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  1. Reckon i could pull a car out the lake with this 35lb braid
  2. It's half term anything to keep the peace tbh, daddy day care is hard work, and if they enjoy going to the tackle shop happy days for me too 😀
  3. I decided on 35lb for my 3 in 1 multifunction spod/marker/weed rake rod, should be tough enough for all disciplines 😀 4th function accidental tree surgery 🙄
  4. Oops I went to the tackle shop again Fortis over glasses goggles Weed rake , marker floats and another spomb(went for black this time as white may be jinxed) And a couple more bath fish
  5. I haven't got any mates really so I have free licence to do what I want
  6. It's probably the least stealthy colour you can find, I think it must be a sickness but I really wanted yellow braid 🙄
  7. I think I've found some spider braid, from memory this was recommended to me years ago and I think the braid I've had on my marker reel since might try this funky yellow one
  8. Did you ever use this Finchey? I've been wondering the same and I need to change my braid as it's old
  9. Tbh I don't get a lot of time to just sit and think these days so when I get the chance I grab it with both hands and fully enjoy it 😀
  10. I wonder if anyone's opinions will have changed on this lake since 2010, Welcome to the forum Wacko
  11. Monster particles have got some good deals on show specials they call them I've just ordered 20kg of particles for ÂŖ26.49 delivered that I didn't really need đŸ˜Ŧ good deal though time for some serious pre baiting to clear some freezer space
  12. I may struggle to get more than 2 tbh my significant other is still getting used to me fishing again
  13. Hi I would be up for this one if thats ok I have no plans in may 2020 yet
  14. Something from bivvy tramps that stuck with me If you know it's being prebaited it's poaching , if you don't know it's good angling Your so called mate has poached your good angling and hard work, does he know what bait you use ? They are the risks of prebaiting though but knowing you have been is a low blow in my opinion, hope you go and catch more than him
  15. Well more losses today I managed to lose my new spomb đŸ˜Ĩ Was a strange one tbh fairly normal cast only just hit the clip I thought it was bang on reeled in and nothing on the end, I guess my braid had a weak spot and snapped still not a good session for losing stuff, marker float and feature finding lead, new bobbin , spomb and marbles, I did spend the day fishing duel zigs though so it was an experience if nothing else, What I have learned it's a fairly shallow , majorly silty lake with mucho detritus with weed and pads on the rise, going to be a bit of a headscratcher I think,
  16. Funnily enough I am still quite relaxed, it's a nice place to be even I am fishing like a Noddy
  17. Oh and i remembered the bacon forgot the frying pan ☚ī¸
  18. ABeen a bit of a disaster so far here in the Terry hearn swim, managed to lose my marker float in a battle with an overhanging tree, I didn't get here till 6:30pm cast my rod to the far bank felt snagged so I bought it back then forgot to clip it up and lost my rig to that tree, so I've just dumped them both out with a bag of pellets all night, it's quite weedy and silty so I haven't managed to find any good soots, gonna try zigging today I think once I have warmed up enough Oh and the first time I lifted my rod from my new cygnet bobbins the chain snapped and the dumpy head got dumped in the drink not very impressed, I now need a castable weed rake btw
  19. Thanks finchey I am now really excited My particles are like 2 blocks of ice still thiugh, I think 2 days it required next time for defrostation, I've just hit it with a hammer smaller blocks should help
  20. I would have but there wasn't one on prime and I need it today, if it lasts a few sessions then I am happy enough, still got to find a kettle otherwise it will all be for nowt
  21. Anyone tried these this is what I ordered seems to have good reviews, I needed a prime sale now I am praying it arrives in time https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lixada-Camping-Windproof-Portable-Foldable/dp/B07C4LR8X6 Will let you know what it's like once I've tested it I ordered the serrate stove btw
  22. I had planned to get a sonik Vader landing net but saw they had an ÂŖ18 ngt one, I thought I dont neeeeed a new handle right now so bought the bobbins with the difference, had a look at the sonik Vader rods I thought the 10ft one was quite nice,oops I did plan to get a stove but didn't really want to pay extra for it, just ordered one off prime now praying it arrives in time for tomorrow's trip, how did I cope pre internet
  23. East Delph would be ok for me not too far away mark pitchers has done some vids there does look good
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