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  1. Bit before my time, so I don't remember him personally, I would have asked my dad I think he would have remembered him probably 😢
  2. Hope so, I try hard sometimes 😂 I've had to sort out my pellets this afternoon mouse issues again, so prepped some bait fixed the puncture in the paddling pool whilst filling it up I acted like LAPD in the riots with my water Cannon and absolutely drenched the little rioters 😂😁💦 Bbq and cider time now 🤣
  3. I tend to use darkstar vapour and get the bottle shots in bulk,
  4. We're still doing the rock painting thing where I live but now we also have to go and find 12 gnomes dotted about the village This is poppy gnome
  5. Second that would be interesting to see this progress emmcee
  6. Little bit of me time after the vacuuming washing the nets etc 🙄🙄
  7. I used to go there occasionally when I was a kid, the legendary luton town right back Tim Breaker was my dad's Saturday boy in a butchers, until football got in the way of a butchering career ⚽ Who was your uncle?
  8. I'm just testing out the new lawn hoover at the moment, Kenilworth road will be ready for kick off 😁
  9. elmoputney

    May catch reports?

    It is a pretty one isn't it I do agree size isn't everything, but it would be nice to catch a monster pretty one 😁
  10. I think the esp ones are pretty good value, just make sure you get the right size for your rod butt type though, but then they fit quite nicely and grip the rod well
  11. I've got a similar spawning dilemma tbh, they have spawned last week on the main lake I want to fish, they haven't closed it so technically I could fish it next week but should I? Or fish one of the other ones that hasnt started yet? I'm probably looking at Wednesday this week I think so it will be about a week since they spawned 🙄 I could treat it as a recon Session and fish a new swim to find features or maybe go and try and fish the lake I fished last week and try and fish a swim where I can fish at a longer range and try out the plastic baits for a session I dunno what to do 🤔
  12. Good luck hope you batter them up against the ropes and get an early knock out🥊🥊🥊🥇🥇🥇🏅🏆
  13. elmoputney

    May catch reports?

    Glad you are all doing OK in the circumstances mate, the fish will still be there, best to keep safe first, good luck when you do get out though 👍 Well done bluelabel couple of lovely ones there great day for you 👌👍
  14. I'm starting to think it's in my favour to do jobs badly 😂
  15. It used to be couples that annoyed me when doing the big shop, now it seems whole families are going again,😭 Big shop still isn't a day out as far as I was aware 😩
  16. I thought so too, I won't using a lot each time, 👍
  17. Cheers all I went and had a look at monster particles as they have a 50%off sale this weekend, use code bank 50 although it didn't work for tigers However If you look in the clearance section you can get 10kg delivered for £25, I thought that will do, will just freeze them in smaller bags and take one out at a time
  18. It's still an odd tbing to say for your first post, perhaps it's this thread that makes everyone assume it's cliquey on here 😁
  19. I've been looking at adding a few of these to my particles Dynamite bait Munch bait etc Bait tech growers Are these pre prepared ones any good or should I get some from elsewhere?
  20. The normal banksticks are OK it was the upright ones more than anything they had a weak join that just seems to break, and the quality of the threads, and I found the buzzer bar threads could be a bit hit and miss and they also moved a bit, probably just need retapping and they would be fine, for the money they are OK but I would be disappointed paying more for them
  21. The only thing I've found that can be poor from ngt is the stainless tbh, haven't used the stage stands, I bought quite a bit of it and most isn't that good the threads aren't good, I bought the upright sticks with the thread to make the singles set up 2 of them broke without even seeing the bank, the chunky range was better a lot more solid and up to the job but the normal ones were bad,the buzzer bars aren't so good either, but bags, rucksacks nets, unhooking mats etc perfectly decent and good value,
  22. 20 3oz fox camotex inline leads More Avid pin down leader I'm going to start using plastic hookbaits more often so I can have a bigger stockpile of ready tied pva bag rigs, Someone asked me to review the bank tackle bag stems, they work OK I found them to be a little shorter than the tadpole inserts which means you can only use small bags imo,they would be ok but I just prefer the fox tadpole set up with pindown leader and fox leads tbh, the lead acts as a Bolt rig but discharges well on a take, doesn't snag on anything so it's as safe as can be I think, the short length of leader will also take a bit of the sting out of the cast, so they work OK but I am happy using the fox set up, to me it's a lot better and it seems to work for me 👍
  23. The nickname did come from the show but I can't remember all of them now tbh, a lot had happened since then 😅 I had best have a read and brush up my knowledge 😊
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