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  1. Cheers Brooky I have jusy checked some out this end and it works out 33 pound per kilo how does that fair for what the lads over there get it for. Nails
  2. Lads any suggestions for making large quantities of boilies so I,am not there most of the day cracking and whisking up eggs. Is there an alternative that can be used. Cheers Tight lines Nails
  3. Cheers lads I,ve certainly got some ideas to play with on the next batch. Nails
  4. Recently been fishing and been swamped with "COOTS" dive bombing our swims and still getting, wait for it"FISH in the net" between the chaos. there,s a two prong approach. I,am thinking spice the mix up a bit and see if it deters the coots and keep the fish interested and also to see actually how much the coots clear up, against the fish, non spiced. Nails
  5. Cheers M I,ll take that on board and tread lightly with it, I suppose a taste test would be ok as I would never feed our whiskered frends something I would,nt eat my self with the exception of naturals. Nails
  6. This is for investigation perposes for the underwater camera... .....I think if I put 40kilo in I,d be getting shots of the pigeons landing on it ....
  7. Getting some pigeon mix particles ready for the next session. I have got a kilo of dry mix getting on the boil after 8hrs of soak, should,nt take that long soften, I was wondering about adding some chillie to the mix to spice things up a little. Dried or flaked and how much is too much for this size batch. Cheers. ATB Nails
  8. Ah, so you HAVE visited the Gold Creek ponds at night before..... That one would be a bit too big for either of those 2 ponds, it was day light when that one took my bait by the time it was in the net the night was blacker than a gamekeepers heart out there. Chris Stunning fish.. Chris any carper worth his salt would be proud to have that one in the album.......
  9. Try this http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=36721 Cheers Stoogi.... Melbourne Australia river carp shoaling up for spawning in spring.....
  10. I've actually considered taking a tiny carp home to put in the old fish tank for bait testing purposes.. These little darlings. After spending most of the day in carp sacks, a 35min trip in a water tank and within 15 mins in my pond where back on the chew on the same bait that I caught them on....... My other fish will eat almost any of the concoctions that I put togther, boilies that is intended for carp.
  11. I've never had to source o-ring grease before. Thanks for that. Good olde vaseline.. petroleum jelly is a good alternative water resistance sealer lube..I use it on my alarm boxes to keep the moisture out.
  12. Andy any photos of your new found gizzmo to share, keen to have a sqwizz at it. I,am presently going the whole hog with the underwater camera approach... statically placed with prebait and a small laptop note book that can record up to 83hrs of footage. Nails
  13. Good on ya Wolfy....a tactic you could use, just incase you have forgoten your mat is to have your forceps handy, I keep my on my coat collar at all times, keeping the fish in the net and in the water is to un-hook it and let it slip back over the net, if you dont intend to take a photo or weigh it. Nails
  14. Had some great night sessions in Altona Melbourne 1996-97 with my two boys on the fishmeal. It was unbelievable one night session as 12 o,clock struck[Cinderella turned up] Lol!. the first run of 6 came , landed 5 the best being just over 22lb and the smallest 8.5lb, 2,O'Clock came and that was it, all over For those 2 hours sitting on the edge of your chair in the bivvie, those moments you never forget. It,s things like that keep you coming back to hear the scream of the alarm and reel. [Tried to attached photos but could not work it out]HELLLLLLLLLLP! "COME ON THE Perth TWENTY" I,am Excited Cheers Paul Thanks Livey for the words of incouragement, NOT SO GOOD bait hey, this is an excerpt from a post I posted on http://anglers.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=userrecentposts&user=nails Was basically indenticle except of the salmon oil, I used Tuna instead. So it just goes to show that the cheesiest of bait work on the day. Simplicity is the key here in Australia as a majority of the water have never seen a boilie or a hair-rig. There are so many water waters that are fed by the local bread chuckers that feed the resisdent ducks, and yes the bait to fish with bread, because they are used to it. It like alot of new bait introduced you introduce them regular basis and the fish will pick up on them. It,s not like the syndiacte waters of the UK and Europe where you are allways looking for an edge on your fellow carpers to net a fish. I think in recent years with the BIG bait hype created by the bait companys there is so much competion out there for bussiness it,s getting beyond the point of silly. Me and Andy a.k.a Niblet from this forum who is Australians first ever representitives with captain Ben Cooke discussed in great depth about bait for the WCC Madine, they has been lucky enough to get CC Moores on board with bait sponsership, which is going to help a great deal in their quest. The guys have just the same amount of chance as the BIG boys of the carp world in scoring some fish on the day, wether they are named anglers of not, in 3500 acres if the fish are not in your swim they are not in your swim. I would basically say that Andy is one of the most experienced carp anglers in Australia today with a wealth of knowledge that he has gained of the manys years of chasing our whishered frends. Madine 2012 Here WE GO!!!! PAul
  15. I think novice anglers generally dismiss this side of fishing, once this fish has been subdued through battle with man, rod and reel the after care should come into play. Once into the net the suspended fish should be landed carefully onto a soft cushioned surface, not just left flapping around on the bank awaiting you to take the hook out. At this time the fish is at it,s most vulnerable, with injury's inevitable, one of these eliminate the risk of damage to the fish. A good idea is to dampen the surface before you lay the fish down which keeps the scales moist. You can kill two birds with one stone with this particular item, a un-hooking mat and weighing sling. A baby's changing mat is an other option with a washable cover that can be put through the washing machine to keep those fishy smells at bay. A damaged fish ie: scales missing, bleeding gills are very susceptible to infection at this stage so if you plan on releasing him or her back to the water, look after your fish, to fight another day. Cheers. ATB Nails
