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  1. Good luck hopefully you can add to the report again, 👍
  2. Well done mate, good angling 👍 I am going to join in this catch report, its been too long, I'm bringing my A game this week, and if i can't catch one I will cry I am going for a night Thursday and will be doing a fresh game plan before, those carp have had it too easy for too long I am going to wallop them 😂😂😂😂😂 Or be sulking 🙄
  3. Sorry to hear that mate, hope you find something soon
  4. I prefer slack as I can get away with usually, This was quite an interesting vid I watched the other day which may help
  5. My share of today's earnings are going towards my syndicate ticket renewal, but that's probably my fishing budget blown for the month so no toys for me 😂
  6. Been to do a post lockdown boot sale this morning, sold a metalheadz drum and bass album on vinyl to an OAP, just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover,
  7. Just when my syndicate lake was about to not be flooded for the first time in a while , god must be drinking too much this year 🤔
  8. This makes me want to try crimping, I've been wanting to make my Chods a little shorter for a while, 👍
  9. I'm slowly falling off the wagon at the moment, will take a look cheers
  10. I think you might just need a challenge you are happy with and it will click into place a bit tbh 👍
  11. He's got a point Highy I caught 10 fish in 24 hours last year, I was done in, not something I am too keen to repeat tbh 😂
  12. Has anyone tried adding tarka dhal to there spod mix? It's like a tikka but a little otter 😁😁😁😁😁 You can get kala chana in tins has anyone tried those? They are already spiced, I've made curries with them but never even thought of using them for bait until now 😳
  13. I wouldn't sell all your stuff before you have a go, You might enjoy it more but you may not and then you are back to square one, For me I think the important part is venue choice with carp fishing, if you don't enjoy fishing it or it has idiots on it, and it doesn't grab you then it isn't the right lake for you, sadly there do seem to be more idiots lately though, Give it a go but baby steps first 😏
  14. It must be invisible from drones or something 😂
  15. Price is rediculous tbh, mind you it seems that's the way it is going lately, they all seem to be getting blooming expensive, I'm quite glad I don't need a bivvy at the moment 😁
  16. I didn't see you had already put that link up 😂
  17. You will need a lot of brownie points for this one Highy 😳 https://johnsonrosstackle.co.uk/trakker-aquatexx-ev/23622-trakker-tempest-x-100-dpm-system-aquatexx-ev.html
  18. That is pretty amazing, love the Mozzie front, I need a quick exit Mozzie front now I'm getting older 😂
  19. That's a belter @yonny nice one
  20. Good luck with that BB, hope you enjoy it 👍
  21. Well done Highy, at least you know your alarms still work, mine still seem broken 😂👍
  22. Mate there are some proper a holes in fishing these days, no respect for anyone, sad old state of the world tbh, don't let it spoil your day pal,
  23. Good luck @Highyhope you catch a few
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