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  1. I gave up carp fishing a few years ago but still love this and still watch them over and over brilliant stuff...
  2. there are loads of carp in these lakes they are numbered lake a lake b and lake c lake a has lots of carp but nothing big up to just about doubles if your lucky lake c again has lots of carp upto mid double these are also the match lakes and do have matchs on every Saturday all year round lake b is the lake with the bigger carp in they do go up to mid 20 can be very weedy but the fish are lovely scaley fish its only £7 for a day ticket which can be bought on the bank you can night fish B lake ONLY can get busy at weekends but fairly quiet midweek not my idea of fishing but the perfect place
  3. I do find it sad that a lot of these young un`s go straight in to boilies and buzzer`s my local lakes opened on the 1st of june and there were plenty of them fishing this way and they did catch the odd fish me I float fished lift style stalking around the lake ended up with a handful of fish to nearly 25lb all on the float in the edge and all on worms to me 1 on the float is worth 10 sitting behing buzzer`s
  4. why anybody would buy hemp oil from a bait company at anything up to £6-£8 for 250ml`s must be crazy the oil from Tesco`s is just as good if not better and £5 for 500ml`s is a real bargin also worth a look for some great other oil`s I picked up a bottle of peanut oil 250ml`s for £1.30 today and they have allsort`s chilli oil the list is endless for one`s to try
  5. practice is the key I used to go to a field just up the road with a bucket and a load of old bait put the bucket at different distance`s and use all the bait up aiming at the bucket I don`t fish a lot of big lakes so I don`t need to use the throwing stick to put a bait longer then 100yrds but up to 60 to 80yrds I can get a lot of bait out in to a spot the size of an umbrella with no problems at all another little trick is to just dip your throwing stick in the lake to stop the baits splitting in flight also help`s stop the bait spinning to much.. easy after a bit of practice
  6. havn`t fished it for a few years now but from what I have heard it gets very busy the no 1 pit (across the road from the club pit) has done fish to over 40lb but this year they have lost some of the fish after moving a load of fish out of the middle pit into the no 1 still has a fair few 30s though but it gets far to busy for my liking...
  7. lucky lucky fish!!! at least it got rid of the hook now don`t take this the wrong way but your son in law may need a look at his rigs if a fish can tow a rig with lead on for 3 hours without dumping the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i have been carp fishing for nearly 30 years and i had something happen to me today that i hope never happen`s again i turned up to a local day ticket water it is a bit of a runs water but i haven`t been since sept and wanted to blow the cobwebs away. got there nice and early and the fish were going mental about 30yrds out so got me 3 rods ready and whacked 3 bags out in a line were the fish were showing 1 left 1 staight out and 1 right with about a 20rd gap between them got everything sorted and was making some more bags when whack the LHR is away fish was kiting left just as i was about to p
  9. well if your got muppet`s like that on your water i wouldn`t fish it end of
  10. sorry fella im not having a go but the other week you were moaning about people using baitboats now it`s people using 4 rods if the rules say you can use baitboats that`s no problem and if the rules say 4 rod`s that`s not a problem either if you go carp fishing you have to put up with these things if these things are upsetting you fish somewhere else................
  11. yes it is day ticket £11 for 24 hours £7 for the day though i do believe you can only do a max of 48 hours 4 lakes though only 3 have carp in them 1 lake to the left of the carpark which has tench and bream to double figures and 3 lakes to the right lettered B C D.B is the main carp lake with plenty of fish up to just on 30lb DOES GET BUSY ON WEEKENDS but week days are fairly quiet C lake is the pastie lake with shed loads of carp in just up to double`s with most fish 4lb to 8lb D lake has the monster`s in with fish up to and over 40lb but very hard and the locals are not to friendly to new pe
  12. very interesting thread this i can remember fishing on G lake at waveney vally a few years ago on a weekend session catching the big two tone common twice from the same spot 1st on the friday night then again early sunday morning and this was the only time it came out that season strange or what!!!!!!
  13. why does this baitboat issue always pop up. who cares if people are using 1 as long as they are not putting there boat over your swim what`s the problem used in the right way they are a godsend much better then people trying to get under bushes tight to islands etc leaving leads and rigs dangleing from the tree`s
  14. wow weybread no 1 that brings back some memory`s he used to bait up from a boat he used to hide it on the chicken shed bank then go out at night and fill it in i could be wrong but i believe he was caught baiting up from the boat and that got him his ban from there on top of upsetting the locals and casting over people.
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