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  1. Thanks everyone, seems to be ok then. I was just paranoid that it was off.
  2. You've missed the point. My freezer stuff smells a bit funny and I've never used it before. Sort of like whiffy bacon and I was wondering if that's normal or if it has started to go off before the tackle shop froze it.
  3. What should it smell like?
  4. People say they don't need to be frozen. How long do they actually keep? The term "shelf life" doesn't actually tell you anything unless you know what it means! I've had bags for weeks or months.
  5. Should you only freeze once and then use once more or can you just keep re-freezing these baits?
  6. They do smell bad, such a waste Live and learn...
  7. Hi all, I've got jars of Dynamite Baits Frenzied Maize and Chilli Hemp that have been opened and was just wondering how long they will keep? I think they've been at room temperature for a couple of weeks now
  8. Is that the £12 day ticket for two rods lake?
  9. Carp are supposed to spawn sometime between May and July during an uninterrupted period of warm weather over a period of a few days from what I can gather. What I would like to know is how you know when the carp have finished spawning and when is a good time to go fishing again with a reasonable chance of them being interested in your bait? Cheers.
  10. What's at Yately? Cemex? I've had a look at their site but I don't understand what lakes are available and at what prices. Their permit structure is hard to follow if you don't know which lakes at Yately are what.
  11. Wish I had found this thread before starting a new topic asking the reasons for barbed/barbless rules. I appreciate both sides of the argument and will respect the fishery rules whatever they may be. I've got no problem with barbed hooks and always carry my trusty Korda carp care kit for what it's worth. Interesting debate anyway. Oh and good call on locking the other thread before it sparked a debate, and for keeping the forum tidy. My bad - I should know better!
  12. I see that there are lots of companies online that do bait to order. Does anyone have any particular favourites that offer good cheap baits and good or even free p&p with a good service? Who do you use? Thanks.
  13. Yeah I've heard of Thorpe Lea. Are there any in particular that are cheap if you want to fish a lot and can't afford to fish a £15-£20 day ticket water every week? Cheers.
  14. Hi, Can anyone recommend some good carp waters in the hants/surrey area? I usually fish Willow Park or Gold Valley in Aldershot. Does anyone else go there a lot or have any other recommendations? Thanks.
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