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  1. Fishing Bishops Bowl Greenhills next week. Any advice or tips would be gratefully recieved.
  2. Thanx Cyborx. Used to be Coleshill A.A ? Had a carp out off that stretch as well,near 20 year ago. I'll check out the social club.
  3. As far as i have been able to discover they are based in Coleshill. Want to fish a stretch of river I havnt fished for 20 years. I might just fish it and see who turns up to throw me off ?
  4. Been trying to get info on Tornadoes Angling Club. West Mids/ Warwickshire area. Anybody ?
  5. Trying to find info on Tornadoes Angling Club,west midlands/warwick area. Anybody?
  6. As do Chub and Gardener apparently. Still like the look of the sks tho.
  7. think it looks better than the Wychwood. Been lookin at the N ash one as well.
  8. Is anyone using one of these ruckbags? How have they got on with it? Been trying to find dimensions for it.
  9. Hi guys. I,m running seriously short of Maple peas here,been using them for years. I used to go to my local seed merchants(Turners ect) and buy a 10 kilo bag ! Now I discover that such places have gone for ever? Tried Google ect and find that I end up paying as much for delivery as I do for the peas. Can anybody point me in the direction of a sack full? Preferably in or around Solihull or south Birmingham ?
  10. How do folks transport their bank sticks and so on ? I'm fed up of them poking holes in my quiver pocket.
  11. thanx for the help welder. We went wednesday. Had couple of nice fish on corn and tigers despite the weather
  12. Thanx Welder. I think i fished the place years ago when it was just a couple of holes in the ground,,the memory grows dim tho. I shall go in on the particles.
  13. Does anyone have any info on this venue please? We shall be fishing Orchard lake next week