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  1. There is an NGT one that will go 2 foot high apparently according to an Amazon question and it has a kneeling pad so may be more comfortable getting up and down
  2. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362615579290 This one has adjustable legs if that still isn't high enough maybe get some longer legs made up for it, there are others btw but I quite like sonik stuff
  3. Hi luv4carp Welcome to the forum To me a table sounds a bit dodgy as if it's not perfecty level you may get sliding issues, and it's a big drop for the carp if it falls Have you looked at some of the bigger cradles (with frames) they may be better for you , if not would be worth asking a company to have one made to suit you maybe an extra tall one, with a taller frame or maybe have some 3/8th threads put on the frame so you could use adjustable banksticks to increase the height that way Hope this helps and all the best Elmo
  4. Its just the label the bottle is one of those big boy bottles
  5. Look what I found for this evening 😀
  6. Gave it a good work out tonight handled marker work ,weed clearance ,and spombing and did it all quite nicely too, I guess the main limitation will be needing to cast further with 35lb, but I got it as far I will need so all in all quite happy so far
  7. Reckon i could pull a car out the lake with this 35lb braid
  8. It's half term anything to keep the peace tbh, daddy day care is hard work, and if they enjoy going to the tackle shop happy days for me too 😀
  9. I decided on 35lb for my 3 in 1 multifunction spod/marker/weed rake rod, should be tough enough for all disciplines 😀 4th function accidental tree surgery 🙄
  10. Oops I went to the tackle shop again Fortis over glasses goggles Weed rake , marker floats and another spomb(went for black this time as white may be jinxed) And a couple more bath fish
  11. I haven't got any mates really so I have free licence to do what I want
  12. It's probably the least stealthy colour you can find, I think it must be a sickness but I really wanted yellow braid 🙄
  13. I think I've found some spider braid, from memory this was recommended to me years ago and I think the braid I've had on my marker reel since might try this funky yellow one
  14. Did you ever use this Finchey? I've been wondering the same and I need to change my braid as it's old
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