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  1. outcast are ok if your budget is under 100 pounds i would look at fox horizon spod rod 99 pound or the greys plus 12"6 long distant spod rod that has 50mm butt guides 89pound or the 12" plus for 79 pound
  2. i have 2 Okumas 865 power lines had them for 3 years been fantastic for me they are big but not as heavy as most big pit reels. baitrunner is a dream on it and for 49.99 u wont get much better. fishtec sale them dont no what pictures are like . the shimano long cast is anther fantastic baitrunner reel but you are up to 130 pound
  3. thanks for that still looking at freespirt e class 12" 3.5 tc and 50 mm butt guides i can get 2 for 340 had my mind made up on the greys isoflex plus 50 ican get 2 for 310 just cant make up my mind
  4. sway in the new forrest has a syndicate lake but long waiting list im looking at farnham angling club 100 pound for year 23 lakes and one lake is bagshot lea 16 acres mirrors to 44 lb commons 39lb grass carp to 35lb and cats from 8lb to 64 lb
  5. thorpe lea most of the time but i only fish pegs 45, 49 .and 50 need at least 120 yards on those pegs also fish todber manor and the square puddle at kingsclere looking for syndicate close im also looking at farnham club onle 100 pound for year and 23 lakes when yr out nexted pm me thanks
  6. looking for long distance casting rod for about 180 eg freespirt e class greys isoflex shimano horizon xt any help please
  7. dose anyone know what the lakes are like to fish eg bagshot lea or mill lane many thanks
  8. hi has anyone fished wadmill at todber laterly if so how good and what bait thanks for any info
  9. how long dose pigeon conditioner last and can u frezz it
  10. my son and i would be intrested let me know how much
  11. could anyone tell me about fishing at hatchet pond thanks
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