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  1. hey guys, i fished longbridge lake today for the fisrt time and wow what a fun lake this is. i had setup and both rods out to the right hand side of the island by 7am, by 7:10 i was bringing in an 8lbs mirror just got him in the net when my left hand rod goes screaming off towards the left of the island bagging a mirror of 13lbs. the tempo was set for the rest of the day bagging a total 11 carp to 16lb 4oz. the £10 day ticket was well worth the money even the 6 bream offered plenty of play time.
  2. fished there again today with no success, im now running out of ideas. i can not get these carp feeding no matter what i try, iv tried pre baiting, not baiting at all, stalking the carp but still nothing. I NEED HELP!!!!!
  3. i'll probably by the only one fishing there lol, but if your with the staffie in the pic i will recognize you. i'll let you know if im down there that day. where abouts are your from, im in bevious valley. you must be kinda local too. how long have you been carping, im kinda new so any advice tip tricks ect would be very welcome, i fish on my own so views an opinions from other people will help me a great deal. thanks
  4. hey thanks for the heads up i dont think i will be doing some nights there, but i will be there day time. i'll be there most day looking for that elusive catch so im sure we my bump it to each other. would be good to get another persons view on the place. every time ive been there ive seen plently of big carp, some so close that i could probably touch if i tried. however every method ive tried fails. but i'll keep trying.
  5. Hi all my names dean and im new to this. i was wondering if anyone had fished this place ( mansbridge reservoir, southampton ). i was out walking one day when i stumble upon this little lake. after a walk round i noticed several big carp 20 lbs + roaming round without a care in the world. after speaking with a guy there he tells me carp to 37lbs have been caught from there. i've fished there on 10 occasions now and have blanked every time bar one, when i landed a 12lb common. i've tried many different approach but to now avail, just wondered if anyone had any tips or tactics for this place. thanks. tight lines
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