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  1. Thanks guys some great comments....that fall into the general consensus of the majority of people I have spoken to....even native the fisherman are starting to be a bit concerned too...cheers Take care Paul
  2. Thanks guys....some great valid comments that fall in line with the general consensus with the brethren down here....one in particular..from a Victorian carper.... They seem to believe that the killing of 95% of carp will bring their waterways back to a pristine condition, ignoring the fact that most of the damage is done by humans. Remove the industrial pollution, urban and farming run off, bank erosion from cattle and ski boats, habitat removal, redirection of waterways and reduction of natural flows and then you can blame the carp. Take care Paul
  3. Disastrous times ahead...imagine if this got a foothold world wide.....scary stuff...:eek::eek:......Cheers http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-13/murray-darling-carp-plague-release-fish-virus-farmers-scientists/7084586 Take care Nails
  4. Disastrous times ahead...imagine if this got a foothold world wide.....scary stuff...:eek::eek:......Cheers http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-13/murray-darling-carp-plague-release-fish-virus-farmers-scientists/7084586 Take care Nails
  5. There not cheap...but worth the money....I can do a 20kg sack of pigeon conditioner in about 30mins.....and one of these for doing maize and pellets... http://www.ebay.com/itm/FEED-MILL-GRINDER-FOR-WHEAT-BEANS-CORN-GRAIN-OATS-CRUSHER-300-kg-220-240V-/321187910142?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ac84a91fe
  6. nails

    Capture dates...

    Great info guys.....big thanks for the input.....as Carp Machine mentioned....I,am just trying to correlate information regarding targeting the bigger fish what times of the year in conjunction with the moon phases...
  7. nails

    Capture dates...

    Spot on CM...in conjunction with the moon phases as well....theres a connection somewhere...cheers matey
  8. nails

    Capture dates...

    Just a quick one guys, I was going back in the archives and wondering does anyone know the EXACT dates the two very well known fish of the time were caught...Cheers Mary Mirror 55lb 13oz - Wraysbury 1 - Terry Hearn Mary 56lb 6oz - Wraysbury 1 by Kevin Cummins Two Tone 59lb 7oz - Conningbrook - Terry Glebioska Two Tone 59lb 12oz - Mark Toland Two Tone 61lb - Gary Bayes Take care Paul
  9. Just a little something to think about...I did some tests a couple of years ago to see how much moisture was lost through air drying...I found over a week from freshly made boilies left overnight....I weighed exactly 500grms of bait and air dryed them for exactly one week...after that I weighed them again and they had lost 150grms due to the drying process...so that then gave me a rough guessimate of how much liquid attraction I would need to get them back to their original moisture level so to say...but a quicker and easier way is to freeze them..take them out shake and exsess ice/frost off them and give them a quick coating with the liquid and let them absorb it in....and then repeat the process without freezing the following day....cheers Take care Nails
  10. Squid ink could be an option especially when used in conjunction with fish meal based baits...
  11. Whatever protein inclusion you are using its a scientific fact that adult carp cannot process anymore than about 33-35% ...the rest is pushed out the back....the one thing they are attracted to is amino acids, thats why fishmeal based baits are so successful in the long term....a combination of vegetable, milk, meat and fish proteins are a sure winner because a large amino acid profile is covered... Happy rolling Nails
  12. Blitz in a food processor to a powder....whisk up one egg add pellet powder gradually until a thick paste.... then add 50/50 mix until a firm texture that can be kneaded in to a dough like consistancy...dont make to firm as it will stiffen up after a little time...Happy paste making... Take care Nails
  13. can i ask, when was this piece written do you know Not to sure Emmcee...theres a web forum here where It came from..I suppose you could ask..Cheers http://www.completefisher.com/index.html
  14. Great read...hope it helps.. http://www.completefisher.com/boilie_principles.html
  15. HOLY BAIT SHOP BATMAN..!!!!..... ...Sometimes less is more....there just seems to be too many things going on..theres at least half a dozen different type of boilies could be made from that list of ingrediants that would work....It would be safe to say that no more than five dry and three liquids would enable a good quality sustainable bait to stand the test of time....it would be just a matter of experimenting with them all...
  16. Just a quick one guys...been doing a little research into putting yeast powder into a base mix...is there a certain type/brand and at what inclusion is recommended...cheers Take care Nails
  17. Corn flour/starch...the stuff you thicken gravy with 100-200grms pre kilo of base and water being the liquid to wetten...I,ve always used it on my prebaiting campaigns....especaially for steamers 5-8mins depending on what size you are rolling...when you just want to put a good skin on them to harden up to get them out there....i,ve generally left them for at least 4-5 days to dry out...and they last for at least 3-4 hours in a test glass before breaking down..only ever use eggs in hookers..as you can be confident that they dont break down so quickly before the fish move in on them...Cheers Take care Nails
  18. When you open it up give it a good squirt with WD40 down the bottom end where the baitrunner clutch is...this should loosen things up...let it soak for a while then drain out onto a rag...lightly grease the main cogs...re-assemble and see how ya go...good luck...and keep us posted....
  19. Just got another reply after a bit of a stern concern of their after sales service...... If I can source you one I will get one for you. Many thanks Matt So may be all may not be lost..Hmmm..???...did,nt realize that Wychwood are actually from the Leeda stable..???
  20. If on the minimum setting it is still quite stiff to pull off line..I would suspect the actual baitrunner clutch washers have dried out ...when the lever is engauged into the baitrunner mode...a small clutch assembly on the main spool spindle comes into play which is located on the bottom of the spindle closest to the bottom of the reel inside the main housing...
  21. To confirm your suspicions...I got a reply from them...wait for it " sorry Paul we dont have any available"..what the..????...I just recently bought four of them..which I did mention..so you would think as some what of a valued customer that they would be helpful..I think not..!!!!!.....
  22. Cheers T...To be honest I never even thought of that.. durrrr ..lol...I thought it was funny that they never came with one in the box...perhaps they dont want you to service them yourself...instead let them do them or better still run them into the ground and buy new ones..????
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