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  1. I see I thought the sand was a typo 😉👍 I did something similar with mole muck last year, I used a fish hydro though 👍 You could try adding some groundbait to the sand that would float up in the water column with the oil, when it got disrupted
  2. How often are you recasting these bags of attraction? Surely an oil will disperse after a little while?
  3. I've been watching through the crypography back issues when I get a chance, I happened to chance upon one with elliot grey showing his rig off, so I made one as its not dissimilar to the one I made but using a knot less knot hair and a proper line aligner (as suggested by framey) this is both of them in a jug, I quite like the hair it just looks less blatent and it doesn't rattle, just a bit more delicate and tuneable if required
  4. I've got the PB one, I've not used the atomic one I do like it though I can never see it in the margins although I am colour blind 😁
  5. That's good to know they look good and I thought that was fairly well priced, I've already got a bag so didn't bother with a sleep system 😁
  6. I do like jelly wire, and I nearly bought some more tonight, which colour did you get I've only used the gravel so far, it's nice to use I find but then I thought I'm already risking a testicley best play it safe 😁
  7. HIGHY look what you've done, I've just bought a Sonik sk tek bedchair for £99.99 😬 went for a standard size this time so I best start dieting 😁 I need to get my cyprinus fixed and the ancient jrc cocoon has had its last trip out I think, i do wonder if its just mozzies biting me and not ancient bed bugs too,
  8. You have to admire the man's commitment, he must be a shareholder by now 👍
  9. You just need an extractor recon now and you can go on special ops nice 👍
  10. Well I switched to Ronnie's but back onto the curves not sure If it's still the bait screw or the actual hooks, I think I've found a way to overcome it, change hook brands , and switch to a multi rig but use heat shrink to create the kicker, this will leave the bait screw farther away from the shank hopefully causing less issues 😁 Overthinking it maybe, need to change it somehow definately, gonna be moving swims so a fresh start won't hurt with rigs too, nice and simple pop up rig which should hopefully reduce the number of hookpulls
  11. Its nothing personal I just don't think it's helpful if people ignore the rules put in place,I know it's messy but we all have to try still, I understand people dont all see it like me. but once it has affected you personally, then you realise it is real, I see too many people that just ignore all the guidelines, being rebels and it will be everyone else that suffers for it unfortunately
  12. Well I lost my dad to it. So I remain serious about this issue, his life was too short because of it, and now my kids don't have a grandad it isn't that funny to me tbh I just want people to follow the rules set out, it's not that hard and it may just save some lives.
  13. Just be at home and be safe, I'm sick of the covid heroes that think they know best, believe me. Its fine till its someone you know that dies from it
  14. Run out of time on the end, had to settle for a Consolation breakfast from mcdonalds I think I am done in that swim for now its been nice while it lasted but I feel like I know it too well lol, I thought that this morning when grabbing my rod and lead in the standard way to avoid the over hanging tree after wrapping up the rod, I've become too comfortable and have stopped looking elsewhere, it's good to know but I need to delve deeper to find the bigguns, I can always revisit at times but I don't want to end up just going through the motions, I've had a nice run and had 11 carp to
  15. Well it's been a funny old night, I got here had shows on both my spots, couldn't have been much more confident, messed up getting a fairly simple cast on the money too often but they were right in the end, nothing til this morning, when my right hand rod tore off and yet another hookpull, then just as was writing this my left hand rod rips off, massive scrap but I got it in but as it drew closer I knew something wasn't right somehow I have managed to foul hook another one in the belly, must have just been grazing on the spot swam into my rig, I know I can't really moan I've had some rea
  16. Thanks well done with yours too, it's nice seeing September being so kind to everyone
  17. 23lb12oz and I really need a haircut shows off my hair island 🏝️🏝️😂
  18. Well I am back home now until tea time, but I have a pass out for tonight again, I think this little campaign is coming to an end that area is starting to see a bit of pressure and I am starting to feel precious about the swim and dont want to be like that tbh, plus I want to try and crack the big part of the lake I did leave a bucket though for one final fling tonight 😁
  19. Well I managed to land one in the night, few scary moments really tried every trick to dispatch the hook into something, I thought for a moment it had snagged me up but a little pressure with the rod down low seemed to get it moving luckily,it went completely the wrong direction to usual really threw me off kilter they usually head straight for the pads , it was caught on a ronnie rig from a spot that usually produces but I don't always fish for some reason so quite pleased I moved it there last night 🤔😁 23lb12oz mirror which I thought was much bigger, looked big I though lt, pics to foll
  20. I had put my middle rod on a ronnie rig with a curve shank absolutely nailed the bottom lip one 20+ mirror in the retainer from a little spot I've often ignored but seem to catch from when I don't 😂 Now I just have 2 wafters out there till sunrise 😬 I think they need a longer hair next tbh
  21. Thanks nick Well I've changed hook to a wide gape and still had a hook pull so I guess it's not the hook, i think it has to be the bait screw tbh,and having the bait to close to the hook, I have two options can either switch to the swivel bait screw or go back to using a hair instead of a bait screw
  22. Another day another hook pull 😭 Lots of signs still lots of rolling in the general area, just hope I get to right the wrongs I'm having a bbq to smoke out the mozzies, 😁
  23. I keep thinking this is the one this weekend, every weekend I think that lol, when is one of those bigguns going to get netted? . surely I havent used up all my lives and they have slipped my grasp, I'm getting proper addicted at the moment, I want to be there all the time, I am buzzing like an old fridge, because I am going today to try and tempt one, I have an overnighter locked and loaded, just the usual anxiety that the swim is available now, just need the green light from Mrs P and I'm away they saw bait Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday this week, cos I am letting my foot off the gas,
  24. Did you get one of these yet Highy? I think they should be keeping there best customer safe 👍 https://www.soniksports.com/product/sonik-gaiter-face-mask-snood/
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