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  1. Good effort thats a lovely one
  2. Just lost one in a far from epic boat battle, it had just got too far in the weed and didn't want to budge so out I had too go😳 2 boats in my swim I went for the small one,never again lol, got out to the fish and it came free but the boat just kept spinning round if I hadn't snapped my net spreader block on the way out I may have got it in the net but on one of my rotations it managed to free it self and leave my hook in the pads, it wasn't a monster luckily, but I think captain pugwash is safe for now 😳😁
  3. Yeah thanks well chuffed with that one 😁 It's a named one too "the big fully" it was on the wish list so it is nice to tick one off,
  4. Nah been unusually quiet since last night, didn't see or hear much but can't complain 😁
  5. Thanks, Oops, never even crossed my mind it wasn't June 😳
  6. That's looking very smart mate, your bar is mega looks so good with all the lights and stuff , you should put a Wigan kebab shop next door, do you want some pea whet wi that love?
  7. There is still time for a jumbo rudd yet 😁
  8. I use matrix blackout sticks and buzz bars, and they are lovely, I've used cheap ones before and like you have found they don't really last, best thing I bought though was a matrix piledriver that will, dig a hole anywhere for your sticks, I made the mistake of buying cheap stuff and quite often it doesn't last, worth spending a bit I think
  9. Where do I start, arrived at a relatively quiet lake, bucketed the usual swim as it was free went for a walk round, decided I had a decent chance, got my rods set up LH Ronnie, middle rod multi rig and rh rod solid bag,after pulting quite a lot of boilies out I chucked them out, LH rod is my banker rod and it went out sweet, middle rod was another story about 15 before I was happy, bag rod 1st cast bad, got a birds nest and had to set it up again after handlining the rig back in, redid it happy enough with it, so I was fairly surprised to get a bite within a couple of hours, even more surprising was it was a belter and a new PB, Happy days and there is still time for another, come on the carps
  10. Well it's the 3rd time I've broken my PB in this swim 29lb 4oz, still can't get a 30 but getting closer and it was a nice one 😍
  11. I got one Savage bite, looks a nice one want it to stop raining now though 😁
  12. I just dropped one of mine in the pond, i had to dive to the floor or it was getting lost saved it luckily That one flew off 😁
  13. Tonight I will mainly be drinking thatchers gold and having my rod tips higher than usual, just seen some fizzing over me solid bag in the light rough rod, my old mate the lucky morrhen is about so now all we need is the carps,
  14. I'm hoping they aren't all at my lake and I get a swim lol
  15. I didn't like the vibrate either, I'm gonna hopefully test mine later if I ever get to the lake😳, got my new special bait to try too it's garlicky tastic
  16. I can vans and cars ruining the vista and blocking the tracks annoy me and when people are with vehicle they also open and close them all the time and slam the doors to make sure they are shut and worse drive past your bivvy, When in Rome though, i don't see why I should be the only one pushing a barrow πŸ˜‚
  17. I agree with yonny, solid bags use a wafter or bottom bait tbh, good method though can be devastating, we all tend to think about it before a session but you have to go with what you see really and try and give yourself the best chance on the day, it's OK to have an idea, but don't make it your only option
  18. Love mine so far, Upgrade pics, now with matching collars and cuffs
  19. I saw those and was a bit intrigued, you will have to let me know what it's like good luck πŸ‘
  20. No but they are connected through what they can achieve for them, I mean 160k for a game of tennis, and millions of dodgy donations, means they are working for someone that isn't the average Joe on the street
  21. Hopefully that doesn't mean right wing fascist though? 😏 They Johnson mob are just henchmen for the elite, doing their best to put profit over human rights and working conditions, they are all In it neck deep
  22. Thanks I've been using them for a couple of years now, Shropshire Gold and BIO are my 2 favourites, both done me well in the past
  23. 25kg of retro baits Shropshire Gold large dumbells with added garlic oil for my French hols,
  24. It's the ones like her we need to keep in though, history will prove Corbyn wasn't a bad leader, but he was victim of a media hate campaign against him,there was a yougov thing last week where they stopped releasing polls results when Corbyn was looking favourite to win, the older I get the more socialist I seem to become, loving Mick Lynch at the moment
  25. I think you may find that a lot of learned middle class folk like Chris Yates are more likely to be die hard socialists tbh, I'm just guessing with him tbh, but he doesn't strike me as a tory more of someone that would enjoy being the opposition more than being part of the status quo, I think like me what you have learnt to hate is toriesπŸ‘ your from cov aren't you?, you have the future of socialism as your MP she is one of my favourites , πŸ‘
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