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  1. cardboard

    Orchard Place Farm Lake 8

    Thanks. Yes saw that but the lake has changed considerably since then (grown up) I guess it hasn't been updated for a couple of years and a lot can change in that time. Cheers
  2. Hi Chaps, Four of us are booked in for a 72 hour session in August. We had a walk around and it looks nice but was wondering if anyone had fished it. Any idea of the stock? I know it is just carp and cats but sizes and numbers would be useful. Tactics, baits etc. Any advice / reviews would be most welcome. Cheers
  3. cardboard

    Sleeping bags

    Just got the Wychwood Morpheus 4 sleeping bag as part of a subby from Carpology. Brilliant bag, absolutely love it. Will just add a thermal wrap between Nov - Feb
  4. cardboard

    Etang D'Or Lake 3 - Limoges

    We are off on Sat morning, will let you know how we get on!!
  5. cardboard

    Spawning times in france

    Any news of spawning in the Limousin region at the moment? Going out on the 2nd May, Cheers all.
  6. cardboard

    Your Boilie of 2015

    Code Red is my summer choice, caught loads on it last summer so a no brainer really, don't see many using it so thats a bonus too - I've done well on Nutcracker this winter but a more savoury choice from now.
  7. cardboard

    Etang D'Or Lake 3 - Limoges

    Hi All, I'm off to France in May at the lake above - it's part of the www.fishinfrance.fr people, owner have been friendly with correspondence etc. Just wondered if anyone has ever fished there before? It's good toing to the owners with questions but better to find people who have fished the venue personally. Cheers
  8. cardboard

    Sleeping bag.

    Trakker big snooze and cover are what i use - no complaints at all
  9. cardboard

    October Tactics?

    Super stuff - thanks for that
  10. cardboard

    Bobbins / Bite Indicators!

    Fox Quickloc are my current choice - variable weight choice and interchangable colours. Like them lots
  11. cardboard

    October Tactics?

    Im going next Monday for 48 hours. I don't think i will doing anything to the summer. Still looking mild out there and i'm hopeful (as ever) of a whacker to grace the net. Do you still think the cats will be feeding???
  12. cardboard

    British Carp Angling Championship

    I was a bit disappointed with the amount of weed, i think if you had one of the 3 or 4 swims with less weed, you were okay. The rest had no chance and the boat was out all the time trying to unweed the rigs, to me, such an important event shouldn't be decided by the baliff successfully unweeding your rig and hoping the fish is still on. My thoughts and i'm sure some don't agree. Some nice fish out from there though.
  13. cardboard

    Syndicate/Private lakes in/near sussex

    I would also be interested in the same criteria as Reuben if anyone has any information. Fished lots of commercials, looking for a different challenge. Many Thanks
  14. cardboard

    Mernard fishery,anyone fished it???

    they are big fish in there and like a feed. I'd try half a kilo and see how you get on
  15. cardboard

    Mernard fishery,anyone fished it???

    they are superb baits, i use them a lot on other waters