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  1. I reckon you can ask that for them with the bobbins, you might not get it but you shouldn't be far off the mark I don't think
  2. Get what you can for em mate, is that with the bobbins or not? If not I think £100 is easily achievable
  3. If you don't want to spend loads probably an okuma
  4. Lovely to read all your favourites guys well done 👍 I think I've got 3 or 4 main favourites lol, This was the one and only fish I ever put in carp talk early 00's I think 🙄, I had been really struggling to catch anything from this lake, but then I think probably on the advice of someone on here, I prebaited a swim for 2 weeks almost daily tbh after night shifts and all sorts, this one was the first of 5, my first 20lber at 26lb, I had another scraper 20 but I had learnt prebaiting works, I got 5kg of free pellets for that too 😂 Then from more recent times it was these 2 first trip back on Virginia after losing my dad, I had already had the confidence boosting 10 fish hit on the other lake pretty soon before and I felt in the zone, I had done a little baiting but then in evening I had this one New PB 27lb3oz, that alone would have been enough I was buzzing but in the morning I recast a bag into the hole in the weed and it ripped off And this one was the result proper buzzing and I remember the lucky moorhen, not sure it was coincidence or not but it always seems to appear at significant times was here for this one too, my favourite from this year so far 😉
  5. She might start eating them if she gets the cravings, keep them safe 😂 Just soak them in a cup of hot water and some of the bloodworm liquid for a day or so that will soften them up nicely I think, I honestly think it makes a difference so I do it everytime now 🤔
  6. I find whenever I follow other peoples advice on the lake It doesn't work out as well, obviously not the guys on here they have helped me loads 😉 Stick at it, keep learning and it will come good and you will appreciate it more when it does 👍 As for bait they should all work in the right place, I've been using the sticky bloodworm pellets recently in bags and I've caught using them , if you have the bloodworm boilies, it may be worth soaking them in a mix of water and hydrolysates are you using a ready-made or freezer bait? I like to soak my boilies for 24 hours before I go to soften them up a bit I find they eat them quicker if they are washed out, liver or a fish hydro seem to work well, sticky also do a bloodworm liquid I think
  7. Is it just dead maggots and pellets you have tried? If it is silty like you say these baits may soak up the nasty odours of the silt and not be so appealing to eat, if it were me I would probably start baiting a quiet area on the sly of possible, I would use lot of boilies and pellets and I would find a decent liquid to soak them in, this will stop them sucking up the silty smelling liquid for longer and should mean your freebies are more attractive, also if you use a good hydrolysate, it should also leech into the silt and make the fish want to grub around to find whatever is there, I used to think the fish didn't show themselves in my water, but once you get in tune with it you start to see more and more shows, Use a bait you have confidence in, a rig you know works and then find the fish, that is all you need to catch em honest 😂
  8. I wasn't that impressed by the S7, although many swear by it lol, bait is a bit of a personal thing though really, use what you are confident using 👍
  9. I honestly don't think you will notice any difference, with other makes for £100 or less, I've got an aerlex spod reel and tbh my 8ks are a much better reel, also much better quality than the baitrunner I own,
  10. It depends how much you wish to spend, but having owned my okuma 8ks for a while now I am happy to recommend okuma reels they are so smooth, I think the 8k might be a touch big for 10ft rods but have a look at the okuma Inc6000 for the money okuma are brilliant This shop even agrees with me and does a deal on them both 👍 https://parkfieldanglingcentre.com/collections/special-offers/products/sonik-xtractor-okuma-inception-6000-mega-deal?variant=29410304229487 @B Bhas the Inc6000 and the 8ks he is also an okuma fan
  11. That rock only just missed your rods be careful and good luck, 😬😬
  12. Looks nice, Do you have pike in there I've had load of issues with false runs and things lately, especially with pop ups, one time I even hooked one that had speared a rudd through its eye on my hook, my guess is the rudd were feeding on my spot and it attacked them, luckily it fell off, the poor rudd was dead though 😢
  13. I regularly have discussions 😂 with people on fb, today I got accused of being a lefty fisherman, and accused of being a socialist amongst other things 🙄, I think I am a socialist I just want to see people treated better and more equally, I would also like to see better education for all, not just for those with rich parents, housing should be affordable and for all, not bought as an asset or investment, less working days, better wages for all, Boris Johnson and the corrupt tories to face prison and we would all live happily ever after 🤔 Not too much to ask is it?
  14. The krank x seemed to work out OK for me last time tbh, I think I will stick with those until they let me down or something but thanks will keep them in mind 👍
  15. Yeah, I get scared sometimes when I think of the damage being done now, what the hell is it going to be like for our kids when they grow up, it looks bleak right now
  16. The greatest tragedy for this country was Corbyn, it just showed me how screwed up things had become, he is a man that could've made this country much better, Starmer is just a tory support leader, he won't rock any boat, but the Pandora files on the week of the tory guff show is quite telling, its like the media starting to turn away from the tories, how long before some real stories start to appear, still I won't feel bad the tories deserve all they get and hopefully for some it will be prison,
  17. Yep between them and the media, they have all election results sewn up,
  18. Dark times luckily my pot to wee wee in is already empty so they will have to accept an I O U 😂
  19. Nope they are probably stealing all our data from fb now ready for the great reset 🙄😬😂
  20. It's funny how it goes sometimes, but it's nice to catch em so well done
  21. It seems someone has opened pandoras box now fb, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down, Glad carp. Com never sold out to fb otherwise It would be a media blackout 🙄
  22. Totally agree, it's been criminal, they have spaffed billions, played god and failed this country but I also know, nothing will ever happen, look how they dealt with handcock, bank benched after a fling with an aide, he. Should be getting investigated for much worse crimes, When i say the left I mean the left side of Labour, not the starmer he is a weak fool who will be bought by murdoch and nothing will change, I see t him as a tory lite leader, Corbyn was the one the media were scared of, he wouldn't have caved to pressure and they knew that, The tories have left a right mess this time though 1.3 trillion national debt from the last 11 years, we will need to tax the rich to reduce that anytime soon 😂
  23. Ouch that's not cheap, my wife's old merc was the worst car we ever owned that thing cost me a fortune, was glad yo be shot of it tbh, cars seem to cost whatever you go for nowadays,
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