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  1. Fished here a good few years ago and would not recommend the venue to anybody. Lovely looking lake with what looks like just a few ducks - but as soon as you put a bait out loads of them ( we counted over 70) come piling out of the bushes. On one swim a duck used to sit waiting and as soon as the person on that swim made a move in the morning the duck went nuts calling the others and the swim was soon surrounded. A good read of the visitors book will really enlighten you - MANY visitors left early through their booking because of the DUCKS. Also you will notice that the catch rate is dismal - the vast majority of fish are caught in the winter when the lake is not open for renting and is only used by Tim Paisley & friends. We were disappointed also as the 'bailiff' who was supposed to meet and greet us at the fishing lodge never arrived at all, nor on any day through our stay. The Microwave cooker - the only method for heating food - was broken. And to top all that not one fish between four of us was caught - and keep reading the visitors book because that was very more-than-not the case throughout that summer that we visited. If you are still intent on fishing at this lake I do suggest that you seriously request a visit to the lake first - throw a handful of bait in to check for the duck population and READ THE VISITORS BOOK.
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