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  1. Just had a look at those they are a nice treat, look very smart and very usable too, loads of options 👍
  2. Cup of horlicks you would feel snug as a bug with that, 😏
  3. Gutted mate, hate that feeling, hope you get the chance to make up for it
  4. Hope you get one mate good luck, quite chilly today the cabin might be a nice luxury
  5. Can you not turn Down the swear filter Nick? filtering **** is unnecessary as is stinky winky 🤬
  6. You dont have to just use boilies though to create an impact, there are lots of cheaper alternatives You could get 25kg of pellets and 4l of molasses delivered free from blakes baits for just over £40 or sacks of particles also, I don't have loads of disposable income each month but the boilies I use are £6.50 a kg so I sacrifice other stuff to try and have at least 10kg in stock all broken down into 1kg or 1/2kg bags and just take what I think I'll need, for the session and I will bulk it out with a bucket of pellets and particles if the time is right or I am prebaiting, its knowing whe
  7. It really depends on the situation and Conditions a kilo wouldnt last me a session though even in winter it would probably be fed once I've finished if not used before,it's a tough one to gauge though sometimes, I'm more confident fishing over bait tbh, and I use it to get loads of attraction going into the spot, if I don't catch this session normally it helps farther along the line, too many anglers base there success on one trip, mine is based on a season or year these days, I already think its been a successful year for me but I have used quite a lot of bait, for me bait is confidence and c
  8. If you are on Facebook I would recommend the Julian cundiff angling group lots of useful info on there that might help you
  9. Are you putting the lead into the bag or just tying a bag around the hookbait? Also what type of hookbait are you using pop up, wafter, bottom bait? For inlines I use the fox tadpole set up with fox inline leads, then just a 4-5 inch rig with a soft braid and some shrink tube to help the hook turn, doesn't need to be complicated a knot less knot rig will work in a bag fine, don't get too bogged down with rigs, there isn't a wonder rig that will catch them if they aren't in front of you
  10. Hi mate Personally I would use a softish braid in a solid bag with an inline lead rather than a leadclip, If you mean a mesh bag just hooked onto the hook I would probably still use a semi stiff coated braid personally A lot will also depend what type of surface you are fishing over, at this time of year I wouldn't use a stiff material unless I was confident it was a clean bottom, as you may find it lands on a twig or something and just spends the night inches off the bottom not presented that well Would also help to know what sort of rig you are using, hope this helps
  11. Ouch that's harsh 3 weeks of nights on the trot, I don't do nights anymore since march just earlies or lates, I dont miss nights tbh,I think I feel better for it but hate earlies more cos its every other week now 😭
  12. I normally just wake and shake seems to have worked so far, but I will consider it, I did forget my hot water bottle Friday, Can recommend a horlicks though
  13. I did think they may be emporors new clothes a bit, I wasn't going to get one, Jim Shelley has an idea where he just puts his gas can in warm water that should work 👍
  14. Its been a lot colder since Friday, definately colder this morning, good for the Brussels though but not for me being on time for work had to scrape thr car this morning 😁
  15. Defiant mps heads with cygnet pivot arms
  16. I have quite enough gas in my sleeping bag already 🤒😷
  17. Brown, pink and yellow, don't work at the moment 😂
  18. A good find then 👍 Hopefully I will be able to find one next time 😁 Luckily I've given up smoking now, just addicted to custard vaping these days 👍 Quick question does anyone use a gas can jacket? Just wonder if they actually make a difference, I haven't had any issues with he Coleman gas or ngt gas freezing but just wondered if they make a difference in cold weather
  19. I couldn't find one of those when I looked I ended up getting a Coleman fyre or something similar for 25 quid off mountain warehouse, quite like it though, and the piezzo ignition still works after 3 trips so it's already better than the last one I had 😁
  20. I may have just slightly gone to the darkside and bought a deeper pro plus, I've accepted it may be seen as cheating, I've become comfortable with that, I put a lot of effort into my fishing I don't think that will change, I don't see it as a shortcut to catching fish just a shortcut to finding features of interest if it works as I hope it does, I've been spending a long time leading about lately and I'm still going to have to as I don't think the deeper has all the answers, I won't be using it to find fish, but it's a tool, I want to try one and see for myself whether it will help
  21. Shimano aerlex spod reel Now I've used it 4 or 5 times I think I can give it a thumbs up, really smooth, works like a trooper and excellent value for money in my opinion, I have a feeling it will take some punishment too, teamed up with the Gardner spod braid seems a good combo, it's got one of those funny stay open bail arms which takes a bit of getting used too but once you know it won't close you can give it some clog This is my 3rd dedicated spod reel now after 2 soniks, and it is miles better, and only 20 quid dearer, really pleased with mine, if It still works like it does th
  22. No luck this time, don't think I was far off but they have too much safety in this lake, and if they don't want to play ball and come to you then you won't catch them , I'm thinking of a new plan though it may not be so safe soon going exploring off the beaten track when I get time 😂
  23. I normally do too tbh, keeps it warmer longer 👍 Nice and easy curry though, good old pataks Tesco peshwari naan was horrible though ended up feeding that to the wildlife, I also regretted the 2 beers with my old man bladder, I was up every hour for a while 🧓 Really enjoyed the horlicks and Jersey cow milk tea though, 2 things every self respecting carp angler should have in there armoury 👍😂 Back home now though no carps, good few shows, not far away but they didn't quite want to come to visit my spots in the allocated slots I had provided them with 🙄
  24. No fishing updates but the dinner is nearly ready 👍
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