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  1. Everytime I toy with the idea of making my own bait I look at this basemix lol, I've not used it though as I always conclude I haven't got time after researching everything but BAF products are usually good quality, I've used the liquids quite a bit their liquid liver is a bit good and the fish hydro and a yeasty one too, I would use those with confidence. If I was going to use it though I may start off just using it as it is, but maybe just use your own flavour liquid combo as suggested by JB, then you could just tweak if you needed too after, but if you start off adding bits you may just be making it cost more without needing too, Might be worth joining the homemade bait buffs on FB though, they should be able to put you in the right direction
  2. Exactly that mate all I need it to do really, I wouldn't mind a bigger hopper but should get enough bait in it for a bite
  3. It can be a good distraction from reality 😂 I'm not sure the palm test is totally reliable but I have more confidence In a rig that's effective on a palm test, every little helps as they say 👍
  4. My toy boat arrived today the little plastic thing is broken off the back but doubt I would use that anyway so not fussed, otherwise it's plasticky and will hopefully do the job once I get a UK charger for it,looks OK for the money though just hope it floats, 😀
  5. It may have frozen due to it being winter and that may have preserved it, but rats and stuff will take easy meals so it's probably a different one I would say
  6. Yeah it's definately different without a swivel because the bait won't roll so it tends to act more you would want it to act and blowback and then I think the rig turns more naturally I always use kickers because I am convinced they help turn the hook, and I've often talked myself out of using hook swivels for that reason but I can't decide if it spinning makes it harder or easier for the fish to eject, but I don't think they are as effective on palm tests generally,
  7. I probably shouldn't but I'm blessed with one of those brains that massively overthinks tiny things like this, I noticed it when I did a palm test once where the bait rolled because of the swivel it seemed to stop the hook turning, then the thoughts just move on from there until I ask a possibly stupid question or find an answer 🤔😭😂
  8. I'm going to ask a possibly stupid question now 😂 Hook ring swivels? Are they working for you or against you if your bait spins when it's picked up ? Do they make it easier or harder for the fish to eject the rig? And do they stop the rig turning so easily or effectively if the hookbait spins rather than say a bait screw which will only turn so far before it pulls the hook round ? It's something that's bugged me for a while now, and I can't work it out 😂
  9. I definately went through a spell when match the hatch was more productive, I usually try one or two different ones just to see, no point having all 3 rods asking the same question, but I think for me location, spots, and preperation are more important, I think the freebies play a big part too, if they trough on them they are more catchable, something I will say for free though This years biggest lesson was........ If prebaiting a swim or you know the spots or whatever, when you get there to fish, before you whack out spombs of bait and crash leads around and spaff any early chances by setting the traps, just chuck out a rod with a mesh bag or something while you set the rest of the kit up, I've had a few quick bites just doing this, sometimes I've only got 1 or 2 rods out like this before its gone and that sets you up for a good session, 👍
  10. They were fine with harder pop ups just when they are gooed they become a bit softer and occasionally come off easily, but I know what you mean can be frustrating bringing in no bait when you think you should've had a bite, tbh my goo findings have never been that conclusive anyway, I caught mainly caught on ungooed match the hatch last year a couple of pink goo specials but mainly match the hatch I think, that being said I think my match the hatch ones were usually in the right place lol,
  11. God knows when the next test is tbh, I'm not in a rush save my tokens for when the weather is more favourable 😂 Good luck hope you catch one 👍
  12. It arrived today had a quick set up and lie on it, seems very light and sturdy, and the alternative leg position makes it seem more stable too, no long floppy foot end and all 6 legs seem to do a job, I always found the head end legs seemed almost like an after thought but these seem to be part of the design, hopefully it should last and prove elmoproof 😂
  13. Until recently I would've said bait screw, but I've had a few return with no bait on since I've been dicking about with goos and that, if in doubt tie it on from now on i think
  14. After much tooing and froing after my solar bedchair being bent 1st time out debacle, I've got it sorted with angling direct and I am now getting a sonik AXS Duralloy bedchair as a replacement, cost me a bit more but its meant to be rated for larger built heroes like myself to 155kg and only weighs 7.5kg , so hopefully I will have bought one that lasts a long time and that I won't mind lugging about 😬
  15. The main reason I actually wanted one or a baiting pole was a little extra stealth tbh, there are a few spots I want to get working on this year that just aren't easy to cast to,and If I don't need to thrash the water to a foam then I won't hopefully ruin my session before it's started, I'm not going to stick it in dangerous spots, But ultimately the main reason I bought it was it was a 3rd of the price of the sections of baiting pole I needed to do the job I wanted, so I thought I would give it a go
  16. I was being a bit flippant, and i will make sure it's still safe but it will go to places I can't cast too easily 😏
  17. I will use it I'm going to shove it in as many places i can't cast as possible, if I am going to the dark side might as well do it properly 😬
  18. Yeah it was good when it was going well, I used to mess about with ratings and systems and spreadsheets a lot, but with a family and full time job something had to give, that was when the desire to fish came back again, now its my escape from the world and a much healthier obsession 😏
  19. Were you a bit of a gambler then? I did wonder why you were called Newmarket, I had a good crack at betting for a good few years, fishing is much better for your mental health and probably cheaper too 😏
  20. Yeah it doesn't look too bad for the money, will let you know what it's like when it arrives, 🤞
  21. Thanks Looks alright I think, not sure about the camo though 🤔
  22. It's coming from China via Ali express
  23. I've just gone to the darkside, it was either this or a baiting pole and this was less than half the price and will hopefully do the same job 😬🙄
  24. Welcome back, I had a break for a good long while, I'm obsessed again now be careful 😂
  25. I use one of these, quite light, can be used as a bedchair buddy and is comfortable, works for me https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/trakker-levelite-transformer-chair?gclid=CjwKCAiAlfqOBhAeEiwAYi43FxOLBVJisxC8UC8fgpbTD9ASQ2VDO9LonP5toaSubj51DVv8s0B5yhoC2TUQAvD_BwE
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