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  1. As for feeling precious or mentioning convicts lol No one here in Aus cares I'm from Stafford in the Midlands I have had my fair share of being called Pommy C, Pommy B, Pommy F, It peed me off in the very beginning but I quickly learned it means nothing in all reality If you react or get all politically correct over here your screwed lol I've been here in Western Australia 8 years and really miss freshwater fishing but I now know of a Perch fishing location 4 hrs drive from here and a location for catching some freshwater carp species here As for releasing viruses into waterways that is stupid being polite.
  2. Barnaby Joyce is an absolute moron in most things he is involved in!
  3. Hi Ranger yes in the Northern suburbs of Perth.
  4. Recently I took a drive away from my suburb of Wanneroo into the back lanes and found a park I'd seen on google maps I parked up went for a walk and on approaching it looked like the pool empty...... Then I spotted this It is definitely a carp. Not big but the first I've seen here in Perth Western Australia! Has anyone else seen Carp round Perth?