some fluoro leaders
  4. If his misses finds all the bits he wants to buy, it may be useful for the slippery slope he could find himself on 😁
  5. I think it is probably better to use himalayan rock salt, mainly because of the extra minerals it contains over normal salt, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himalayan_salt
  6. It says it has this in on the bag so I had a look, probably fine it's meant to be safe to use https://foodadditives.net/anticaking-agent/sodium-ferrocyanide/
  7. They've put all the prices up again now,back to pre black Friday prices it's a swizz 😳🙄
  8. Well that couldn't have worked out much better,problem solved and a free cuppa well done welder 👍
  9. If you can't catch em in your head then it is time to hang up the rods I think 😂
  10. Not been fishing this weekend but what did I learn? I wanted to go fishing, I thought about fishing, I watched fishing videos and I got bored and bought some bits of tackle for fishing 😂
  11. I got a cult tackle gadget case thing free a while ago when I bought something, I use it for my tackle now, seems sturdy and well made tbh if that helps 😂
  12. 210d polyester I think? Sonik axs also HD Polyester
  13. What about making one or bodging one up with yours 😁 Could you not get a heavy duty tarp cut it to size and stick it to your one with spray glue or something
  14. Hi mate that rig doesn't look very nice tbh, if it snaps the fish would probably end up snagged with a lead attached, I would start again with the right items of tackle if it was me, I would use a lead clip set up, this video will give you a good idea of a basic set up with lead clip
  15. I've started thinking about luggage again as none of mine fits under the bedchair, I've started looking at some that will fit under my bed,fung shui, that will help catch more fish 🧘‍♂️🧘
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