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  1. I know on my lake the best catches are always on the lake baits, I dont think its down to what bait is best but what the fish are use to, so on this basis I would always say buy the lakes baits where ever you go, even as far as pellet use the lake pellet because you may think they are the same but the carp can tell they are not. If guy start fishing with there bait and then change to our bait if they are fishing the same spot it still takes a little bit of time as the fish shy away because of a differant bait on the spot where if they try a new spot they catch quickly. Ofcourse you will catch on other baits but I feel it tends to be less fish and the smaller ones. May I also add I am not just saying this from a money making side of things I have had many anglers that have been fixed on using there own bait and having a hard time of things and in the end I have said try our bait and I will only charge you if it works. From my point of view I am more interested in my clients doing well and having a good time rather than just taking a few extra euros from them
  2. It maybe worth you looking at Carpquarry, 3 acre lake and house for exclusive use perfect for 4 anglers, The ave fish is about 32lb but its not a runs water but the rewards are big. www.carpquarry.co.uk
  3. You are going to a very nice place so you should have a good time
  4. Mine is Carpquarry have put the link below www.carpquarry.co.uk
  5. Thats no problem, I know every lake is different naturals etc and you could catch on boilies from day one but it took the carp in my lake a year before they were very confident in taking boilies
  6. I would say whatever lake you go to buy the bait at that lake as that is what they have been fed the most and will take with no problems, Not sure what lake you are talking about maybe Les Rivets. If this is the case and its a new stock of carp get the pellet that the fish were fed on from the lake , not another pellet that you think is the same. The carp may not be hard on the boilies so take arma mesh or something like that so that you can put pellets into and fish like a boilie and who knows you may have it off this way. I would keep one swim/rod just pellet and do NOT put anything else in that swim.
  7. This week we had Tony Higgins and Mark from Hemel Hempstead. Tony had alot of his family staying in the house while Tony and Mark done abit of fishing. Mark was fishing swim 4 and Tony was fishing swim 5. Mark in swim 4 had 5 fish out and lost 3. The fish were mirrors of 34lb,35lb,34lb,31lb and then a baby original at 22lb. Tony in swim 5 only fished half the week as to keep his family happy but still had 15 runs and got fish from 23lb to 33lb. Tony did say that he had lost a couple of very big carp with one being massive and this is coming from an angler who has caught many 50s and also was one of the first anglers to catch Benson from Bluebell, But in 40 years of carp fishing has never felt anything like the one he lost. Dont worry Tony I am sure you will be back for another go at landing one of the big girls from Carpquarry.
  8. Read your comments with interest as we all like to keep a eye on the other lakes, but I did think that if they said they had 100 fish and your group got 30 thats 30% of the stock in a week I think you done well. I know with my lake again small at only 3 acres but deep no group has landed 30% of the stock.
  9. Essex boys on Tour 4th June 2011 This week we had the Essex boys on Tour ie Dave Richard (Whizz) Lee and Gary (Nugget)from Witham Essex. Lee Ward was the winner of the Total Carp Mag comp that we run this year.The guys had a great time and some great fishing with the person who came last out of the 4 of them Whizz still have a fish at 34lb6oz in 3rd place was Dave with a 38lb and in 2nd place with a fish at 39lb10oz was Nugget and the winner was Lee with a best fish of 41lb8oz Have listed below details of all there catches in the week. Dave swim 1. 24lb4oz,27lb4oz and 38lb mirrors. Richard (Whizz) swim 2 . 27lb,31lb8oz and 34lb6oz mirrors. Gary (Nugget) swim5. 26lb8oz,31lb8oz,27lb,23lb and 39lb10oz Mirrors also 2 Commons at 27lb and a new lake record Common at 34lb4oz. Lee also in swim 5. 25lb8oz,26lb4oz,34lb8oz,24lb10oz,29lb4oz,27lb,31lb8oz,32lb Mirrors and a new PB at 41lb8oz.Lee also had 2 wildies at 3lb and 11lb4oz.
  10. Steve Patchley Rob & Pete Our fish Fly and Hire group 23/5/11 This week we had Rob, Steve and Pete from Essex,they were our first fly and hire group.They had a cracking week and put the new Wychwood tackle to the test. Carpquarry put them under its spell and they have already booked to come back in 2012. Rob swim 1 Had 14 fish a new Carpquarry record for the most fish caught by one angler in a week. All mirrors at 26,10 32,2 24,2 27,5 32,3 28,11 20,2 23,0 28,6 25,15 27,13 and a new PB of 32,6. and also lost/issed 3 fish Pete swim 3 Also got a new PB at 33lb and had other fish of 24,4 27,6 and 29,12 Steve swim 5 He had the biggest fish of the week at 39lb13oz and had others at 29,10 30,6 26,4 29,4 24,6 25,7 24,3 and a common of 14lb
  11. Gav & Kev 16/5/11 Carpquarry saved us! There was nobody at the lake this week but ended up with a call from Gavin looking for a place to fish. There were fishing a public water in Brittany France and all they have had was a couple bream in 5 days. They came to Carpquarry to try and save there holiday and save it they did, with only fishing 2 day/3 nights Kevin had 4 fish at 25lb,28lb4oz, 29lb and 34lb4oz PB but not to be out done Gavin also had 4 fish a common at 17lb3oz and Mirrors at 25lb2oz, 26lb4oz and 39lb PB
  12. Always worth a look at Carpquarry . You can checkout catch reports on here and website for photos etc. www.carpquarry.co.uk
  13. 2/5/1 - 6/5/11 This week we had in Aaron,Kriston, Paul and Adrian for a short week. Kriston was the top rod also with the biggest fish of 37lb10oz and others of 27, 30 and 32. Paul had a couple out at 26 and 34lb, Aaron had fish just under 30lb at 29 and 25 and Adrian also had a couple at 25 and 28.
  14. Gary John Paul & Ken from Edenbridge Kent 23/4/11 This week we had the guys from Edenbridge visit us at Carp quarry. The guys had a good week and set a couple of new records. John swim 1 set a new record of the most fish landed in a week well in fact 6 days, the fish he had were- mirrors at 22, 25, 25, 25, 28, 28, 28, 28, 30.5,32, 32, 35 and topped with a 39lb. Ken in swim 2 had a mirror at 25lb. Gary in swim 5 had mirrors at 20 and 29lb. Paul also in swim 5 had mirrors at 25, 28, 29 and 31lb and topped of with a new record common at 32lb. In the end 21 fish landed and quite a few lost/ missed but great angling from the guys well done. Dont forget we still have weeks open for 2011 if you want to visit Carpquarry.
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