  16. Yes mate Andy Wallis http://www.carpfishingblog.com/ he is a very good friend of mine, you may ask why I,am not fishing with him, simply I,am not an Australian citizen, for which you have to be to register. Concidering the possibility of entering 2012 as the family are finally becomming citizens after 21 years of living in Australia. Cats....Ummmmm.. I had a bag of fishmeal ones that I put togther a while ago, I had them air drying in a air bag on the washing line and you geussed it the cats got them....DOH!!!! Nice recipe too...can certainly knock that one up quiet easily. Cheers
  17. With spring not far away I thought I would start a new thread for anybody wanting to share any winter sessions. This time of the year with the regular influx of fresh water fires alot of places in to action. Low water levels in most Australian waterways have a tendency to put our whiskered frends off the chew, depleted oxygen levels and food availability contributing factors. A venue that I fish through the winter is a classic example with fish few and far between in summer. Recently I fished with instant success on a fishmeal based boilie for the first time this year. Fishmeal you say in "winter", I have measured water temps especially here in Perth and they are a constant 12 degrees at depths, with only the surface temps flucuating through out the winter months. Far from the icy cold conditions of the UK and Europe. The success of the recent session with a fully scaled Koi carp fell to a RR base fishmeal boilie, the first time I have used them at the venue, I have heard of boilies used once or twice with no success there, maize being the main stay of bait with a little liquidized bread as an attractant. The session started off a little slow before first light with the resident morehens dive bombing my dozen or so boilies[brooklands]..... big thanks again for the RR recipe.... I had catapulted out at distance. A couple of smallish goldies decided to show their presence by rolling in the next swim that I had pre-baited ealier the day before so things were looking good for a lively session. The first rod went out at 7am ish at distance to the boilie spot and the second a marginal under arm lob to the next swim loaded with a single maize popped up with a hi-viz lumo fake chod-rig to critically balance it above the detris covered lake bed. After the first hour of no action I decided to rebait and recast both rods, a re-rig of the boilie rod with the addition of a pva bag made bankside with crushed boilie and a few added pellets was sent packing. Once the bag had dissolved, which I knew as the coots homed in like a couple of exorcets missiles on a battleship, twiching bites as they made contact with the rig, even had it nailed down with a flying back lead, did,nt stop them. After 10 mins or so of getting out of the chair to reset my hangers the second rod went off at lightening speed, a flat-liner screamer mono tone butt-ringing run, a bow wave broke the surface, I thought this was the double figure one that has eluded me from this venue would finally be in the net. After the intitial run the fist decided to kite across to the left, in anticipation of my first double had had to put a little extra pressure on the fish as it was heading straight for a snag that we knew was there from the summer months when the water was at it,s lowest. Finally I managed to subdue it after a tug of war at close quarters around the reed beds. A fiesty 7lb 8oz graced the net, not a 20 or even a double you might say but it gave a great account of it,s self, if anyone has caught these pure Koi you would know the fighting spirit that lies within them. Thinking how a high double or even a twenty would go is what keeps me chasing these beautiful and elusive fish. Let yours runs be screamers and your fish be whackers. ATB Nails
  18. Any fish is a good fish mate especially when you make your own bait, a sense of achievment, doing the same myself with a few different concoctions as a lot of the bits and pieces are not available here in Australia. The only option is to try and make our own mixes as the quarantine is mustard here, we can get flavours and sweetners through no problem as for ready made boilies no chance. One time I had to wait weeks because customs had two packets of fake maize thinking that they were eckkys or something. Happy bait making. Nails
  19. Try this one livey theres some reference to amounts. Hope it helps. Cheers. http://members.chello.nl/tmarapengopie/boilierecipes.htm Nails
  20. Quick one gents. We are known to spice up our mixes once in a while with chilly, paprika, curry with the addition of salt and sugar and the like but what about the herbs such as mint,basil,oregano parsley and thyme as we seem to like the flavour, has anyone used them with results. Any thoughts lads it would be interesting. Cheers Atb Nails
  21. Yeah lets hope it does the bizzo on the next session hey. Cheers.
  22. Nice images Andy, thats certainly one of the places to add to my list to give a try venues. Living in Perth thou a little planning what be the call of the day but if the planets align next year I could pay it a visit. Cheers Nails
  23. The percentages are way off for making RR. Strongly suggest: 400g paprika 50g sugar Mix these two powders together, then add just enough oil to coat all the powder particles to make them shiny, but not so much that they all stick together and become a paste. This will be no more than 50 ml oil (possibly less), best to add a little bit at a time as you stir the mix. In other words the result should still be a powder product, but oily. Hope this helps Thanks Brooklands, no worries for that I did have to add extra Paprika to the mix to get it to the right consistancy as it did start to stick together as you said. As for the sugar I planned for a sweeter mixture as not having to add any additional liquid sweetener when knocking up a boilie mix. It turned out quiet glossy in the end and seperated nicely once the oil was absorbed. Cheers.
  24. Made a batch of boilies this morning to try out this week. A little pre-bait and give it a go in a day or two. 30 at a time, with the help of the sausage gun done in no time. Drying out outside before freezing. Tight lines Nails
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