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  1. Catfish setup

    Unless they are really big then I'd use ton up. This is for bait fishing if live baiting use heavy mono e.g. Cat link
  2. Catfish setup

    Please do not use a wire trace for catfish you will slice their mouths open. Quicksilver or quicksilver gold is ideal
  3. Anyone else heard this?

    not true mate. i know a bailif there mate. he told me they stocked a carp of 32lb last thursday. pic will be on there web site next week. stu
  4. willowbank

    hi all anyone fished it recently
  5. Fishing in Nottinhamshire

    you maybe wright mate its only wot i was told by sum fisherman on another water. let me no how you go on cos i'm lookin for a place to concentrate on may be thats for me. i'd get a season ticket for pebley tommorrow if there was a bit more water in it. for now i'm on woodsets quarry pond but not to keen on the place
  6. Fishing in Nottinhamshire

    i heard that harthill lease was up for sale and its free fishing till its sold. dont hold it on me thou.
  7. Fishing in Nottinhamshire

    pebley is good but its hard. an dont believe all the bull about the place the owner will just tell you what he thinks you want to hear. harthill is easier and has sum nice carp in i've had upto mid twentys out of both
  8. nutrabaits down fall?

    thanks for the advice. its all bloody change so much in the last ten years. i'm thinking of using dynamites baits. could sumone tell me is there any differance in the self life bollies and the freezer baits apart from one comes frozen and if there is what are the pro's and cons
  9. hi all i've bin out of fishing for around ten year and i wanted to use shelf life bollies that i used to use. these where nutrabaits cranberries i used to have alot of good fish on them. but i have just been to a local tackle shop and was told thay wouldn't stock them because of bad quality, so i went to another an was told that they had stop stocking them because the bait had gone down hill and the last batch had weevels in them. i find this hard to beleave since they used to be such a reputable company. just wondered wot peoples views were. is it ture or am i victim of the ever increasing bull that seams to be infecteing this sport. thanx
  10. hello an help

    the owner john sergent i think does not give his number out any more. i fished the lakes last year. dint really catch anything worth writing about. i think this water had its day 10 years ago. there are still some gud fish in but i dont think its worth the pricey ticket
  11. pebley res

    hi all has anyone fished pebley res and caught much. i fished it 10 years ago and had sum nice carp and pike to mid 20's.