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  1. John Baker has done loads of videos on YouTube abiut his products not sure if you have seen them, also some good podcasts, if he says it is good enough as it is I would believe him
  2. Sounds a bit like something you might find in Ann summers a varimax thruster 😂
  3. Thanks that's a good idea I might try that thanks 👍
  4. They all seem to have a long waiting list at the moment, I've recently put my name down on one that has a 3 year wait minimum, If nothing else it my be worth getting your name down for the future, I was planning to make this year my last on the syndicate I am on, but I won't be giving up my ticket until something else comes up,
  5. I tend to base boilie size on nuisance species present, but I will happily use 12mm baits as freebies and fish bigger hookbaits, or smaller hookbaits and bigger freebies, My main adversaries at present are rudd so small pellets, particle, and crumb just get destroyed by them, I am mainly feeding 17mm pellets and whatever boilies I get out the freezer quite like using 1 size of freebie as it's less faff, but a mix of sizes isn't a bad thing, I tend to have a selection of 12/15/18mm in the freezer and generally will use any of them quite happily, If I think I might be fishing at
  6. Is it Neen or Nen there's only one way to find out 😂
  7. I gave up for 15 years, now look what's happened 😂😂😂 More addicted than ever I think 😳
  8. I first heard Nen when I went to Stanick lakes (with a silent W🤔) on a carp.com social many years ago, I always called it Neen but now I am multilingual and can fit in with both cultures 😂
  9. It's payday so a treat for me day, fancied some more water gardening tools this month, it's the Reed/pad cutter that matches my weed rake 😳 should make my aquagardening much simpler I think 🤔 https://www.uniqueweldingservices.co.uk/product-page/stealth-reed-cutter
  10. Good to see you getting the urge to get out again., hope you catch some whackers
  11. How do Peterborough peeps pronounce it? Neen or Nen?
  12. Good debut for the tent Highy, hope the bar was busy and you made enough for some more sonik bits 😉
  13. I'm on afternoons next week so I may join you, I find it tough to watch England without having a beer
  14. All round to Highy's for a free bar and footy then, 🍻🍻🍻🍻 Have a good day, hope its a positive start for the gland 👍
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