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  1. Just make sure you wear a knotted handkerchief whilst sitting on your deckchair then
  2. elmoputney

    August catches

    That's a shame maybe she can name her next 30 out of there, I have done a deal with my littluns today they are doing there fishing club rudd bashing session at 11 and they are going to help me try and catch some carp first for an hour or two,it only cost me a McDonald's so far but its progress 😁
  3. elmoputney

    August catches

    I think it should be renamed Big Lin is a bit of a boring name isn't it, LIDDY'S LIN has a lot more character is there a deed pole for carps?
  4. I think an actual boat is different to a bait boat, Sea Fisherman would be pretty stuck without one and you still have to physically go out there not just sit on a deck chair with a controller it's still putting in a lot of effort to achieve the result
  5. Totally agree i love having time to think and drift off on a tangent, people always seem to think you need to be with others to be happy and the old dont you get bored or lonely while your fishing on your own? and I think nah its when I am most at peace sitting with my thoughts,
  6. I guess what it all comes down to with tech is where you draw your own personal line, I don't really have an issue with others using it, I don't really see someone choosing to map a lake with a deeper as cheating, in fact I wouldn't really say its cheating to throw out a fishspy on a spot you have found to check what's really down there, however driving a bait boat to a spot you couldn't cast and bait to is a slightly different thing, and maybe using a bait boat to map the lake may be different again, I guess I've decided if you cast it, then it's kind of OK
  7. I've always been my own worst enemy tbh, I tend to get obsessed with things way too often, I struggle to juggle everything and don't always get the balance right, that being said I dont think I am being unreasonable wanting to have a hobby, without something else to focus on my depression would be much worse I think, I've felt like just going to work and everything else day in day out becomes a real grind,I love my family and feel lucky but sometimes It all gets tough to deal with, My family does always come first but you have to remember sometimes you need to put yourself first, I sometimes need a break to get my head back together and fishing allows me to detune and refresh, I tend to not go out boozing or socialising much these days so I love to stare at water it's therapeutic for me,
  8. elmoputney

    August catches

    Nice fish whats its called? Liddy's Lin 😀
  9. elmoputney

    August catches

    Great stuff, they do seem to work well I think, I tend to use a nugget too better safe and all that
  10. I thought sturgeon only happened in France but I see a lot of pics of them nowadays
  11. That's what I do or bite them a bit, I wouldn't let it worry you too much though we all lose them, you will get another chance
  12. I think it may have just been unlucky tbh what do you use to strip the braid? It just seems weird that it broke where you stripped it?
  13. elmoputney

    August catches

    Well done finchey great result.
  14. What braid was it? , these things do happen sometimes even with good braids, especially if there are zebra mussels in the water, sometimes you just get unlucky but it makes the lucky days feel better
  15. My dad had to wait for a knee op as by the time he got his appointment after 2 or 3 cancellations on the NHS he got prostate cancer so they couldn't do it, eventually by the time he got round to his knee he was riddled with arthritis and polymyalgia and he could barely walk he got his op about 6 months ago and he is still very much in recovery, keep pushing for an appointment if you haven't got a date set yet and good luck I hope you get sorted soon, it does seem a slow recovery In other health news I had my last physio for a while hopefully as my back has seems a bit better for now, so that's good I think,
  16. My eyesight seems to be deteriorating as I hit my 40s ive always worn bins since I was a kid, I am getting a bit tempted to look into laser eye surgery, Had anyone else done this? Might be a solution to the problem
  17. I'm very torn about tech tbh, part of me thinks it's useful and part of me is like oscsha and yonny, many moons ago I naturally decided that i was on the anti bait boat side of the fence having seen some idiot at a day ticket drive it round to the point of the island I was fishing (it was in my water) and plonk his rig up tight to the island Moving onto the present I think a few days chucking out a deeper would give me a good headstart, however so far I've fished 3 swims and found spots and caught bream in all of those swims, they may not be the right spots for carp but I can build on those in the future, chucking a lead about a bit and building up the picture of each swim more will help each time I go in that swim or a new one, Tbh I can leave a deeper but a fishspy is more tempting to me tbh as having found the spots with a marker it would be nice to peer under the water and see what lies beneath, and see if its as you imagine, as of yet I haven't felt strongly enough to buy one and I think using distance sticks is advanced enough angling for me for now
  18. That' makes a lot of sense tbh there are always lots of those rumours, and I guess over time the silt will form and just fill in the voids, much like the water in a bath always goes to the lowest point ie plug and I guess the undertow acts like a rake and helps to smooth it all over
  19. Thanks Dayvid I've been trying to get an answer like that for ages about how it defines the bottom that's all I would really want it for and depth I think I will stick with a marker float and lead then as that tells me enough of what I am fishing on, it also makes me think if I was going to opt for tech I would consider a fishspy as I think the camera would be more useful to me for finding spots
  20. Does a deeper differenciate between silt, gravel, sand, choddy bottoms etc?
  21. I think the longshank looks pretty good tbh looks tricky to eject and with a straight point opens it up a little more
  22. The long shanks arrived today I think they could be a useful hook, they aren't massive like the old longshank nailors, but the angle on the eye and the straight point, may just make them a good choice for pop ups I think, I will try and tie one up to show you when I get time,
  23. My grandad built a mirror dinghy from scratch years ago and he used to take us out on it when we were kids, I would quite like one now to take my kids out in, looks a good little project you have there
  24. I think they are OK my pop up rig seems to work and has nailed a few fish on my test runs, I just think a straight point may be better, however I got some good news today bank tackle will be releasing some of the wide gapes with a straight point I think that will be the one Long shanks are really just to have a play with to see what I can do with them really
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