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  1. That's good enough for me you can see all the detail clearly enough nice one think I will get myself one thanks
  2. Brilliant thanks that's the confirmation I needed as I thought that may help still got to catch one but when I do will be nice to get some decent shots of it
  3. I just wondered as it is hard to do everything in the dark like dealing with the fish and another light may help with all that so you don't need the headlight for that moment, you could maybe angle it from the side so it's out of shot but lighting the area if you see what I mean, I tested my self take button using my toe last week I think with a pair of open toed sliders for bivvy wear that could make self takes easier rather than holding the fish and the remote
  4. I caught a 10lb bream this summer it still had more discharge than the local Gum clinic 😀😁
  5. I was thinking we need to market a flat cap stand for bivvies ? 😁😁😁
  6. If you are fishing for them what I mean though is i need to focus on the carp for now 😃 when doing self takes at night ? Do you think one of those floodlights would be useful to light the area ? The thing I found was I needed my headlight to see what I was doing but it messed up the shot as the flash on my phone didn't always go or I catch the light in the shot i am now thinking use my DSLR with remote btw
  7. Don't worry I have since come to my senses for the time being I think 😬😬🙄🙄🙄
  8. Should be but that is now also football time, 3pm finish at the latest Is just about acceptable otherwise it is just selfish in my book,they are saying my kid is more important than your social life mother trucker 😒😒
  9. It's proving tricky for me at the moment too everytime i think there is a window opening something seems to slam it down hard on my fingers, I thought Saturday night could be an option til the misses reminded me the kids had two parties Saturday one of them 5pm -7pm outrageous party planning don't these parents know I want to go fishing
  10. Glad you are making the most of it
  11. Pulling them out for fun this week the snowman too angling and some lovely lookers And well done chillfactor great effort and determination to catch inspiring to see Go all
  12. Hi Welcome to the forum There are some great Carl and Alex Videos where they fish in America all really enjoyable and worth a watch if you haven't seen them, I loved watching these ones though the fishing seems really wild in comparison to here
  13. Roughly what range in wraps ? are the different types of throwing sticks useful to please ? I am going to be doing some extreme distance fishing soon possibly even over 18.5 wraps 😮😏😀 and maybe I will need s stick for that ?
  14. This is my latest rig size 6 longshank for the club lake size 4 otherwise Simple and effective, I keep the coated braid on it apart from the hair I want it stiff all the way up to the hook, I've also started using a more hippy length hair, I believe that fish are finding it tricky to eject and I am getting a good hook hold so far, I have also experimented with longer hooklinks for me at present I like 8" plus
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