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  1. That was a good film, enjoyed it, I walked round there once many moons ago, it used to be on a club ticket, very strange place, I remember there were lots of stories about it, like drownings and suicides there and stuff, there was lots of rubbish in there too like tyres and stuff and I remember seeing some shoes in a margin down a cliff,it had a weird vibe and I never went back 😂 It did look nicer in the vid though 🤔
  2. Wouldn't be a bad night's work come on the carps 👍
  3. Well done mate, is that a Wigan shark? Good angling though really pleased for you 👍
  4. Seems bang on today and the day after a full moon, couldn't get much better considering recent weather, I'm going to the late session at an inflatable park with the kids 😭
  5. Can't really help you with fox reels,never used them, but have a look at okuma 8k reels, I absolutely love mine so far, great performing, cast like a dream smooth as a baby's buttocks,
  6. Good luck hope you catch some monsters
  7. Been sucked in to buying the thrive book? just asking cos I found it all quite interesting so I bought it, might start reading it tonight, 😳
  8. Korda have released a set of no frills bits and bobs, some of it looks alright tbh, I quite like the look of the cradle, and there is a new hook coming too and some mini heli safes
  9. I certainly think I'll have a place for everything 😁
  10. Well i got my tackle box today, it seems I usually don't take enough tackle to fill one I think I may now be in danger of buying more bits just to fill it,😂 It is pretty smart though I do like it, I don't think I had the energy for a full change over,I've done some of it already but it's quite stressful getting a new tackle box don't want to rush it 😂
  11. There is a company called bait wize that do an insect meal, I've not used them myself but they seem to have a lot of different products and they are they also distribute feed stimulants in the UK https://www.baitwize.com/Insect_Protein_Meal_BSF/p7161919_20503494.aspx
  12. The 20's club or any appropriate weight it may be Last night i commented on a stunning carp someone had caught, and someone had called it a silt pig☕ should be banned 😭
  13. Hi Dale welcome aboard Hopefully you find it an interesting read
  14. Hopefully that will get you a bite or two good luck 👍
  15. Treat day for me today Korda tackle box bundle Kamakura Cranks sz4 Qc lead clips Spinner kickers Hook beads I'm going to enjoy sorting out my tackle box this month 🤯
  16. I went for the bundle in the end as I do use leaders and by the time I had added 1 mini box it seemed sensible to just spend an extra few quid and get the lot, it should fit nicely into the tackle bag I am using, so will have some space for the bigger bits, I can also fit a couple of the zig box reels in so can keep Chods and zigs just incase I need some
  17. I'm looking to buy a new tackle box and I think this one looks the best for my needs? Should I just go balls out and get the bundle or not? My current set up has gone rogue now and it's started to irritate me, I'm mot going to get much fishing in cos of the pups so I might as well organise my tackle 😂
  18. That's a proper tailey banger, well done BB good dangling Did you use korda mousetrap for the rig?
  19. One that I should dislike is rods are on the dance floor, but I love it as you can get quite creative with it 😂 Like rods are on the dance floor, I've got my best pants on, I've got my 3 top buttons undone on my primani shirt, my chest hair is fully exposed like it's been on naked attraction and if I don't get a bite, then it must be cos my moves are too fresh poooowwwww 😂😂😂😎😎😎😎
  20. Doing the doo Betty Boo is the only one doing the doo
  21. I do like the way that purple line looks, looks pretty cool with the all black stuff
  22. I would be happy with that one it's a stunner, I was feeding this one in the edge a couple of weeks ago, was nice to see it around again,
  23. I'm not sniffing the moonshine one today, I may have drank one too many last night and not sure it agree with me 😂
  24. Well done Yonny lovely pair of fish, good angling
  25. I wish I had a delivery coming to cheer me up today good planning 😏
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