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  1. Floating baits were banned last time i visited. If you ring them they can can you an update possibly? Lunchon meat or pellets seemed good but caught alot on maggots as well, all sorts including carp. Good luck
  2. Sorry Ryan, have not been fishing since last post!! Have fun
  3. kameleonuk Thanks for the reply, I have heard the same. Agree the licensed bar is a plus point though!!!!
  4. Sorry read your message again so here is the link to the review. If it does not work, use the search facility and put in Sumners Ponds. Thanks http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=40547&highlight=sumners+ponds
  5. Didn't know which one you meant so below is the info on both. Henfold Lakes Fishery Henfold Lane Bear Green DORKING Surrey RH5 4RP. Tel: 01306 631164 Fax: 01306 631164 www.henfoldlakesfishery.co.uk ___________________________________ Sumners Ponds Chapel Road, Barns Green, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0PR Tel 01403 732539 www.sumnersponds.co.uk
  6. Sorry despite what I said we ended up going to Sumners Ponds as the match lake was free. Sumners Ponds has a review as well on this web site. Worth a visit.
  7. Fished the match lake today with son and daughter. Great Day! Worth phoning the venue to see if the match lake is free of matches as its normally ok to fish as long as everyone is profesional. Meat fished the best today but also caught on corn, maggot and boilie. Float fished about 2 foot out! Bailiff suggested this and be sure it worked, only about 2 foot deep aswell. Caught Barbel to 2lb, Chub about 1/2lb, Roach and Rudd to 3/4lb and Carp biggest today was 7lb but had loads (about 30) between my son and me. Would have been a good size bag if keepnets were allowed. Bailiff sa
  8. www.sumnersponds.co.uk 01403 732539
  9. Fished Sumners Ponds Saturday just gone. Started on the small pond which let me say was packed solid by 7am and fished through to noon with just one run resulting in a small carp, didn't even catch anything with float and maggots. Spoke to the bailiff and he said that its been like it for a while now! Then went with my son to the new 'silver fish' lake and floated corn, maggot, meat (basically anything) and caught a fish a cast! Tench, Golden Tench, Skimmers, Roach, Rudd, Chub and small Barbel all perfect with the biggest tench about 10inchs long about 1lb to 2lb but plenty of them. G
  10. Thanks everyone, Willinghurst is closer to us and I didn't even know about it!! Thanks we will try it soon, been on the web site, its a bit out of date (2007) but the lakes look great. Henfold here we come this time round.
  11. Carp on ledger and a float rod for anything else really? Personal best for me is 14lb Carp and my boy 8lb Carp, so if there is a possibility of that size or better (ish) it would be good. Thanks
  12. Hello guys, Been fishing Sumners Ponds which is going through a rough time at the moment! Possibly just a glitch, and want to try Henfold Lakes on Friday. Anyone got any tips and as its got 6 lakes what one should my boy and I fish?
  13. Thanks for your reply, perhaps I will get some more.
  14. Got a holiday coming up next to Ullswater Lake and wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of how to fish it? Not into Fly Fishing so perhaps ledgering? Thanks in advance.
  15. Good Luck chaps, Have a great time, fingers crossed the biggey!!!! will come out for ya.
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