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  1. Hi guys. Have been watching a lot of carp videos on youtube lately. Some kind soul has taken the time to upload a lot of the latest stuff from korda. There is a lot of usefull info contained in all the videos with reference to rigs and angling situations. Not sure how long these will remain on youtube so enjoy. I have now been living in australia for 4 years and have to say the carp fishing withdrawals are driving me mad. If anyone has any info on any locations around the goldcoast area worth a chuck i would be very keen to meet up and go for a fish.
  2. Had a couple of hours fishing over dough larson park on sunday.Have to say the no fishing sign is still in place. No one seemed to take any notice and the few that did were more interested in what i was cathing.Unfortunatley no carp.Did however catch about a dozen fish spieces unknown but up to about 1kg.Still good sport and was nice to get the waggler rod back out.Next time maybe a carp or to. Dose any one know if you can fish the area on the opposite side of the road this is linked to the front lake in the park and joins by a channel under the road.Looks quit good semms to be on a sports fi
  3. Hi Dennis You and Ben both mention you fished Tygum lagoon.Just looked it up on google maps it looks quite good and a fair size.Do you think it would be worth a go over the winter as the dive bombers would be gone.There seems to be a couple of promising areas around the bridge or the islands also around the jettie.Have you been there lately?Would be interested in any info reguarding any fishing spots in the area as good advice is very hard to come by.Tihgt lines Paul
  4. Hi there found some plastic corn on ebay uk.Its not to expensive and some sellers are willing to post to oz.There are different types some do pop up others dont.I used the pop up type in the uk mainly to balance a bait rather than use as a full pop up.From memory 1 piece of fake woul balance 2 to 3 real pieces and used to work well.Hope this helps.Tight lines Paul
  5. Hi there.I have use fake maggots before in the uk. There are several ways to mount these without a maggot clip.I would thread 5 or 6 onto a fine sewing needle then feed them onto a piece of line 1 to 2 kg breaking strain.Then tie a simple over hand knot the maggots will form a nice little ball shape.Now you will be left with 2 lengths of line use this to tie the bait to your hook or directley to your hair rig.From my experience this type of bait works best over a large bed of bait when fish are feeding confident.Hope this is of some help tight lines
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