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  1. HAH that would help wouldnt it.. were in the UK, north west, but willing to travel.. need to have somtheing to look forwards too after this lockdown!!
  2. Looking to book into a venue for a social with the boys but trying to find somewehere with a good social peg.. 3/4/5 anglers either on the same large peg (like a point swim) or where we can all fish and sit together.. any recommendations? thanks J
  3. Thanks so much, really appreciate your help..
  4. Thanks so much for your help here, really appreciate it.. Im still concerned Ill get the liquid volumes wrong tho.. If I do as you say, 4 egg batches, how do I know how much liquid to put in each set of 4 eggs? as I dont know haw many 4 egg batches im going to make?U Unless Im trying to be too accurate and it doesnt really matter? can I overuse the minamino? will it be a turn off if theres too much in the mix? thanks J
  5. Oh and 1 other thing... I will be mixing around 7.5kg of the dry basemix in the above ratios.. so my questions is.. whats the best way to make the dough? all in one go? that sounds difficult to judge the volume of egg.. of in 1KG batches? that sounds like hard work.. Or somewhere inbetween? But how do you know haw many eggs to use? thanks J
  6. Thanks for the advice.. and I have taken it.. Ordered fishmeal and robin red.. (Only cos the liver powder is so expensive!!) How much halibut oil should I add per KG? So the new mix looks like this Soya 350 Semo 350 Tigernut meal 100 Robin red 100 Fishmeal 100 Halibut oil ?? Minamino 30ml Any advice on the halibut oil level muchly appreciated.. thanks
  7. Recipe as as follows.. 350g Soya flour 350g semolina 200g tigernut meal 100g mixed crushed nuts 30ml minamino 20ml halibut oil Only my second attempt at making boilies at home so dont want it to be too complicated (first batch were good!!) any advice or comments on the above? thanks J
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