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  1. Probably Come straight out the same sweatshop tbh mate
  2. My bedchair came today it is quite nice, very pleased so far firm and should be good for a decent night's kip, 99.99 well spent I think
  3. I don't think I would go for the gizmos they look a bit weird, I do like the features though probably a good alarm to use, I am on the lookout for some decent bright at night Bobbins though , sick of not being able to see them in the dark from the bivvy, even with isotopes 😭
  4. Will match your line 😎 Will you get matching gizmo alarms?
  5. https://m.facebook.com/CWFISHINGSUPPLTD/posts/-sneak-peek-take-a-look-at-these-new-sonik-gizmo-litez-bobbinsgizmo-litez-bobbin/674280146519115/
  6. I just read an RRP of 12.99 and march 2021 release so don't get too excited santa will come first 🎅
  7. Someone on here used to swear by paxo?
  8. I see I thought the sand was a typo 😉👍 I did something similar with mole muck last year, I used a fish hydro though 👍 You could try adding some groundbait to the sand that would float up in the water column with the oil, when it got disrupted
  9. How often are you recasting these bags of attraction? Surely an oil will disperse after a little while?
  10. I've been watching through the crypography back issues when I get a chance, I happened to chance upon one with elliot grey showing his rig off, so I made one as its not dissimilar to the one I made but using a knot less knot hair and a proper line aligner (as suggested by framey) this is both of them in a jug, I quite like the hair it just looks less blatent and it doesn't rattle, just a bit more delicate and tuneable if required
  11. I've got the PB one, I've not used the atomic one I do like it though I can never see it in the margins although I am colour blind 😁
  12. That's good to know they look good and I thought that was fairly well priced, I've already got a bag so didn't bother with a sleep system 😁
  13. I do like jelly wire, and I nearly bought some more tonight, which colour did you get I've only used the gravel so far, it's nice to use I find but then I thought I'm already risking a testicley best play it safe 😁
  14. HIGHY look what you've done, I've just bought a Sonik sk tek bedchair for £99.99 😬 went for a standard size this time so I best start dieting 😁 I need to get my cyprinus fixed and the ancient jrc cocoon has had its last trip out I think, i do wonder if its just mozzies biting me and not ancient bed bugs too,
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