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  1. moonboots09

    PVA bag fishing

    Hi all, I am a big fan of solid bags but only ever used a braided hook link. The water I'm now fishing has a ban on braided hook links. Any suggestions on how I can get round this still using solid bag tactics? I have thought about using a soft coated braid hook link but not sure on it will sit... anybody else tried this? cheers
  2. moonboots09

    Evesham Vale fishery

    Thanks for the replies lads...
  3. moonboots09

    Evesham Vale fishery

    hi! I have booked on to Evesham vale fishery for 48 hrs at the end of the month and was hoping there maybe a few people who can shed some light on this place as never fished it and don't know anyone who has. I have read the website and searched on web but don't seem to get much after 2012. not after anyone's secret tactics but just a heads up would be great... thanks in advance!
  4. moonboots09

    bishops bowl fishery

    cheers mate every little helps i rang shaun the owner today, he recommened fishing mitre as it will be a 1st visit for me, but im gonna do the weekend so imagined that mitre will be packed and fancied greenhill as it may be a bit quieter?? did you have much out of greenhill?? cheers
  5. moonboots09

    bishops bowl fishery

    hi, has anyone fished here recently? cant decide whether to fish mitre or greenhill? if anybody has any info on the lakes like what sort of bottom it is? much weed e.t.c it doesnt say much on the website just roughly the depth so would like to as prepared as poss! thanks
  6. hi, i fished there the 1st day it opened, it was much smaller than i thought it was gonna be think there is 8 pegs and if u hook a decent 1 and it leads you a merry dance it will def take out other people lines. saying that if it had say 4/5 pegs it would be a cracking little water. i did 24hrs and blanked had fish topping over ( the small area i could fish) but no takes i saw a twenty come out but it was very slow for everyone. baliffs helpful, nice water very tranquil!! oh if the choir in the local church are practicing you also get a free concert and singalong!
  7. moonboots09

    Blackgreaves fishery

    Cheers for that lads, I have fished pine pool a few times but as i can only do weekends i find it gets really busy as the season starts to get going, i was looking for somewhere off the beaten track a little and somewhere where i can do the odd 24hrs when i get permission from the family! As i live in cov was looking for somewhere not to far away if im needed back home, i did post a thread regarding napton resi but no one got back me on that one. Iain
  8. moonboots09

    Blackgreaves fishery

    hi, this fishery has been recommended to me, i have read a couple of threads on here about it, both different 1 said its ok and the other said dont bother!! Has anyone fished here recently?? I will try and get there myself to have a walk round but time is very limited with work and 2 young kids!! so after as much info as poss please. cheers iain
  9. moonboots09

    napton reservoir

    Hi, has any been fishing napton resi lately? if so any advice as was thinking of really putting some time in to the place as its local. Also can you do nights on there??
  10. moonboots09

    chorley springs fishery

    Hi mate, did you fish this place as was thinking of giving it a bash!! Any advice/tips would be great. cheers